August 19, 2021

 When you buy the tyres, you keep certain things in mind to make sure you get the best deal. Tyres are an important component of a vehicle as they are solely responsible for making contact with the road and they deal with whatever comes their way.

Nowadays there are different types of tyres available in the tyre shops according to seasons and other factors and therefore we have more than one set of tyres for our vehicles.

What happens when you have more than one set of tyres so that you have to store the tyres which are not in use. Believe it or not but the way you store the Tyres Rugeley affects quality, health, and longevity. Therefore, one should know how to store the tyres so that everything remains the same. Some tips are going to discuss storage today.

Always Clean The Tyres Before Storing Them

Cleaning of ts is is an important aspect as it helps in removing unwanted particles that get attracted towards the tread and sidewalls of the tyre.

These particles like dust, dirt, mud, etc. are harmful to the rubber compound of the tyre as they have minerals in them. If you don’t remove them, they will slowly eat the body of the tyre and can result in cuts or blimps in the tyre. Therefore it is advisable to clean your tyres with warm water and soap to avoid any such events in the future.

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Store The Tyres Horizontally

The best way to store the tyres is to horizontally place them one above the others. By doing this, you prevent the risk of tyres going out of balance from the axle and the quality of rubber also remains intact.

If you do not have much space, you can store the tyres vertically but then it is important to rotate them after every few days. It is because the oil present in the bod y of the tyre comes on the surface leaving the body to become dry if it remains in one position for a long time.

Protect Them From Direct Sunlight

Sunlight is harmful to the tyres. It is recommended to store the tyres in a cool place away from direct sunlight. The UV rays present in the sunlight also ts and bumps in the body of the tyres if they stay in contact for a long time.

Also, heat can melt down the rubber or make it hard enough that it becomes unusable on the roads. It is therefore advisable to store the tyres at a dry place where there is no sunlight to maintain quality and longevity.

Always Cover Your Tyres 

Do not leave your tyres uncovered before storing them. Tyred is made up of rubber compounds and antioxidants which should not be exposed to air for a long time when not in use. Yes, you read it right.

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Air is harmful to your tyres which are stored in your garage. Like other dry food items in your house, you should keep your tyres on an airtight cover. It also prevents them from getting dirty and helps in maintaining the quality and shelf life of the tyres.

Use Them Frequently

Last but not the least, tyres are meant to be used and therefore they work best when you use them. When you store the tyres for a long time, it eventually degrades their quality and leads to more wear as compared to when they roll on a road.

Therefore, many turn experts advise that one should mount the tyres back once a while and go for a quick journey. It helps in equal distribution of the oil inside the rubber and maintains the shape of the Cheap Tyres Cannock.

It also balances the tyre from all sides and improves its handling performance. There are lots of other advantages too of using the stored tyres once a while and this practice is generally done by the people who love their car and its tyres.

An everyday car might look very normal, till the time it has been driven by high-performance tyres. These tyres are now gaining a lot of importance and recognition for the most obvious reason, i.e. the benefits that they bring along with themselves. It has proven itself to be better than the standard all-season tyres Bilston.

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The few advantages of using performance tyres are that they are less expected to overheat, offer a better grip on the road, and also provide a safe ride on the roads, better than the other tyres. Originally, these were designed to be used in racing cars, or sports cars.


  • Enhances the tyre’s grip while braking, accelerating and cornering;
  • Maximises control during handling;
  • Grip and performance are the main priorities of a high-performance tyre;
  • Fuel efficient tyres;
  • Tend to have a lower tread life.



These tyres are made up of soft rubber, with hard sidewalls, which helps in forming a better grip on the roads. This feature, in turn, helps in improving braking distances and handling.

Adding to this, these tyres make it extremely easy to practice proactive driving, with less sharp braking and offering smoother transitions.


The condition of roads in modern times, and the designing of modern cars, makes it extremely important to have a good quality of drivers. High-performance tyres make it easy for the drivers since they have been designed in such a way that they tend to function extremely well with the ABS, and suspension system.


As stated earlier, high-performance tyres tend to overheat less often. This is solely because of the high quality and advanced materials used during their construction.

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Designing such tyres avoid incidents like tyre failure or bursting of tyres.

Such design also helps in maintaining the longevity of the tyres.

Tires heat up while driving, especially on hot summer days when the sun is directly on the road. Tire failure is caused by overheating, so these tyres are less likely to blow out, making driving safer.


Because these tyres have more rigid sidewalls and better grip, these tyres tend to offer increased road holding. These tyres help in providing a smooth driving experience, as well as helping to make cornering safer.

Many road fatalities occur because people are unable to break quickly enough. The sooner you can stop your automobile, whether it’s due to a vehicle in front of you abruptly braking or a pedestrian appearing out of nowhere, the safer you and others will be.


While normal all-season tyres are sufficient most of the year, performance tyres excel if you’re flexible to respond to the seasons as a buyer. Because of its softer sticky grip, most high-performance tyres work best in warm, dry weather, delivering superior handling and control.

High-performance tyres provide the most comfortable ride possible. Superior tyres result in a superior drive, eliminating stress and boost the enjoyment of your driving dynamics.

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One of the most crucial concepts of driving is steering. You put your safety and the safety of those around you in danger if you can’t trust your car’s agility.

High-performance tyres just provide the strongest steering control, especially in rainy climates where steering-related accidents are common. High-performance tyres improve your car’s ability to handle tight corners, crisp turning, and general handling by gripping the road more effectively than conventional and regulartyres Brownhills.


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