Grow Your Instagram Audience
May 29, 2021

Instagram is a hub of visually engaging content. The visual medium is one the powerful source to attract the audience and to make an impact. Hence, we see Instagram as the most effective and impactful source to earn recognition. The platforms provide benefits to all the users, To individuals, by providing them a platform to express themselves. And to brands by providing them tools such as Instagram business, add on like Instagram Widget. The platform is a game-changer for all.

With great features and upgrades, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. It provides great opportunities for the brands to grab the users’ attention and attain some customers for their business. 

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Instagram has such a huge user base that you can use it to gather the needed recognition for your business. With ample of people on the platform, it provides you with a great opportunity to convert those users into your followers and then followers to the customer. If you Instagram smartly and strategically, you can extract great benefits from this social media platform and take your business to new heights. 

Instagram has the potential to assist you in gathering more crowds for your business; from there, it is your strategy and ideas that help you to convince the audience into buying products from your brand. There are thousands or hundreds of competitors who will be pitching the same ideas to people like yours. Hence, it becomes important for you to make some effective strategy that helps you to increase your user base.

Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Audience:

Instagram Audience

Here are some creative ideas that can help you to convert your Instagram audience into your customers.

1. Use Instagram for storytelling

Storytelling has always been a traditional and effective way to increase sales and attract customers. Even in modern times, people get attracted to brands or products with a great story behind them. At the same time, most people relate to storytelling as the magic of words or more details in written material but remember the old cliché, a picture worth thousands of words. And in this era of the internet, a visual medium is a great way to tell a story.

Instagram provides various visual mediums that you can use to convey your message or broadcast your brand’s story. One of the best parts of Instagram is that it keeps evolving. Started as a mere photo-sharing app, it now has multiple mediums to convey your message.

Excluding the orthodox image sharing, there are other ways as well. You can use a short video format to give a brief about your product. Or you can even use IGTV format to post longer-duration videos and provide details of your brand or product. Instagram recently introduced Reels, allowing you to make bite-sized videos, and people like these bite-sized videos as these videos are short, crisp, engaging, and to the point. Or you even have the facility to post a story on Instagram that remains on the feed for 24-hours.  

2. Promote user-generated content

User-generated content is one of the best ways for the business to generate a user base. UGC refers to the content posted by your customer related to your brand and that eventually helps you in promotions and marketing.

UGC has various benefits, like, it provides social proof of your product, people get to know more about your brand, users even share their opinion and provide feedback on the product, and most importantly, it helps you to gain some reach. Social proof and reviews highly affect a potential customer’s buying decision.

You can repost the pictures and display the posts from your user on your feed, it helps you to win your potential customers’ trust and build a strong relationship with your customer. Users feel respected when their content gets a feature on the brand’s official account. It also builds your reputation as a brand.

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3. Use the shoppable feature of Instagram

Instagram now provides shoppable posts options to the brand. With the shoppable post you can tag the products and provide needed details about the product. It is an efficient and great way to market your products and help your followers know more about your product. You can use shoppable posts on your images and provide necessary information to your Instagram audience.

4. Provide rewards by running contests

The most difficult part for a business is to make their first sales to their potential customers. Marketers often use different methods and strategies to convert their leads into their customers. And here, you can use a social media feeds for marketing strategy to convince people to buy your product. 

You can run a contest on Instagram and provide rewards to the users. You promote your contests by using proper hashtags and other social media promotional strategies and increasing your brand’s reach. 

5. Increase your interaction

Instagram provides so many features that help you to increase your interaction with the users. People feel valued when the brand interacts with them or considers their feedback. You can use various sources to interact with your customers.

You can comment on their posts, reply to their comments, repost their posts about your business, showcases their reviews on your account. All these measures helps you to build a strong bond with users and also helps you to understand market trends and customer needs. 

6. Provide link to your website

In this new age of the internet, people made a huge shift towards online shopping. You can provide a link to your website or a link to buy your products. As Instagram does not allow you to paste the link on your content, you provide the link on your bio and help customers easily buy from your brand.


Instagram is an amazing social media platform that can help your business to increase reach and attain more customers. You can use this platform to get a reach and helps your business to develop recognition in front of large audiences. Make strategies to convert the audience into your customer and watch your business grow.  


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