August 3, 2021

Recent statistics reveal that there are over 3.5 billion smartphone users globally, making it approximately 45.12% of the world’s population! There’s no argument that the invention and boom of mobile phones have revolutionized our lives. This piece of information has been pivotal in determining the business strategy of the mobile app development company, like AppSocio!

Today, we witness this: People have their lives revolved around this mobile device – they order their food, clothes, medicines, gadgets, and even make appointments using this device. Many people are running their businesses on this small yet significant device. It tracks every tiny detail of their business, proving to be more worthy and useful than any compact or device.

But how is that possible? Because of the major apps being developed for mobile phones, these interactive mobile apps come with an attractive interface that elevates the customer experience. So, of course, the purpose of designing a user-friendly interface is to keep them enticed by the services.

We’re in a completely different world today – in the present day, businesses need to adapt to the latest technologies and gadgets as soon as possible. Admittedly, iPhones apps dominate mobile applications as they have taken over the world and proven to be invincible. All smart businessmen are taking advantage of this situation and using it to their advantage. This proves how a forward-thinking and futuristic approach is to succeed and thrive in a competitive world.

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Technology has impacted every field of business. As a result, all corporate sectors are tailoring their business and adopting the latest technological developments to advance their businesses. And so, mobile applications have made their way into the mainstream and taken over the market.

Earlier, the norm was to restrict mobile applications to large corporates – a trend that gloriously crashed in the last two years. Today, even smaller structures provide customers with better facilities by incorporating mobile applications in their business outings. And they’re being rewarded accordingly – getting higher returns on investments and an increased customer satisfaction rate.




Here’s a fun fact: There are 1.4 million apps available on Google Play and App Stores. This means that customers with all kinds of niche can find an app to meet their needs.

Want to grow your business through mobile apps? We’ve described a few ways through which mobile apps can upscale your business and bring increased revenue.

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Enhance Branding – In regards to branding, the logo and slogan of the company play a primary role. They are the first imagery that is sighted by customers when they view their mobile screens. The role of these slogans and logos is to stay in the users’ minds – they can’t always remember the services you provide or the products you sell.

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Hence, these designs serve a purpose, and they are exceptionally advantageous because they build a case against the competitors by forming a bond with you. This can be identified as their key business strategy and instantly boost branding value. Therefore, create a mobile application and improve building credibility and brand reputation with customers and clients.

Upgrade Customer Experience – By creating a mobile app, you essentially increase accessibility. As we already discussed, people live on their mobile phone today. And so, for your business to grow, you need to be available to them 24/7 – and for that, you need to develop an app for mobiles.

This trick would do miracles should you not have a helpline that is responsive round the clock. By having your app on their home screen, you ensure that you stay connected with them all the time. They can contact you any time of the day without having to take additional steps, like visiting the company’s official website that can take a couple more minutes.

Marketing Kit – Do you know that a mobile app can work as a great marketing tool? You can integrate it with social media websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, etc. By doing so, you allow your customers to reach out by tapping on the icon simply. Furthermore, they can share your apps with their network; word of mouth can only do much. This way, you can attract potential customers and expand your business. In addition, customers can share their experience using your mobile app and promote business prospects.

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Attract Customers – As discussed before, customers of today are addicted to their smartphones. They’re dependent on it, which has increased business prospects, especially for smaller businesses. By putting your business out there – through mobile applications – you can engage with more customers. Customers will appreciate this effort if the app creates efficiency in their life, like save time or help with directions, etc. Naturally, if their experience is great, they would recommend it to their friends and family.

Increase Revenue – What is it that every business wants? What is the purpose of doing business, apart from meeting the needs of people? Of course, it’s making money! Why would you start a business knowing it serves no purpose and rips money off you? It would be best if you made revenue, and for that to happen, you have to ideate and come up with ways to boost business prospects.

By creating a mobile application for your business, you can create a channel for revenue. You can then get revenue from multiple channels, like website, store, and now a mobile app. People can book concert tickets, make reservations at restaurants, and book a car by using your apps – whatever your business mission is! Furthermore, you can incorporate and benefit from in-app advertisements – like YouTube!

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Generate New Sales – Another way to see the method above is this: through mobile app development of your business, you can generate new sales. You may create avenues through which people can reach out and purchase services/products from you. Mobiles apps can allure customers – the interface is attractive and easily navigated. A mobile app would be incredible and boost growth by attracting customers if you have an eCommerce business.

Elevate Customer Retention – Do you want to know the secret to increase profits? We recommend that you create a customized mobile app with an interactive interface to upgrade the customer experience. This will work in your favor mostly by keeping your customers and users hooked, increasing the retention rate simultaneously.

In case you didn’t know already, Starbucks uses this strategy that automatically drives its sales. They’ve created a feature on their mobile app through which they can pay for the orders conveniently. Statistics show that over 30% of their business transactions are made via mobile apps, confirming that we already know by now.

Reduce Operational Costs – The best way to decrease the operational costs of your business is by creating mobile apps. This way, you can record business/user data and maintain timesheets and online reports conveniently. By doing so, businesses have managed to save a truckload of money which they’ve eventually invested in improving the app experience. In addition, businesses can further record inventories, inspection records, guest forms, reviews etc.A current mobile app development cost can be found in this article.

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Makes Money in the App Store – Do you know how Spotify makes money?  You can easily make money by making your app accessible on App stores. This will increase traffic and drive business conversions. In addition, you may offer premium services to attract customers. For example, Netflix, Hulu and Spotify offer free one-month trials to customers. Eventually, it’s the experience of the customers that makes them stick.


Since we’ve discussed how a simple mobile phone app development can help a business grow, we’re sure that you’ve picked up some ideas from it too, so what are you waiting for? Start your startup, or expand your existing business more with the help of it.


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