April 14, 2021

A misconception exists among people that SEO services include only keywords and link building. The fact is that SEO is that these two strategies are the most critical aspects, but SEO includes many strategies and practices. Google and other popular search engines have gone far beyond. At present, it is tough to withstand the cut-throat competition to get listed at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

At present, a search engine like Google considers several factors for listing the website. A well-equipped UI and UX design company would play a critical role, as search engines give prime importance to user experience (UX). A few market experts feel that SEO and UX go hand-in-hand, and the ideal combination of both technologies would help in listing the website on top of SERP.

What is UX?

User experience mainly includes a user-friendly web experience, which users perceive and interact with a particular interface. Reliable web design services make sure to reduce simple interface, in which the user would be able to navigate through various pages with ease and no confusion.

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A few experts believe that a good UX design helps users find what they are looking for on a website. UI and UX Design Company would create an interface that can engage the audience and score well on user metrics, which popular search engines use for page ranking. Concentrating on engaging user experience is one of the digital company’s forte and affect the page ranking. In short, if the design makes users happy, then Google and Bing would list the website on top.

What is UI?

UI and UX are the most confusing terms in web and app design. In most cases, people prefer to place both technologies together, and many people feel that it describes the same thing. The fact is that UI stands for user interface, which is a graphical layout of an application. It includes buttons, text, images, sliders, text entry fields and all the items with which a user interacts. It also includes screen layout, transitions, interface animations and every single micro-interaction. It is concerned with aesthetics.

In short, the UX designer decides on how the interface works, while the UI designer decides on the look. Both teams of designers work in coordination; for designing to design app flow, navigation of buttons, and how the interface interacts with the user.

What are SEO services?

An SEO Company will offer services which help boost the business visibility in search results of search engines. These experts would focus on highlighting the company and its products or services. The search engines would rely on many factors to determine the ranking. 

To maximize your local SEO impact in the Wrexham area, partnering with a dedicated SEO Wrexham service can ensure that your website is not only user-friendly but also finely tuned to the regional search demands, boosting local traffic and engagement.

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Significant knowledge and experience would be of great help, which is better for an enhanced online presence. One would need to partner to provide SEO services.  

Tips To Optimize Website Page

It is impossible to enjoy the positives of SEO services without a good user experience. At the same time, designing a web site without optimizing it would be a huge mistake. The ideal practice would be to integrate both strategies. A few steps that the experts could take include:

As SEO consultant Paul Hoda noticed, it is vital to invest in an SEO expert consultancy service in order to get on the first page of Google for your keywords.

  • Improving load time

One of the key factors of Google’s ranking is the page loading speed. Its prominence has gained more importance in recent times. A few experts feel that ‘shorter the loading page, the better the retention rate’. Simple ways to improve page loading speed are:

Ø  Picking on a reliable hosting plan

Ø  Selecting high-quality images but decreasing the size by compressors or cropping

Ø  Leverage browser caching

Ø  Avoiding the use of auto-play multimedia formats

Ø  Using quality content delivery

Ø  Simpler website architecture

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Popular search engines like Google prefer good architecture, which could find pages and index pages with ease. UI and UX Design Company could help with a simple architecture that can successfully grab users and search engine’s attention. Most users would navigate through different pages to reach the required page. A simple navigation experience, informative menus ad attractive CTAs could work in favour of the website, both for user and search engine. A renowned SEO expert shares a simple secret that any page should not be more than four clicks away from the homepage.

  • Interactive website

The dependency on mobile has increased drastically in the recent past. Many users prefer to access various websites through their mobiles; hence, optimizing the website for mobile is on the priority list. Google also is now focusing on mobile versions rather than desktop designs. It is the responsibility of the UI and UX Design Company to prepare desktop and mobile-friendly websites. Simple measures like increasing the font size for easy readability, eliminating pop-ups and removing unnecessary fields on the website, using easy taps for CTAs and links would surely help website performance.

  • Web design and SEO services

Bad UX would hurt the website performance and its ranking. The same way low-quality SEO practices would ruin UX. A few bad strategies, such as creating promotional blog posts with additional irrelevant links to the homepage, would drive visitors away. Choosing a simple memorable domain name, writing longer informative and engaging content (with internal links) would enhance user experience. Optimizing meta tags, page titles, meta descriptions and titles with the help of SEO services would improve the page performance.

Important User engagement metrics

Various metrics leave a different effect on user experience; but, a few have a significant impact on search rankings. Some critical metrics that test the website performance and judge how well the pages engage the audience are:

  • Bounce rate: Bounce rate provides the number of users that exit the website immediately after visiting the landing page (it could be the home page or any other). If the value is high, it is an indication that users did not find the data, service or product on the website. Several other reasons like poor web design, confusing UX design, irrelevant content, and slow speed could be responsible for many visitors moving away from the page. Website designers and SEO services  should work together to keep the bounce rate low.
  • Page dwell time: The other critical metric that search engines consider is the number of time users spends on the website. The search engine would connect it with engagement. The experts believe that gripping and easy-to-navigate website pages would keep a website visitor on the page for a longer time. The inverse is true for low dwell time. 
  • Load time: A web user could get annoyed for various reasons and leave the website. One key reason in this regard is the slow loading of a website. A user would prefer to go to other sites if the page does not load quickly. Such conditions would be considered in the bounce rate.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Studies show that mobile traffic has occupied the majority of the visitor percentage. If the user enjoys the mobile version, they return to the website in future too. Such measures would work in favor of the website.

A few other metrics like user-friendly URL structure, streamlining menus, informative headers and others also are important and play a key role in deciding the page ranking of the webpage.

In short, UX plays a primary role in SEO services. It has a direct impact on page rankings through various other metrics. Implementing quality UX design will boost engagement metrics; thus, improve the web page ranking.


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