Addspy Android Monitoring Application A Complete Guide
August 16, 2021

AddSpy Android monitoring application was founded in 2018 and is an Indian company dedicated to developing the simplest Android mobile tracking platform. Our AddSpy comes with the simplest Android tracking software available today. Our customers, including parents and employers, can track all telephone activities through our simplified online platform. Before using AddSpy, confirm that you have full permission to view all the information transferred to your phone. AddSpy is an Android phone tracking app for teenagers and employees. It helps you keep track of your kids or employees at your fingertips.

AddSpy is the best remote and efficient spying tool for Android mobile devices. Our application works in stealth mode and has not been fully known with any antivirus till now. AddSpy app has many built-in features like Phone Tracking, WhatsApp Tracking, Facebook Messenger Tracking & Tracking, Instagram Chat Tracking, Real-time Location Tracking, SMS Tracking, Call Tracking, Screen Capture, Hidden Camera Recording, Recording Hidden Microphone, Skype Chat monitoring, and more.

Employers can track employee activities by installing our app on company-owned Android devices. After installing our application on the device you want to see, you will find on your control panel all deleted chat messages on social networks, such as deleted WhatsApp chats, deleted Instagram chats, Facebook chats. Most of our spying features work without rooting the target device as rooting the device may void the warranty period from the device manufacturer. Our application works both ways online and offline, but a stable internet connection is important for uploading data offline to our servers.

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How AddSpy Android Monitoring App Works?

  1. To monitor your children or employees through our phone monitoring spy tool, we recommend that you first download our application from
  2. After successful payment for the AddSpy Phone Monitoring App, you will receive an automatically generated email from us with your User ID, Password, Application Download Link, and Installation Guide.
  3. Please download our app from that link.
  4. We request you to follow and correctly do all the steps (mentioned in the installation guide) within the device on which you are about to install our application. If you encounter any problems installing, you will contact our support team via chat or call.
  5. Once the setup process is complete, log into your dashboard through your mobile or PC and start monitoring social media, call recording, SMS, live location, and many other activities of your employees and youth on your dashboard.

Some Features Of AddSpy Monitoring App

Capture With Hidden Camera

Watch a live stream or take a front or rear camera photo with the AddSpy app. You can also watch live streams with the microphone. Please do not enable this option without the consent of the device user.

Location Monitoring

Track your employees or children’sIndia’sreal-time location and location history with our unique phone tracking app and make them more secure. AddSpy instantly shows you the location in real-time.

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Skype Monitoring dangers safelyIndia’seducate their children against

Monitor your employees’ Skype chats and gossip using company-owned cell phones, and monitor customer meetings, call logs, and chats with our Skype monitoring feature.

Hidden Call Recorder

You can secretly monitor your company-owned cell phone and your child’s cell phone call recordings and prevent them from bullying or voice phishing with AddSpy Hidden Call Recorder.

SMS Tracking

Quickly track SMS/MMS of your child’s devices on your PC or mobile phone and make them safe from malicious people. AddSpy empowers you to read deleted SMS as well.

Call Log Monitoring

Monitor all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls to the target device with our AddSpy call log monitoring feature. AddSpy shows all call log details in real-time with a timestamp.

Navigation History

Employees waste most of their time looking for informal stuff on the internet. Monitor all internet browsing history and track job performance while working with AD.

Keylogger Monitoring

Keep an eye on every key your child uses while texting an unknown number or person with our keylogger monitoring feature. It shows you all the keys pressed while chatting or searching for something.

Completely Hidden And Undetectable

Our app is a completely hidden and undetectable phone monitoring app that works completely in stealth mode and also passes virus scans.

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Snapchat Monitoring

Snapchat monitoring is now easier with AddSpy. Monitor your child’s Snapchat chat activities online and stop online bullying.

Images Monitoring

Check all the photos that your child is receiving or capturing with an unknown person. You can track their gallery images with our well-developed tracking app.

Application Blocker

Check all the apps installed on your child’s mobile and identify malicious apps. You can block all these apps with our app blocking feature.

Why You Will Like The AddSpy Android Monitoring Application?

  • Spy on social media call logs such as Facebook for call logs, monitor WhatsApp call logs, Skype call logs, and more.
  • Current real-time location and GPS location history on the AddSpi control panel.
  • This works in secrecy, it cannot be completely reveales.
  • Works with 3G and 4G mobile connections.
  • Unlimited device switching in one package.
  • More additional features with lower prices Install the target device in just 5-7 minutes.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • More than 25 tasks with 99% results.
  • AddSpi helps you track live call recordings and hidden microphone recordings.
  • Listen to live audio with our app with your prior consent.
  • Check all the keywords you type while talking to someone who uses AddSpy.

Why We Choose AddSpy Android Monitoring App?

AddSpy has been at the front of producing high-quality mobile monitoring solutions for use by parents and employers. We strive to provide functional and easy-to-use software with state-of-the-art features and functionalities. The AddSpi application has been professionally reviewed by many of the world’s most prestigious media. We are India’s largest provider of mobile surveillance services with over 3000 satisfied customers and 99% satisfied results. We are dedicated to providing 24*7 support as per your requests and requests.

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AddSpy gives you complete control over the device on your child’s or employee’s mobile phone or computer. AddSpy Mobile Monitoring Tool was developed after 3 years of hard work and research. We have covered most of the problems users face after purchasing a phone monitor or spy app. We never pack because we take customer feedback about our app very seriously and investigate your complaints and issues so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Our application is more suitable for the needs of the elderly and employers, but also loved ones. AddSpy provides you a platform to keep track of all the activities of your children and online employees and gives you more comfort in terms of child safety. After installing our application on the device you want to see, you will find in the control panel all deleted chat messages on social networks, such as deleted WhatsApp chats, deleted Instagram chats, Facebook chats.


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