April 13, 2022

Whether you’re an individual or an entrepreneur looking to boost your Instagram’s efficacy, pause and give this page some time. While social media is proven effective in spreading your message and brand and improving your business strategies, it’s usually easier said than done. Having an Instagram account with aesthetical photos is not enough to boost your engagement rate.

You will need to devise better techniques to encourage interaction to increase audience reach for your business. For instance, you can check out Kicksta and other similar tools to grow your number of followers. Also, improving the quality of your posts and having more interactions with them will mean a higher engagement rate. When your engagement rate is higher, you’ll have more chances to get sponsorships and collaborate with more influencers or industry experts.

Check out what you’re missing out on and apply the following ways to increase your Instagram engagements:

  • Post Your Content At The Perfect Time  

Instagram page engagement is determined by the timing of your posts, which is crucial. Posting the best times will vary depending on the social media platform. It is recommended to post on Instagram at certain times and days. But aside from these peak schedules, you also need to observe and research when your target audience is most likely present on this platform.

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While it’s often best to spend a lot of time on Instagram to improve your engagement, it can get tiring and stressful, especially when you have many things to consider. After all, you have other obligations and daily responsibilities to attend to. Also, some of your followers are in a different time zone, so you can’t be able to reach out to them in their available time. Fortunately, there’s a solution to all of these worries.

You don’t have to keep an eye on your Instagram page and the clock all the time. You only need to share content at the right time by utilizing a social media scheduling tool. It allows your postings to be automated, so you don’t have to exert too much effort on them. Using such a tool will help you cater to more online audiences to increase your business pages’ engagements.

  • Consider The Help Of Instagram Bots

It is not a good idea to repeat routine tasks frequently. That is why you should automate your Instagram, too. The support of Instagram bots should simplify the management of your Instagram account. Since every second of your time is essential, you must find ways to save them while maximizing results.

The reality is you’ll never be able to engage with all your followers every day, no matter how much you try. There is no point in spending long hours monitoring your followers’ feeds. Thankfully, the best Instagram bot can do this.

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You can automate these tasks with bots. The bots can like, follow, and comment on posts 24/7. They can do the otherwise impossible tasks for you to do manually. You can use bots to find users in your niche and automatically follow them. If someone follows you, they can follow back instantly.

There is no longer a need to scroll through dozens of profiles searching for your ideal customer. With the bot, you can identify potential customers for you. It can also interact with these new followers and customers on your behalf.

  • Make Use Of Relatable Memes

The current era utilizes memes on many social media platforms. You can take advantage of this on your Instagram, too – everyone loves a good meme. They’re a delight to watch, and many people can relate to them. You can utilize them as your Instagram posts too.

Your post will receive likes, comments, and shares with the right meme. The key is to find the perfect and most relatable meme that showcases your message and the company’s vision. More people sharing your post will increase engagement, regardless of whether they repost it on Instagram or send it to a friend.

  • Keep Your Visual Content Consistent   

The Instagram platform rewards aesthetically pleasing content because it is visually driven. As printed graphic magazines and printed visuals are going downhill, people continue to watch online visual content like the ones on Instagram. User preferences today gravitate toward authenticity and diversity of viewpoints. You need to take advantage of strategies that produce consistent visual content. Make sure all your photos are high-resolution, clear, and high-quality. Also, consider using video content on social media as they’re also practical.

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Structure your Instagram account’s theme and stick to it through your visual posts. You can tweak and edit some images but make sure they all look uniform on your Instagram profile. Look for a look that matches your brand’s identity and appeals to the audience you wish to target. Stick to this concept and theme.

  • Create Strong And Effective Captions

Engage your audience with a catchy caption to keep them hooked with your post for a longer time. Get rid of dull captions that have been copied and pasted somewhere else. Create your own catchy and unique captions. Try to encourage your followers to a ‘call-to-act’ by including the words: share, like, or comment on your captions.

Using catchy language, emojis, capital letters, or extra space between letters will make the first line more attention-grabbing. Devise your captions in a way that will attract your viewers and readers. See what format appeals to them more and what hashtags and emojis to use. You can also consider posting question-type captions to encourage your followers to comment and interact with you.


Improving your engagement rate on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience and time to increase your engagement rate. You’ll see more results as you experiment and try out more strategies – and more brands will want to work with you as a result. Consider some, if not all, of the tips listed above, and you’ll see improvements on your Instagram soon.

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