fb hero image 001 - 5 Best Facebook Widget Plugin And Tools For Websites
February 26, 2021

To stay ahead of the competition, marketers and brands are trying every possible way to adapt their marketing strategies. 

So marketers are now embedding Facebook posts or content on their brand’s official website to give a new approach to their promotional campaigns.

From Facebook images, reviews, recommendations, videos to mentions posts, marketers are collecting effective content from Facebook feeds and display on their website in beautiful themes and designs.


If you also want to add Facebook feeds to your website, Facebook widget will help you collect, curate, and embed them on your website. 

Searching for Facebook widgets and plugins from hundreds of tools can be an overwhelming task for you and might end up with confusion to find the right tool for your website. 


This article will tell you about the most popular and best Facebook Widgets and Plugins for your website. 


4 Best Facebook Widgets & Plugins For Website


One can easily embed Facebook posts on the website with the help of Facebook Widgets & Plugins on their website. 

Here below, we have mentioned five effective tools you can use to create and display Facebook posts on your website. 

Taggbox Widget


Taggbox Widget is a social media aggregation platform that allows you to collect and curate social media feeds from various channels painlessly. 

One of the highly popular social media channels on Taggbox Widget that brands and marketers mostly use to collect social feeds is Facebook feeds. 

You can collect Facebook feeds and display them on your website from your Facebook page, mention feeds, and Facebook posts created by your customers. 


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Besides curation, Taggbox Widget offers you various features and functionality like create & manage feeds, customization & design, moderation, analytics, custom posts, Custom CSS, API access, and many more. With customization features, you can design Facebook feeds into beautiful themes and layouts that go best with your website. These themes are responsive and highly light-weighted, which means they can easily upload on any device and screen size perfectly without disturbing your website’s alignment. 


With moderation, you will get the option to only keep those Facebook posts that are relevant and remove all others with poor quality or inappropriate that hamper your Facebook widget content. Another best thing about Taggbox Widget is that you can install the Taggbox Widget WordPress plugin so that you can directly curate and customize the Facebook widget on your website backend and embed it on your website in a hassle-free process.  

Embed Social 


Embed Social is another social media aggregator tool with ease of curation, customization, and showcasing attractive Facebook widgets on websites. 

It has a comprehensible interface that makes it easy to collect and personalize social media feeds without any expertise in a step-by-step process.  

You can start with fetching Facebook feeds from your Facebook page and feeds created by other Facebook users on your embed social dashboard. 


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Like Taggbox, Embed Social also offers you to customize and moderate social media feeds so that you can represent and attract your audience with content that is engaging, relevant, and enhances the user experience on your website. 

The best part of this tool is comparatively at a lower price side, but it has limited features and functionalities, which is a drawback and might not offer you the content you are looking for. 



Elfsight helps you create, design, and embed beautiful Facebook widgets on the website. It is a powerful tool with various functionalities offering highly customizable and responsive widgets for the website. It’s responsive feature boost user experience and keeps them engaged on your website regardless of the device they are using.  

It helps build social proof of your website and introduce your audience to your Facebook page. 

With this tool, you can easily embed Facebook reviews, recommendations, feeds, and posts created by your audience. 

Not only Facebook but Elfsight also offer you various other social media channels to collect and display social media feeds on your website.



Tint is also known as Tintup. It is a powerful UGC platform that helps you collect user-generated content from social media channels in an easy way and offer you valuable insights to enhance your marketing campaign. 

You can create alluring Facebook widgets with user-generated content with deeper audience insights with popular most posts and feeds on Facebook. 

You can collect these feeds and include them in your Facebook widget to increase your audience engagement and enhance your website’s unique content. 


These are some of the amazing Facebook feeds widget tools and plugins to embed beautiful Facebook feeds on your website. 

These are the best Facebook widgets tools in the market, offer you compatible solutions and embed Facebook feeds in attractive designs and styles.   

Choose any of these Facebook widget tools and enhance your website design with unique content that enhances user experience as well. 


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