September 16, 2021

Digitalization has changed the way everything works forever. From daily chores, paying the bills to create business advertisements, everything can be performed online. Speaking of which, social media is one of the most influential aspects of the digital platform today. The power of social media is constantly on the rise, surprising and astonishing people around the globe.

Be it your personal account, a social platform group, or your business, social media can act as a highly effective tool for you!

However, you will need to know how to use your social media platform in the right way to attain maximum benefit for your work or business. Much has been spoken about tips & strategies for social media videos. Hence, this piece is going to emphasize the top 10 advantages of using video content for your social media.

  1. Attract Viewers

This is one of the most beneficial aspects of incorporating video content in your social media. Videos are highly advanced forms of content that do not take much time to gain attention from the traffic.

Today, people spend a large percentage of their daily moments on videos of various subjects and genres. This is because videos are interesting, attention-catching, and hard to resist. As per media surveys, videos can grab more attention compared to other content like tests or audios. They make the concept easy to grab, add interest with their story-like format, and save time!

  1. They Help You Demonstrate What You Offer
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One of the hardest jobs is to make your audience understand what you exactly do or offer. It is imperative that potential buyers must learn and explore your products and services in order to choose your brand. It is, in fact, that consumers shall purchase your products and services only if they attain an in-depth understanding of your product.

Videos are detailed, interesting, and highly informative. This is indeed a great way to quench the thirst for curiosity among audiences and successfully transform them into loyal consumers in the near future.

  1. Videos Are Great for SEO

Search engine optimization is the backbone of any business. However, attaining the benefit from SEO requires the right type of content and technique. Using any good video editor you can create videos for your website because videos are marvelous ways to optimize your content and get them ranking on the top. Also, Google considers videos right at the top part of the page for several search terms.

For instance, if you look up the terms ‘how to use a video editing tool’, Google shall show you three videos under its featured snippets and ‘people also ask’ section above the usual search results. Anybody who clicks on this link shall find the exact answer listing the page on the top.

  1. Unique Messaging
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Posting a video on the social media platform is nothing different from a conversation in which you can discuss one subject at a time. Or else your audience shall tend to quickly lose their interest. With the notion of call to action in their mind, your video shall be narrating the story that can leave viewers craving more.

If any element in the video does not respond to the call to action, you might want to remove it. In that case, you can re-purpose multiple large video content assets to deliver a unique message.

  1. Video Offers High ROI

Nearly 85% of the ventures state that videos offer an excellent return on their investments. So, spending a little bit more on videos shall not let you down. Rather than expenditure, you can consider your video production as a wise long-term investment. You can nowadays use easy and affordable applications to create your videos and also do the same with your smartphone.

  1. Influence the Buying Decisions of Customers

A substantial percentage of consumers state that product videos aid them in making significant purchasing decisions.

About 64% of the people say that watching a video about a product or service convinces them, even more, to invest in the item. Not only has that, but videos also helped marketers improve user understanding of their service and products. If you want to influence the buying decisions of your consumers, you must explore the medium of videos in the best ways possible!

  1. Videos Are Mobile-Friendly
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Mobile and video go hand in hand nowadays. About 90% of the consumers prefer watching videos on their phones. As per surveys, views of mobile videos have increased more than 233% over the years. If you include videos in your social media posts, you will have access to a large number of audiences who are mobile users.

  1. Videos Add An Edge to Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a great idea. However, making your audiences open their emails is not as easy as you think. Adding videos to the subject statement can actually boost the email opening percentage and reduce the rates of unsubscribing. Videos in an email can lead to an increase of 200 to 300% in the click-through rate.

  1. Video Inspires Social Shares

One needs to agree that this is the era of viral videos. A large percentage of mobile video customers share videos. This is a great opportunity to make your content or brand story popular and give it the exposure it truly deserves. Using videos will help you reach your target audience and multiply the viewing numbers with several shares.

  1. Video Builds Credibility

Videos are an appropriate way to establish an online persona. These contents allow you to stay connected with your viewer and earn their reliability and trust. The more videos you post, the more your audiences will be convinced about their decisions. You can also educate your audiences through videos on social media.

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Apart from all the above-mentioned pluses of video content, there are no confinements to the types of social media videos. You can create, edit and present your videos in any way you prefer and also post them on any platform! If you want to uplift your social presence, it is time you understand the importance of video content and use them wisely.




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