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March 11, 2021

There has a rapid increase in animation videos in recent years. This is because they make a dynamic impact for brands to effectively convey their message to their target audience. They are now an integral part of the marketing strategy.

Since then, many trends have come and gone that are used to deliver the brand’s message and persuade a potential customer into buying the product or service. Brands are lined up to get their hands on a professional 2d animation company to make a dynamic impact on their consumers’ minds.

With aesthetic visuals and compelling text, creativity makes a lasting impression and develops a deeper connection. Whether it’s explainer videos or whiteboard animation, they all play an important role in enticing and tempting to buy the product or service.

More and more traditional marketers adopt animated videos in their Digital marketing strategy to build a better relationship with their potential customers. They are experimenting with the latest trends of animation in order to desired outcomes.

As a marketer, you need to have a thorough understanding of the industry’s latest animation trends. In that way, you’d able to effectively leverage into your video marketing strategy.

Animation trends come and go all the time. However, some of the top trends turn heads in the previous year and expect to thrive in this year, 2021.

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So, let’s cut to the chase and look at the top animation of 2021 that could really make an impact on your marketing strategy.

Isometric Animation

This animation technique beautifully combines the 3D elements in a 2D environment. This technique works wonders in enhancing details on objects.

The technique allows the designers to work on elementary aspects of 3D. Moreover, isometric animation exhibits a clear image of the product from the front and side ends.

Kinetic Typography

No one likes to read text-based content until they are in animated format. That’s where kinetic typography comes in. It’s a creative technique where the text is animated to move, making the video more compelling and exciting.

Brands generally leverage this technique in 2D animation so that you persuade their potential customer into buying their product or service.

The moving texts make the animated videos all the more engaging for the viewers and easily understand the concept of the video.

Not only that but also kinetic typography is cost-effective to convey the message of the brand.

Thin Lines

Thin lines don’t usually get that much credit. However, it’s one of the best techniques for marketers to leverage and make the most out of their marketing campaign.

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Most designers utilize this technique to give the impression of hand-drawn images that uniqueness of the animated video.

Thin lines have been on the top trends for years now, and there’s no sign of becoming obsolete. This technique is most commonly used in creating engaging explainer whiteboard animated videos. That’s a great way to explain highly complex subjects in a simple manner.

Quick Loops For Social Media

Digestible content is becoming the new norm, and marketers are leveraging this medium to quickly catch their audience’s attention. There are times when videos or images are generally not enough to describe a product. Sometimes, the product itself can be described easily with minimal effort.

Here’s where quick loops for social media come into play. These animations are aimed at displaying your brand’s message in a loop. This loop quickly grasps the attention of the audience. The loop is simple to understand and enough to capture your audience’s attention while they’re skimming through the news feed.

Loud Colors

Loud Colors are all about leveraging the colors to attract the attention of the audience. This animation trend generally has a psychological effect on the reader. The loud and bold colors attract the attention of the audience.

An example of this animation would be a house painted green or a person painted full yellow. This unexpected occurrence of colors is what actually makes the difference and grab the attention of the users.

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The Retro Comfort Food

This type of animation’s main goal is to deliver comfort to the audience while conveying the marketing message. The more your audience is comfortable while watching your brand, the more they’ll watch it till the end. This also increases the chances of conversions.

Moreover, this type of animation consists of fine gradients, impressionistic scenes with shadows, and lens flares. By leveraging this animation trend, marketers can also create retro-style videos. Additionally, when people miss the old days and bring the old-scool back for your marketing animation video, it is, of course, a great idea to market your product. Plus, if your product is meant for a more mature audience, this animation trend is the one that you should consider as the most viable one out there.

Lo-Fi Approach

Lo-Fi animation trend is all about making your audience uncomfortable while ensuring that the video or image impacts.

This design is certainly not the best one out there; however, this poor quality or discomfort orientation makes this animation trend amazing and enticing.

The audience is generally looking at something they don’t want to look at. For some weird reason, this reaction increases engagement and curiosity.


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