January 6, 2022

As an organisation, you require SEO service as a base for your website. Depending on the approach you use, the amount of traffic that will be drawn to your website and your entire monetisation strategy will be good or bad.


However, before you choose an SEO service, several questions come to mind. Like the amount to invest in your SEO, whether to use a local approach or an international one. Below is information about the different types of SEO to help your organisation decide which one to go for.


About Local SEO


Local Search Engine Optimisation generates brand awareness and gives leads from local searches. It’s a good option for small businesses which are targeting clients that are in a specific location.


The results you get from a local SEO are relevant if you’re based in the current location of your search. In order to improve the chances of your website results, you should optimise the keywords on your content site. For example, if you offer electrical services in UK and you want an SEO agency in Birmingham, you should optimise your keywords i.e. “best electrical services in Birmingham”.


Some of the tasks associated with local SEOs are:


  • Citation building.
  • Marketing on social media.
  • Managing ratings and reviews.
  • Googling your business ratings.
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About International SEO


International SEO targets different global customers through various international search engines. If your services are offered worldwide, this is for you. Google has special signal which tell whether your website has content suitable for whichever country.


Your country-specific site should have different versions than your global site. You must also clarify the content to every country or language.


Here are a few of the tasks in international SEOs:


  • GEO targeting.
  • Optimisation of content.
  • Searching International keywords.
  • Technical SEO signals.


Local SEO vs. International SEO


There are various factors that differ when you compare local and international SEOs. You need to look at:


1. Content needs


Local SEOs have low needs since they focus a single region. Global SEOs require unique content so its needs are high.


2. Cost


It is essential that local SEOs focus on a single website. Global SEOs can optimise many websites. Therefore, they are expensive compared to local SEOs.


3. Competition


Is dependent on your keywords of that exact region. Global SEOs depend on the country and the keywords. Keywords that a high in one country may be low in another country.


4. When to use


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For local SEOs, you can use it for businesses targeting a specific audience in a specific town. Global SEOs can be used on customers spread out across several SEOs




Choosing between international and local SEOs is a tough decision. To answer this question, you have to know what the ambition and goal of your business is. Once you’ve compared the differences between local and international SEOs it becomes easier to pick.


If you have a small business, and you are hoping to grow overtime, You should pick local SEOs. Before you choose an SEO strategy, remember to: know your target audience, your keywords, and your target location. The above information could help with your choice.


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