Improve Your Website UX
April 15, 2021

A website is a powerful tool at your disposal so use it wisely and efficiently. It is a centerpiece of marketing efforts. User Experience (UX) is the essence of website design.

When UX designs click with your target audience, the product grows and prospers. Digital trends are evolving rapidly, so make sure your website does not feel old and outdated.

Effective website UX design augments user satisfaction by increasing accessibility and efficiency of interaction. When designing a website, UX must be given priority. It should escort visitors around the company during their navigation process.


Ways to Improve Website UX

A Winning Homepage

The homepage must be designed uniquely. It gives the first impression, so include main messages on it. Do not include everything on this page, just the key messages keeping it brief. Make sure it is not cluttered, or visitors will leave your site quickly.



  1. KISS – Keep it short and simple

  2. Add a logo linked with the homepage

  3. Enter essential content


Responsive Web Design

The responsive web design approach offers an optimal experience to viewers. Ensure your site is easily readable and accessible and offers navigation with minimum scrolling.


It should be easily accessed through a range of devices, mobiles, desktop computers, and tablets.

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  1. Optimize images

  2. Use mobile-first approach – how elements will look on a smaller screen

  3. Readable font

  4. Use three layouts for different browser widths – small, medium, and large



Include a Search Field

If potential customers find it hard to locate something on your website, they will be irritated. A search field would make it easier to locate the product or information. Place the search field in the top corner and make it easy for the audience.

A bad experience with a website can make users frustrated!



  1. Include a text field or search icon

  2. Hide advanced search options

  3. Add auto-fill option


Manage Page Loading Time

When talking about web design, the loading time affects users’ experience. If the page loading time is too slow, it will frustrate the clients and hamper the conversions. The loading time affects the user’s decision to revisit the website.


If users feel undeserved for the very first time, they will ignore the site in the future. Managing the page loading time is necessary to improve website UX. Keep the target audience in view when designing the website.



  1. Minimize HTTP requests

  2. Reduce server response time

  3. Choose the right hosting options (Shared hosting, dedicated server, or VPS hosting)

  4. Enable browser caching

  5. Manage image sizes

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Evaluate Usability

Web design service must improve usability to enhance the website’s UX. Evaluate usability before going live. So, make your website usable for everyone. Choose colors and fonts wisely. What if your website visitor is color blind or visually impaired?


Soothing colors augment the conversions and evoke different messages.



  1. Heuristic evaluation – Allow specialists to examine the interface of your site. Fix the identified problems immediately

  2. Questionnaires – Use surveys to take feedback from website visitors

  3. A/B Split testing – Test user-friendliness of the website – Change colors, location of elements, and change content to see what performs best.


High-Quality Images

Images communicate the message and are worth a thousand words. Pictures must be effective – created well and optimized. High-resolution images must be selected and avoid stock images.


These add aesthetics to your website and also contribute to holding users over the website.



  1. Boost mental stimulation through imagery

  2. Use only relevant images

  3. Select emotionally persuasive images

  4. Emphasize call to action buttons

  5. Use Illustrations


Utilize White Space

White space on the website makes the content more eligible. It allows users to consider different elements of the website. This space is also known as the breathing space of the website. It offers room for other factors to manage web design services.

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Focus on balancing the length of content and the white space to ensure an effective website’s UX.



  1. Create a wireframe for website design to get started

  2. Organize the page and guide users eyes

  3. Apply Gestalt principle of proximity – group related elements together

  4. Use law of proximity to manage content – Manage the relationship between different aspects of content and images


Maintain Consistency

Web design service must manage flow so users can effortlessly move from one aspect of the website to another. Their purpose of visiting the website must be fulfilled. A clear design framework is advantageous.


When designing, you need to think through what the user will do step by step to manage consistency.



  1. Use the same layout styles for each page

  2. Keep your branding consistent

  3. Manage uniform spacing and sizing across the sections of the website


Focus on Content

A web designer should focus on managing website content. Along with well-structured layouts, UX writing must be well drafted. Use quality material and manage language that your users are familiar with. Being user-oriented can be beneficial.


Effective illustrations and well-crafted text remarkably influence the experience and perceptions of users. Rather than blindly following the subsisting norms of writing, do some research about user demands.

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Using difficult vocabulary and weird language distracts users and leads to frustration.



  1. Focus on originality

  2. Create strong headlines

  3. Use actionable content

  4. Avoid difficult language or jargons

  5. Provide answers to expected queries



Be Aware of Current Trends

Web designers must stay up-to-date on current trends. It is vital for designing a website uniquely. Knowing the trends can help in attracting the target audience.


Staying on top of current web design trends can help in making your website stand out. Carefully planning the design is the key to a good user experience. Each element must be tested. Thinking about the user journey for your website can help in improving.



  1. Conduct research

  2. Focus on uniqueness

  3. Customize illustrations

  4. Focus on UX



Final Thoughts

Web design services must adequately harness the power of UX. Focusing on User Experience can drive customers to your business or product. Consumers look for a seamless experience from the moment they visit your website.

There are many ways to design a website. User Experience must be given priority. Distinctiveness in designing can make it easier to improve user experience. Some ways to Improve Website User Experience are included in this post.


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