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August 12, 2021

Content is the king, promoting makes your event the right audience, and video marketing reigns supreme! 

As per the recent survey, an exponential rise in video marketing has been noted to sell products and services. Today, in a visually captivating world it has become the need of the hCreative Ways to Use Video To Market Your Online Eventour. 

Video can be used in innovative ways to engage attendees and prospects. Thus, resulting in making them excited about the event. It has the potential to increase attendance and visibility. 

In this blog, we have compiled some of the creative ways to use video marketing in the best possible way. It will help in promoting your virtual event and boost excitement among attendees. Let’s get started!

Some creative ways for video marketing pre-event

1.Create a promo video to boost excitement among attendees about the upcoming event. You can release the trailers of the event focusing on the popular sponsors, speakers, guests, and so on. The video must cover the relevant information to be discussed during the event. It helps in grabbing the attention of attendees effortlessly. 


2.Keep the length of promotional videos short and not longer than 120 seconds. 


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3.Leverage social channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to promote your upcoming event. You can share your upcoming event teaser videos on it. It will help your event reach a wide spectrum of attendees effortlessly. 


4.Select relevant event hashtags and SEO engines while posting your event videos for marketing. It will help in reaching the right set of attendees effortlessly. 


5.Request the speakers who are participating in the event to create and release a short video promo.  Ask them to cover what they will be speaking about at the event in the video. 


6.YouTube clips are available for most speakers, artists, and other entertainment. Put them all together on a “video page” on your event’s website.


7.Some venues post videos of their facilities on their websites. Post them to acquaint and pique the curiosity of the audience.


8.Make a point-by-point video guide to help attendees who are not tech-savvy. Send them via email to ensure a smooth journey during virtual events. Allow them to get the most out of the conference, exhibition, or any other virtual event.


9.The majority of convention bureaus have visually appealing, well-produced videos showcasing their location, local attractions, and things to do. Incorporate these videos into your event’s webpage.


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10.Make a YouTube channel to collect all of your videos in one place.


11.Share your virtual event promotional videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It will help your event reach your attendees effortlessly. 


12.Leverage Twitter to share links of a video’s promotional content for your event. 


Some creative ways to use video during the virtual event

1.At the start of the event, display a video addressing attendees. It will help them navigate seamlessly without any glitches.


2.Offer videos of products and services on virtual booths. 


3.Video adds a new dimension to your message that is more powerful than other forms of media. For high-profile video production, a video production crew should be hired.


4.Create videos for behind the scene scenarios and display them during live physical events. It helps in boosting excitement in the event and building a sense of trust among attendees. 


5.Webcast small segments of videos from the previous events and for upcoming events. It will help in motivating attendees to be a part of the upcoming events.


6.Create a video with instructions to attendees on how to navigate various aspects during the event. You can display it during the event. 


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7.Create a video with a new product depicting its features and demo, if your event is for launching a new product. 


8.Make a video for the press release of your virtual event. A video always shows a greater impact when compared to textual content. 


9.Encourage speakers to use video in their presentations to give compelling, time-saving, and entertaining ways to describe elements and demonstrate products.


10.Use streaming video to bring in faraway speakers.


11.Curate videos for demonstrating products.


12.Make a 360-degree video of the event and display it during the virtual event. It will allow attendees to enjoy the event remotely and have a full feel of a physical event. 


13.Motivate event attendees to utilise the event hashtag in the title and description of videos they submit to YouTube, or on any other social media platform to share their event experiences.


14.Hold a video contest on social media for the funniest, most imaginative, and/or most shared videos. Offer awards for it to boost excitement. 


15.To boost enthusiasm and excitement, show participants a sneak-peak video of the upcoming year’s conference, highlighting the destination, venue, events, and other content.


16.A video summary at the end of a session is a terrific opportunity to remind your audience of the event’s highlights and significant subjects. Also thank the participants, sponsors, and anyone who helped make it happen. Give the attendees the link to the video.   


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Some creative ways to use video marketing after the virtual event

1.Share event videos on your company website. The website has the highest footfall. Showcase your event videos there to attract attendees.


2.Share event glimpses in the form of videos on various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn.  


3.Request your sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors to share event videos on their social media profiles. Potential attendees who missed it will get a glimpse and feel motivated to be a part of the event next time. 


4.Offer on-demand video content to attendees who missed attending live sessions. It enhances the chance of generating more qualified leads. 


5.Share video testimonials to your social media page and event website. It will help in making your potential customers who were not part of the event get an insight into the event. It will help in motivating them to be a part of upcoming events in the near future. 


Wrapping It Up

Video content grabs the attention of attendees and engages them effortlessly. Video marketing for your online events can do wonders if done correctly. In the above-mentioned article, we have amalgamated some of the best creative ways to use video marketing during, pre, and post virtual events.


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