Samsung repairs centre
June 8, 2021

Smartphones especially the Android or be it the IOS version has become an integral feature of our lives. There is a contact list, the passwords of your social media accounts along with passwords which are part of it. Just imagine what would be the situation if you do not have your phone with you for a couple of days. When you hand it to the closest Samsung repairs centre there are certain points to consider. There is always the fear of losing out your data to an undisclosed third party and proper preparation is essential before you are handing out the phone for repairs.

A reason is the smartphone is an asset and you cannot take a chance with the device. There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to safeguard your personal information that prevents data being stolen from a third party

Removal of account and disable the security locks

There is no denying the fact that Google account is an important utility these days. You opt for data back- up  sign on to the essential apps and even secure the photos or passwords. If you are not removing the account you are inviting problems for yourself as possibility of misuse exists. Before you are handing over the phone disable all Google accounts. Even disable the face locks, pattern locks or finger print locks if you have gone on to embedded it. It is going to be easy for a repair person to go ahead with the work.

Removing the external storage like a SD card

A micro SD card is a delicate one and contains personal details like documents or photographs. If you leave the SD card in the phone it is prone to be damaged or misused. A suggestion is not to risk something if you are not aware of it personally

Removal of the SIM cards

How to remove your SIM card from both an iPhone and Android device | TechRadar

The possibility of SIM misuse exists if it reaches the wrong hands. Before you hand over for a cracked Samsung repair remove the SIM cards. You can put them somewhere or it can be kept in a new phone.

A picture of the IMEI number

A repair centre receives multiple number of phones for repairs at the same time. A strong possibility exists where your Samsung phone will be replaced by a phone of someone else with the same look. So as to avoid misplacement of your phone a suggestion is to note down the IMEI number.

Reset the settings and the phone

For removing sensitive data from your mobile phone factory settings is the best option. Even after removing the social media accounts or Google accounts the list of contact details will be there in the smartphone. An individual with a bad intent can easily misuse the information.

To conclude the phone is an asset and you cannot hand it to anyone when it comes to repair. Always opt for a reputed repair centre when it comes to phone repair.

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