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July 1, 2021

With a single high–quality tool, you can monitor the digital activities of your loved ones , but you need to have the one that would not create a trust deficit between you and your child. We discuss the top reasons to monitor the digital activities of your kids and loved ones. You can use a cell phone tracker to monitor your loved ones to the fullest.

Over the years, parents, in particular, have lived a life that was full of fears and scary feelings because children’s safety is at stake. You have to have the best cellphone tracking application to keep tabs on your loved ones.

According to the Pew Research Center:

More than 61% of parents have visited the cellphone browsing history to know what sort of websites they browse and webpages they used to bookmark on mobile application and tablet devices. Parents should provide privacy online to kids, but you have to make sure about online safety to prevent potential dangers associated with the digital world. You have to safeguard and monitor kid’s internet behavior, for sure, from phone calls, messages, messaging apps, social networks, and voice and video calls unless they become adults.

The internet of things has evolved over the years, and parents have to adopt new ways and techniques to monitor the digital activities of teens.

mobile tracker

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Top reasons that parents should know to monitor kid’s digital activities

Here are the following reasons that force parents to use cell phone trackers on kid’s phones and tablets to ensure kids’ safety online.

Cyber bullying

1 out of 3 teens become the victim of cyber bullies, and the ratio of suicide among victims is rising. Moreover, young teens are more likely to become the victim of cyberbullies, because they share photos, videos, and privacy with strangers online. Therefore, parents have to monitor the digital activities of kids.

Online dating

Online dating apps are massive these days on teen’s cellphone devices. They use dating apps to have hookups with the opposite gender and for one-night stands. The date rape ratio is on the rise among teens because online dating applications have become trendy among teens. Parents should look after teens using phone tracker apps to safeguard teens online.

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Sharing privacy

Young teens are sharing privacy on the web using messaging apps, social networks, and chat rooms. They used to send photos, videos, names, contact, and school names without having fear in mind. It cost teens with kidnapping, abduction, and child abuse issues. Parents should track kid’s GPS location several times a day using a cell phone tracker.

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Self –obscenity

Young teens could share nude videos and photos with anyone once they are in a relationship and become blackmailed. Intimate scenes presence on the phones could cost a lot about teen’s self-respect. Teens could become the victim of slut-shaming, body shaming, and many more things.

Top tips to monitor the kid’s digital activities manually

Understanding social networks

Parents should teach kids about the dos and don’ts of social media apps and social networks. You can guide kids when civility online is a duty and when it could turn into a trap.

Proactive use of phone tracker apps to limit access

Parents can use cell phone tracker apps available on the web to limit the screen-time, browsing history, phone calls, social media activity, and many more things. It will empower you to protect your loved ones from sex –offenders, stalkers, and cyber bullies to the fullest.

Guide your teens about the digital world & loopholes

You can teach your teen that anything they share online, like nude photos and video will remain on the platform, and even they remove them, it will be there one way or the other. You can teach your teens not to share anything that could cause issues.

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Teach there is a thin line between freedom & safety

You need to aware of your child that there is a thin line between freedom and online safety. You can alarm your child that they should not spend hours and hours on cellphone screens and don’t share sensitive things on the web.

What is cell phone tracker?

It is an application for cellphone devices. You can install and allows you to track the target device location secretly and let you know via its online dashboard. Cell phone tracking software empowers you to monitor exact and pinpoint the location of the target device. You can use it to track the location history of your kids and get to know about the route map.  It is equally beneficial for the monitoring of digital activities of loved ones. Users can monitor calls, messages, chat, voice, and video calls.  You can also track keystrokes, emails, and browsing history.

Top 5 attributes of best cellphone tracker:

  • It’s work secretly on the target device
  • This remains hidden and undetectable
  • It works on non-rooted Android phones
  • that is works on jailbreak iPhones
  • It can track real-time digital activities of kids

Top features of mobile tracker for android & iPhones to monitor kid’s digital activities

Here is the following set of tracking tools that you can use on android and iOS devices using cellphone tracker software.


  • Live screen recording
  • Social media spying
  • GPS location tracker
  • Browsing history
  • Keystrokes monitoring
  • Read messages
  • Email tracker
  • Password cracker
  • Call recording
  • Surround recording
  • View 360

Cell phone tracker price for android

  • Users can buy android Xlite Edition for $6.25 per month
  • You can buy premium Edition for $12.5 per month

Note: all the features of mobile tracker for android are non-rooted and compatible up to OS version 11.0.


Here are the following jailbreak features of the cell phone tracking app for iPhone to track your loved ones’ activities.

  • WhatsApp logs
  • Call logs
  • SMS
  • Contacts
  • Installed apps
  • Notes
  • Device info


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Cell phone tracker is the best tool for parents to track the digital activities of kids to ensure their online safety to the fullest.

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