June 17, 2021

A virtual event is nothing without social media, but we often feel like we lack something as we don’t receive the results we wish to receive with the virtual events we organize.

We need to look for something effective that hits the right spot for audience engagement and lead generation.

That’s why more brands have started incorporating Instagram walls that bring their Instagram presence to their virtual event. And they have witnessed some fruitful results.

So what exactly is this Instagram wall? Keep reading to know more.


What Is An Instagram Wall?

When we said that you could bring your Instagram presence to your virtual event, we meant it in literal terms. Instagram wall works as a display that showcases the Instagram content in a unified format.

Instagram wall platforms provide an aggregator tool to collect content from all over Instagram using your branded hashtag, tag, mention, stories, etc. They bring all the UGC, Influencer content, your content to you, and you can use the moderation feature provided by the tool to filter out the irrelevant or repeated content.

They also provide you with customization to add templates, colors, fonts, and themes to match the Instagram wall to your virtual event’s theme or your brand’s theme.

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Later, you can put your Instagram wall on display and feel free to get busy with other virtual events tasks. The Instagram wall is live and changes its content automatically in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Instagram wall has given some amazing results to business, and that’s why so many brands love it.

But before you move any further, here are some best practices you must keep in mind before including the Instagram wall in your virtual event.


How Is An Instagram Wall The Best Practice For Your Virtual Event?

1.    Hashtag Campaign On Instagram

No matter how fun your virtual event is, there always comes a time for your audience members when sitting at home and staring at the screen can be a little overwhelming. They tend to get distracted and sometimes lose interest, and most of the time, they keep their screen on just for the sake of it.


Instagram wall eliminates these possibilities and demands the audience’s attention. Utilize the Instagram wall’s live update feature and make it more interactive. Create a unique hashtag and start a hashtag campaign for your brand.

Every time an attendee posts using your hashtag, it automatically appears on the Instagram wall. It will create more engagement possibilities for them. You can use these posts for future marketing purposes as well.

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2.    Ensure Maximum Participation

The best part about a virtual event is that it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and you can give it global exposure. But how will you ensure maximum participation by your target audience?

You can use the Instagram wall during the event, but you can also use it for pre-event promotions to attract more attendees. Embed the Instagram wall on your website, display it on the digital signage at your premises and outside, or use it to promote the future virtual event during a present virtual event.

You can display user-generated content created by your audience and customers to create brand trust, or you can also showcase pictures of past virtual events to generate interest. Not just that, when you promote an upcoming virtual event during a current virtual event, you can provide pre-event registrations to ensure maximum participation.

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3.    Convey Your Brand’s Story

When conducting a virtual event, you can expect different people from different backgrounds; some might be your loyal customers, while some might be new to your brand. It is crucial to share your brand’s story with each one of them to create brand awareness among the attendees.

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But how can you make sure the audience will remain attentive while you do so. That’s why you need an engaging and attention-grabbing Instagram wall. Display the conversations happening around your brand and the products or services you offer through your aesthetic Instagram posts assembled on the Instagram wall.

As the Instagram wall is live, your audience will get to see fresh content keeping them hooked. Give your audience something they can connect to, like user-generated content. By doing so, you are allowing your customers to tell your story. It will build brand trust, increase conversion, and create social proof for you.

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4.    Improves Your Instagram Presence

The key benefit of an Instagram wall is that it is live, and it updates automatically every time someone posts on Instagram using your branded hashtag, tagging you, or mentioning you in a story. Use this as an opportunity to engage your virtual event attendees.

Instagram wall encourages your virtual event attendees to post for you using your branded hashtag, as every time they post on Instagram, it gets displayed on the Instagram wall.

When they see their name on the Instagram wall, it encourages more posts as they feel important when you give your attendees a spotlight. More Instagram posts mean an improved Instagram presence for your brand.

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Over To You

Displaying an Instagram wall at your virtual event can bring wonders for your brand. Although many brands have started using Instagram walls, it’s only the best practices that help you extract the real benefits out of these live and responsive Instagram feed walls.

We have reached the end of this blog. We hope that now you have a better understanding of the Instagram wall for virtual events. Also, have an idea of how you can utilize them to make the most.

So! It’s time to upgrade your virtual events strategy and have fun with the amazing Instagram wall.


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