December 18, 2021

A traditional classroom is the one where both the students as well as the teachers come together under a roof. The teachers usually make use of a black board/white board and books to conduct interactive sessions for the children to learn new things, proposed in their curriculum. Although this system of teaching has been followed since decades, the process is now becoming archaic and obsolete especially in this digital age. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictions further added more of an expiry date to this system. It was obvious that the whole concept of education would not have been ceased; hence the introduction of a new type of method was the call of the hour. This is when smart learning or e-learning stepped in; much before the unprecedented pandemic. The new method of technologically driven education was still very much of an option and only became a requirement when the educational institutes were forced shut in the light of nationwide lockdowns. The online education is hence still being continued. However, there are more countless reasons to opt for online teaching or learning. Let’s find out in the blog –


Benefits of Online Teaching


  1. Adds Personalised Touch


Online mode of teaching facilitates a personalized teaching and learning experience between a teacher and students. Furthermore, the online sessions take into account the one-o-one teaching factor, and hence students find it more secure. This further gives confidence to a student to openly get their query resolved without hesitating.

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  1. Online Teaching is more Flexible


A majority of the online classes are elastic. Most of the time, teacher and student jointly fix on upon the time that they are keen to devote in the teaching-studying process. Moreover, they can also settle on the date, type and set up of the online class. Furthermore, geography and location is not at all a barrier in this mode of teaching. A teacher can really be on a whole different island and still deliver their lecture perfectly.


  1. Accessibility is a Bliss


The best part of this mode of education is that a teacher or student can stay in the comforts of their homes and still contribute to the success of an online class session. They absolutely need not to step out of their preferred location. This further saves on the transportation expenses of both the parties, hence it is affordable that way!


  1. Convenient Communication


Communication is one of the most necessary tools required for smooth functioning of any educational method. Without effective communication, any class session will automatically fail. It is a fact that when a teacher or a student puts across their points in a discussion held online, from the comforts of their territories, they tend to participate more, and further actively engage with others. Furthermore, the facility of chat boxes makes communication easier.

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  1. Laser-Sharp Focus


Since online mode of education allows one to teach online and study from their homes, chances of focussing on lecture automatically increases. The students can choose for a place or corner in which they are comfortable and less distracted. It helps them to devote their attention solely on class.


  1. Grabbing More


It is true that anyone who is seeking to learn utmost should opt for online classes. The online mode of education provides additional learning opportunities as one can save a great deal of time by not going out of their homes. Reaching school or college would consume a lot of time. The time consumed can fall between few minutes to big number of hours. Additionally, it is very natural that the learners as well as the teachers would also feel fatigued after coming into the institute. On the other hand, going for an online mode of education is much easier and relaxing.


Alike any other mode of education, online education has its fair share of challenges when it comes to practice and execution. At the end of the day, the success of an online session depends on personal approach. If one is keen to teach and learn enthusiastically, there is no way that a session will be dull or a flop show! On the other hand, if one is not interested in putting their best foot forward, there is no way in the world that any more of education will suit them. Hence, one needs to be clear in the mind too!

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Hope you found these pointers useful. Stay tuned for more online education centric blogs. Till then, happy online teaching!


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