April 30, 2022

As a sportsperson, there is a part of your body that you overuse, leading to pain. Although the pain is bearable and not limiting at first, it may become unbearable to the point of slowing you down or making you slow down in your sporting activities or taking a break altogether.


Runner’s knee is a painful knee injury common among cyclists and runners, and they experience pain on the outer part of the knee due to overuse. This is because you exert a lot of pressure on your knees as you cycle or run, which may lead to severe pain. After considering the cost of physiotherapy in Singapore, we think it is definitely worth seeing a physiotherapist or going for a sports massage in Singapore.

Symptoms Of Runner’s Knee

The most common symptom of a runner’s knee is pain on the outer side, and more often, this pain worsens when you are running or cycling. Although the pain is mainly on the outer part of the knees, it can radiate up the thighs or down the outer shin.  The pain is worse if you are using too much energy to cycle, such as going uphill.


Additionally, you may realize that the pain is only present when cycling or doing other activities, but it almost disappears totally when you rest. So you may ignore it because it doesn’t affective you when you are not participating in a sporting activity.



However, other people complain that runners’ knee also affects them when they go up or downstairs. While some complain of mild pain, others feel uncomfortable when doing so.

Preventive Measures

We can all agree that exercising and living a healthy lifestyle is good for you; it is also essential to do it right and avoid undesirable results such as injuries. One way of preventing runner’s knees is to avoid running on hard ground roads and pavements; instead, ensure that your running route has a lot of grassy areas.


Additionally, avoid areas with uneven terrain, especially if you are a beginner. You can introduce hills into your running route as you get used to running. And like any other exercise having the correct training gear is a must! So make sure you are in the correct running shoes, so they don’t add extra strain to your knees as you run.


You can also get physiotherapy in Singapore before your athletic competition to ensure your knee muscles are relaxed and ready for the game.

Treatment For Runners Knee

Runner’s knee and back pain in Singapore can make you quit exercising because of the severe pain you experience as you run or cycle.  But the good news is scheduling a physiotherapy session can help you deal with any sports injury that may be holding you back.

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Talk to your physiotherapist about how you feel and where your problem started, and they will create an effective treatment plan for you. Fort the plan to succeed, ensure that you are honest and you are ready to do your part and follow their advice.


Runner’s knee is painful, and most people find it difficult to bend on stretch their knees due to severe pain. This can easily discourage you from your exercises, but the good news is that a professional physiotherapist can help you overcome this challenge to continue enjoying running or cycling.



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