Essay on Global Warming or Global Warming
August 16, 2021

Essay on Global Warming or Global Warming

Essay on Global Warming or Global Warming – In this article we are sharing some important information on the topic of one of the most complex problems of today’s global warming or global warming. Global warming or global warming is a topic on which you can be asked to write an essay in any class. So we hope that the information given by us will be helpful for you.

Essay on Global Warming or Global Warming
Essay on Global Warming or Global Warming


In today’s era, man has been developing many new technologies day by day. Man is playing with nature in many ways for development, due to which it is becoming very difficult to maintain the balance of nature. Due to all this the earth is facing many problems. Out of which global warming is a very serious problem. Keep reading

Global warming is a big problem not only for our country but for the whole world. Our earth is getting warmer day by day by continuously receiving sunlight, due to which the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing.

This problem is harming not only humans, but every living being on the earth.
And to deal with this problem, every country is continuously taking some measures, but instead of decreasing global warming, it is increasing continuously. To deal with this problem, people should know its meaning, cause and effect so that its solution can be reached as soon as possible.
To combat this, we all should come together and solve it to save life on earth.

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definition of global warming

Global warming is the continuous increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere.
In other words – when the amount of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere increases, the temperature of the atmosphere increases. This change in temperature is called global warming.

Meaning of global warming or global warming

Global means ‘earth’ and warming means ‘hot’. Global warming (or global warming) refers to the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and ocean since the 20th century and its expected continuation.

To understand in simple words, global warming means ‘increased temperature of the earth and due to this changes in the weather’. This increase in Earth’s temperature (which is estimated at 10 Fahrenheit over a 100-year average temperature) results in changes in rainfall patterns, melting of icebergs and glaciers, rising sea levels, and changes in flora and fauna. effects may come to the fore.

Due to global warming or global warming

Greenhouse gases are the most responsible for climate change caused by global warming. Green house gases are those gases which absorb the heat from the sun. The most important of the greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide, which we living beings emit with our breath.

According to environmental scientists, the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is increasing. Other greenhouse gases are nitrogen oxides, CFCs, chlorine and bromine compounds, etc. All these mix together in the atmosphere and disturb the radioactive balance of the atmosphere. They have the ability to absorb hot radiation, which causes the Earth’s surface to heat up.

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Pollution is also one of the reasons for the continuous increase in the temperature of the atmosphere. There are many types of pollution – air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution etc. Due to pollution, many types of gases are being formed in the atmosphere. These gases are the main reason for the rise in temperature and pollution helps in the formation of these gases. Keep reading

population growth

Population growth also contributes significantly to increasing the temperature of the atmosphere because according to a report, 90 percent of global warming is contributed by anthropogenic carbon emissions.


Promoting urbanization, factories and companies are continuously increasing in urban areas. From which toxic substances, plastics, chemicals, smoke etc. come out. All these substances perform the function of heating the atmosphere very well.


Man keeps tampering with nature for his convenience. Man has made the atmosphere very hot by cutting down the trees and plants that keep the earth’s atmosphere balanced, due to which the sea level is rising, due to the rise of the sea level in this way, many parts of the world are in water. There will be a huge destruction, it will be a more terrible devastation than the destruction caused by a world war or any “asteroid” hitting the earth. It will prove to be very harmful for our earth.

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depletion of ozone layer

Depletion of the ozone layer in Antarctica is also one of the reasons for global warming. The ozone layer is decreasing due to the increase of CFC gas. This is a man-made cause of global warming. CFC gas is used in many places as aerosol propellant in industrial cleaning liquids and in refrigerators, whose regular increase leads to depletion of the ozone layer.

The job of the ozone layer is to protect the earth from harmful rays. Whereas, increasing global warming of the Earth’s surface is a sign that the ozone layer is being depleted. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun enter the biosphere and are released by greenhouse gases.

effects of global warming

(i) Due to the means of increasing global warming, its effect has become very clear in some years. According to the US Geological Survey, there used to be 150 glaciers in Montana Glacier National Park, but now only 25 remain because of its impact.

