August 11, 2021

Web design is fun, but it’s not as easy as anyone simply thinks. When you are making and designing a website, you have to be knowledgeable, detailed and creative. Having many aspects to consider, web design is complex if you don’t know what to do, so you have to be careful if you’re going to do it. You cannot merely wing it within some minutes, probably unless you’re highly skilled and long-experienced in the craft.

Talking about the aspects of web design, color is one of the most significant of them. It is an impactful detail that can direct the success or the failure of a business. Being the most vital component of design, it cannot be denied how challenging choosing the color palette for your website is. The color selection process may take more than an hour or day; it could take quite a few group meetings and deliberations. That shows how colors are fundamental in web design.   

Now, the goal of picking color schemes for your website is to find the right one! You cannot just go for anything; it has to be the call most suitable for you. To understand more about this important subject, below are 7 reasons why the right color is crucial for an effective web design. Here, you will realize why the efforts of a web design agency and of a graphic designer should not be undervalued. It’s time to learn and appreciate web design, too, so read on! 

1 – Color establishes the first impression.

What initially greets a site visitor is not really the welcoming text or the header image of the website. Honestly, colors do that. 

When you click on a link that leads you to a new webpage, your eyes are either comforted or surprised by its general brightness. With that being said, color establishes the first impression of first-time guests towards your site and eventually, towards your brand. That’s because as colors powerfully dictate the general vibe of the website, they reflect your business and the people behind it, including you. 

It’s not an exaggeration when a web design agency tells you how color can make a potential client stay, come back or run away and never drop by again. Some people might be too busy to check out if their first impression about your brand is actually right or wrong. When they get annoyed with your web design, they can just exit and search for another without looking back.

With the right color, you can leave a first impression favorable for your company and for those people needing your help.

2 – Color stands for your brand.

When you choose a specific color or set of colors for your brand and launch your business, know that those color selections are not for an overnight or one-week use; they are for long-term operations.

The right color is completely pivotal in web design because it stands for your brand. It represents your brand. Aside from your business website, other uses of these colors include your social media pages, your physical products, your print and digital ads and many more. Like an inevitable part of a person’s face, color will necessarily be on your brand’s face wherever you carry it.

3 – Color conveys your message and your advocacy.

Somehow connected to the previous number, color conveys your message to your target audience and even to people outside of that particular circle. As it embodies your brand, it expresses your advocacy as a company. Furthermore, it can display your values as a person. 

Understanding the psychology of color is focal because it will help you pick the right color that will actually speak for your business. A professional web design agency has full education and skills on it, so they can help you determine the best color for your brand. 

Color can be considered as a dear campaigner. What’s your vision and mission? The perfect color for your web design can let you send these to people without saying too much.

4 – Color makes brands recognizable and memorable.

Because of color, people can identify things around. What’s more, recall is made more efficient. 

You need the right color for your web design because it will make your brand recognizable and memorable. Sometimes, consumers don’t easily remember the name of the store they visit but they can visualize its colors and designs. That’s how it works for web design too. 

An Internet user has 10 tabs of different business websites opened. He is still canvassing, comparing and choosing among those, so he’s being meticulous. One of those business web pages is yours. What can make you stand out? The right color!

Of course, you have to beat the others with well-made content, honest positive information and convincing product and service presentations, but color can make your brand an eye-catcher first and foremost! When he closes all tabs and decides to come back to one of them later, your impressive web design color will be the element that makes them bear you in mind.

5 – Color establishes a content hierarchy.


Messy web design can be because of improper content placement or because of the wrong color selection. Both are a pain to the eyes, but the latter can actually lead to the impression of the former.

To avoid misleading and confusing visitors’ focus on your website, use the right color. Color is the tool to highlight points in a web design more than other points. Through that, you can guide the visitors on where to look at and what to do. It establishes a content hierarchy, allowing the audience to be led like they are on a tour. 

The order of importance is compelling because if the most important feature of your brand is hard to see, how can people be helped, and how can they reach out to you? The right color is integral as color itself is utilized to emphasize your major assistance, concerns and objectives. 

6 – Color drives user experience.

Without color, the world is dull. It’s unimaginable. Human life would look and feel lifeless. 

Similarly, in web design, color makes sites lively or lifeless. Surely, you don’t want the latter. Considering that, it’s true that color drives user experience. It can cause your site visitors to enjoy or to get bored staying on your page. It can pilot them to an easy or complicated navigation. 

Try creating two sites with the same content but with different color schemes, and you can prove how the experiences they individually offer are different. The other will always be better than the other.

7 – Color affects emotions thus affects consumer decisions.

Earlier, it has been mentioned how your website’s colors can form a first impression. In line with that, color affects emotions thus affects consumer decisions.

The keyword here is ‘emotions’. Look from the perspective of your consumer self, and you will understand it without a question. Colors can prompt certain feelings and emotions, so they can be the deciding factor if this potential buyer will push through with their purchase or not.

Red is warm, and it motivates energy and action, signals love and aggression. Yellow sparks joy and happiness, but for some, it’s about fear and anxiety. Orange represents adventure. Green suggests calmness, health and nature; often, it exhibits dominance. These are just a glimpse of colors’ various meanings, and other colors have a lot too.

Pick the right color for your website, so you can stimulate the response and action you intend for your target audience to have. Excitement? Enlightenment? A call to action? What is it that you’re aiming for people to feel and do? Use the prowess of colors to make that happen!


Here, you will realize why the efforts of an Atlanta web design firm and of a graphic designer should not be undervalued. It’s time to learn and appreciate web design, too, so read on!


A business website is chief in many ways today. Because most consumers are not just visiting physical stores but canvassing and buying online since it’s totally convenient, an Internet site is truly relevant. Aside from social media pages, this is also key to reaching more customers and to being accessible to your target audience. 

Regardless of the nature of your business, if you have a site and if you want people to love it and to support you in various means, your web design must be appropriate. It could be what people see first, or for some, it could be their criteria for judging what your business can do for their benefit. So keep in mind that web design is serious and that color has so much to do with it! As the above-mentioned points have explained, the right color is indeed crucial for an effective web design. 

The value of color is weighty. It can lead to a business’ victory or defeat. That’s how determinative color is for web design.


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Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Orion Creative, digital agency and design studio in Sydney, building greater possibilities for brands and businesses of all sorts. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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