September 22, 2022

Your competition as a fitness instructor is huge but luckily so is the addiction to fitness in the UK right now. Many doctors from renowned digital healthcare platforms like numan have noticed that when a person has optimum exercise and healthy intake can lead a life to success. All generations are taking on the challenge of physical exercise and you just need to put yourself in their way with the right approach and a fine-tuned approach to grab a slice of the action.


Carve out a niche – based on an exercise programme, celebrity type, body type, gender or no gender. Ideally pick something that’s close to your heart so that you can talk about the topic patiently and there is a big enough audience out there to chase after.

Listen to your clients

Often enough fitness instructors like to apply the same approach to all, forgetting that clients come to a fitness class for different reasons. Some want to get fit, some need a reason to get out of the house, some like company while others are looking to take up a new hobby.

You need to understand their motivation for coming in the first place and hopefully apply a tactic that will keep them coming back. Having a conversation with a new client is always a good start. Personal attention goes a long way.

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Grow your experience

Keep on top of your industry and anything that it comes with. A great way is to bee subscribed new a few relevant publication and setting aside a little of time each week to at least skim through what’s going on. You don’t want to seem behind on the latest trends.

Take advantage of technology

Platforms connecting service providers and private clients are popping up everywhere. Sure they take a cut of your earnings but they can be a good source of new clients, some of whom you might strike a direct relationship with. Signing up to these platforms usually doesn’t cost anything and you only pay if you’ve booked a client.

Get insured

As a fitness instructor you meet clients face to face, you’re asking them to push themselves to achieve more and that can occasionally lead to accidents. Most clients will just get on with it and every now and again a client might blame you for an injury.

You don’t want to leave yourself exposed to those scenarios. Public liability and professional indemnity insurance for fitness instructors are the two key covers to keep you protected against the cost of legal claims from unhappy clients.


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