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April 9, 2021

Facebook is the oldest and most popular social networking site where millions of people come daily to get social life updates, the latest trends, and meet their friends. 

For brands and businesses, Facebook is a means of promoting their products & services, reaching the target audience, building customer relationships, and diverting the audience to make informed purchase decisions. 


Now marketers can also integrate their Facebook content on their website. How? Facebook Widget is a tool that helps you collect Facebook posts and represent them in a unified screen on your website. 


If you want to enhance your website appearance with Facebook feed Widget, then here you will find a detailed description of the 5 best Facebook Widgets that help you create fascinating and engrossing Facebook feed Widget for your website. 


The 5 Best Facebook Widget On Internet

1. Tagembed

Top search results include Tagembed as one of the results when you search for the best Facebook widget for a website on the internet. This means Tagemebed is a reliable and high performing tool which thousands of marketers or brands are using to enhance their marketing campaign. 


Tagembed offers a high functionality Facebook feed Widget that includes various features to effectively collect, curate, and customize Facebook feeds and integrate on the website. 


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Tagembed is not like traditional software, it is a Software as a Service or SaaS product, meaning before you pay to buy the software, you first start with its 14-days free trial and explore the features. 


Once you get satisfaction with the product, you can then upgrade your account to a paid version. 


One last note, Tagembed is a trustworthy Facebook Widget tool with exquisitely designed and styled Facebook page Widget with an intelligible and code-free interface.  

2. Elfsight

Elfsight is another competitive tool to create Facebook Widget available on the internet. Many brands and marketers like this tool simply and productively. 


It is an easy-to-use Facebook page Widget that helps you create a Facebook timeline Widget by collecting posts through your Facebook Business Page, images & videos from other users, and displaying images from your Facebook album. 


Elfsight offers a plugin with various features and functionality with a responsive Facebook Widget so that it aligns with your website design and layout. 


And lastly, Elfsight offers an exclusive and unique feature 12-color widget theme to customize Facebook page widget into colors option to represent your Facebook feeds in a vibrant theme on a website. 

3. Smash Balloon

Smashballoon is known to provide a highly responsive Facebook feed Widget plugin that adjusts or seamlessly fits on any screen without affecting the screen resolution. 


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With SmashBalloon you can easily collect relevant Facebook Feeds on a screen and manage your Facebook content. 


As it is deliberately designed to embed Facebook Feed on the WordPress website, it will prove to be a powerful integration of Facebook Widget and WordPress website. 


Moreover, smash balloon also provides a wide range of features that include customization and layout design styles that enhance the appearance of your website. 

4. Light Widget

With Light Widget brands and businesses open doors to collect user-generated content from different social media platforms. 


As the name suggests, Light Widget is a powerful tool to embed a heavily dramatic Facebook feed Widget but in light weight so that it does not affect the loading speed of your website. 


It offers users a highly advanced CDN functionality that makes loading speed and caching of websites smooth after integrating Facebook Widget.  


Moreover, you will get API access so that you can design your Facebook feed Widget as per your desired platform. 


Some other features it offers are hashtag filtering, custom CSS, and three ways widget representation in the grid, column, and slideshow style. 

5. Snap Widget

Another powerful tool that offers easy and effective Facebook feed Widget integration is Snapwidget. It will collect your desired Facebook posts with a single click and provide you features to customize your Facebook page Widget with layout styles, background colors, and designs. 


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One of the greatest advantages of using Snap Widget is it will represent images and videos altogether, which Facebook timeline widget is more alive and attractive. 


For the last 15 years, Facebook has been the digital hanging point for millions of people around the world. And it is not that the craze of Facebook is fading among the people, even millions of people and businesses are registering on this platform. 


Facebook is the first social channel that introduced social media marketing and offers a platform where brands can promote their products and reach potential audiences. 

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As marketing is a dynamic and ever-evolving concept, you need to adopt new ways to improve your marketing fronts. Website is the place where your customers come to know about your brand. You can enhance your visitors’ experience by embedding Facebook Widget on your website. 


Use any of the tools to collect, curate, and customize Facebook posts and design them into a beautiful widget to embed on your website. 


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