(ii) Hurricanes are becoming more dangerous and powerful due to major climate change. Natural storms are becoming more powerful by taking energy from temperature differences. The year 2012 has been recorded as the warmest year since 1895 and the year 2003 along with 2013 was recorded as the warmest year since 1880.

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Many climate changes have taken place

(iii) Many climate changes have taken place due to global warming, such as increase in summer season, decrease in cold season, increase in temperature, change in wind circulation, jet stream, off-season rains, snow peaks Thawing, depletion of ozone layer, severe storm, cyclone, flood, drought etc.

(iv) If global warming continues to increase in this way, then all the icy places will melt and lose their existence. Nowadays the heat is increasing more and in winter the cold is getting less. When we look at the survey, we come to know that the temperature of the earth is increasing gradually.

(v) Cancer-like disease can occur due to the increase of carbon-dioxide gas.

(vi) Along with the expansion of the desert due to global warming, many species of animals and birds are also becoming extinct.

(vii) Due to the increase of global warming, the amount of oxygen is also decreasing, due to which the ozone layer is getting weaker.

Consequences of global warming or global warming

Greenhouse gases are those gases that enter the Earth’s atmosphere and become a factor in increasing the temperature here. According to scientists, if the emission of these gases continues in this way, then in the 21st century the temperature of the earth can increase by 3 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius.

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If this happens, its consequences will be very fatal. Ice sheets in many parts of the world will melt, sea level will rise by several feet. Due to this behavior of the sea, many parts of the world will be submerged, there will be great destruction.

This catastrophe will be greater than the devastation caused by a world war or an ‘asteroid’ hitting the earth. This situation will be very harmful for our planet Earth as well as human life.

Measures to prevent global warming or global warming

(i) Awareness campaigns should be conducted by government agencies, business leaders, private sectors and NGOs etc. The work of awareness campaign will not be done by any one nation, it is necessary to do this work by every nation.

(ii) Global warming has caused many types of damages which cannot be corrected but global warming can be prevented from increasing so that the snowy areas can be saved from melting.

(iii) Solutions should be made for harmful gases in vehicles and industries so that global warming can be reduced.

(iv) All those things which harm the ozone layer should be banned. We have to stop it from growing by some measures.

(v) Vehicles which cause pollution should be banned. As much as possible, less polluting vehicles should be used so that pollution can be reduced.

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(vi) At least air-conditioner should be used at home and office. The CFC gases released from air-conditioners heat the atmosphere.

(vii) More and more trees should be planted by stopping the felling of trees. Top 10 Desire

(viii) Light bulbs should be used in place of normal bulbs.

(ix) The things which cannot be destroyed should be reused with the help of recycling.

(x) Lights should be used sparingly. Lights should be used only when needed. Minimal use of electrical equipment should be done.

(xi) Hot water should be used sparingly.

(xii) Plastic packaging equipment should be used less.

(xiii) Clean fuel should be used as much as possible.

(xiv) Efforts should be made for water conservation and air conservation.

(xv) We should minimize the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and adopt those climate changes which have been happening over the years.

(xvi) Instead of electric energy, efforts should be made to use pure and clean energy or energy generated from solar, wind and geothermal should be used.

(xvii) The effects of global warming can be reduced by reducing the level of oil burning and use of coal, means of transport, and electrical goods.

(xviii) Population growth should be controlled.

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Awareness of global warming or global warming

Taking the problem of global warming seriously, all countries should come together to pass a law. Seminars should be organized to make people aware of its consequences, so that all the people can know and become aware of its fatal consequences. This problem is not of any one but of all those who are breathing on the earth.

There is no cure to stop global warming. It can be fought only by spreading awareness about it. We have to make our earth truly ‘Green’. In order to reduce our ‘carbon footprints’ (a measure of per capita carbon emissions), the population has to stop growing. As much as we keep the environment around us free from pollution,


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