Evergreen Website designing tips
March 3, 2021

Websites are the new way of marketing your business in this digital era. But, making a creative website and getting the correct information is a daunting task. A proper plan is required to insert the correct information, create suitable designs, and make it user-friendly. With a little bit of experience and having social media knowledge, you can create a good website that will bring traffic to your platform and increase the customer base.

Because of the lack of finances, many people are unable to get a website done for their business. But, due to various lenders available in the market, borrowing has been made easy. Direct lenders offer 100% guaranteed loans to make it easy for their borrowers.

While designing a website, there are many technical aspects too to consider and take care of.

Here are some essential tips that you can consider while designing your website and creating a strong online presence to get the desired results. These tips will make your process easier and enjoyable for you.

1.      Target audience

Before creating a website, it is vital to ask yourself and keep in mind the target audience. Since varied customers have vast needs and requirements, it is essential to cater to the specific detailing and start with your work.

Another essential factor that plays an important role in demography. For example, if you wish to design a website for a fashion brand, you need to refer to the top latest magazines and fashion channels for inspiration.

2.      Website structure

Once you have decided on your target needs and understood their tastes and preferences, the next step to structure your website. Create a blueprint first and then start with the actual work.

There must be a map formed initially that will help you guide you through the complete website. Start your website with the homepage as it is the first page viewed by the users.

Once you have created a homepage, start with the sitemap. Also, think of the number of pages to be created on that website, such as About Us, History, Contact Us, etc.

These pages depend on the scale of your website and the information that you want to display on your website in totality.

3.      Content

After the pages have been decided, the next step is to work on your content. While designing a website, your focus should be on the design, but content should also be kept in mind as the website hold no value without proper content.

Proper space must be dedicated to the content part, which makes it user-friendly. According to consumer research, content is essential, but the combination of good content and creative design works best. Both the things, content and website design, go hand in hand.

Having a small paragraph written on a blank paper may not attract a reader, but having that same small piece of content on a beautifully designed paper will attract the readers and generate interest in the content.

Apart from the website design, the content also must be engaging to keep people glued. Without proper and appropriate content, a website is good for nothing.

In a consumer survey, 50% of the people came up with a response of leaving a website because of the bad content. Good and informative content also helps in proper SEO strategies, and convey the message to your consumer from your perspective.

Your website should be aimed at delivering beautifully designed content for your audience.

4.      Graphics

Once your content is decided, work on the images to go with your content. The foremost thing while planning for graphics is to decide the source of the images.

Research on various sources for the images. Another option is to click photographs on your own and then insert them on your website. This is the cheapest way to get the required images for your website.

Alternatively, you can hire a photographer for clicking the pictures on your website. This will be beneficial as you can explain the type of images that you want. There are many aspects of the images, such as the content, background, products, etc.

The last and final option is to opt for stock images that go with your website content and design.

Various sources provide you with various images suitable for your website and are available at a reasonable price.

However, if you want to go with the stock images, there are chances you might get generic images and not specific ones.

5.      Brand

Branding is an essential aspect while designing a website. The identity of any brand should be built from scratch as it represents the brand within the customers.

The logo is an essential part of the brand image. You can consider the following points while creating a logo for your brand:

Logo Use

This point makes you think about the need for the logo for your brand representation and structuring.

Logo Font

Some standard fonts are used when designing a logo because of their readability and presentation. Sans serif font is one of them.

There are several fonts available that are free of cost and are good readable fonts. Google Fonts are one such platform that offers several fonts to choose from.

Many graphic designing software have also incorporated fonts from Google fonts and has become the most used ones.

Logo Colour

Colors are fundamental when designing your logo. The proper color theory should be applied in logo making to create an everlasting impression on your audience.

For example, a website promoting an Eco-friendly product can use the green and blue color in its logo to relate it with the fundamental essence of the website

Design Elements

Icons act as the small cues for the audience to get curious and inquisitive about your brand and website. They can prove to be an essential part of your brand strategy.


6.      Usability

Consistency is essential in any field and works in the same way for brand promotion as well. You need to work at the micro-level for being efficient and productive.

Break down all your elements of your use such as menus hover states and buttons. All your buttons should be in the same shape. If you plan to design your clickable elements in rounded rectangles, you must create all the elements in the same shape.

You must carefully think about the placement and structure of the website elements. One tip is to make it simpler for your users and make their experience a memorable one.


7.      Layout

Website Design involves the same process as designing a poster or a front page. You must strike a balance between content and the images.

Some users prefer content over images, while others may prefer vice versa. You need to cater to both types of customers, hence maintaining the right balance. Making it complicated might hush away the customer.

Keeping it simple will help the customers to absorb the information well and respond to it accordingly. Do not confuse your customer by keeping excess visual cues.

Go for site wire framing before the virtual interface as it will facilitate changing and editing the layout as per the needed design.

8.      Responsive

With the increasing use of technology, everybody has access to it in one form or another, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

There are so many screen types and sizes available. Your website will be appearing in various sizes by a diverse audience. To cater to a different audience, your website should be technology-friendly and be easily accessible by everybody.

Making your website responsive and adaptive will give a user-friendly experience. It is essential to work on technicalities to make it clear and accessible on any type and size of screens.



One of the takeaways from this blog are to keep your website responsive and straightforward to be available for different types of screen and users as customers are the essence of any business and form an integral part.

Enhance your user’s experience and engage them with the best.

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