February 22, 2022

The senior-most important classes in secondary education of the students are class ninth and tenth. Among the several academic subjects, science is an important one. Till elementary classes, students study science in the form of environmental studies whereas in secondary classes especially 9th and 10th is divided into physics, chemistry, and biology. Among these science divisions, we keep hearing students focusing on physics more as it is considered to be the most complex of all.


Along with studying physics, focusing on chemistry is equally important as it has applicative portions too. Let us discuss some tips and techniques that students can follow to effectively study chemistry and enhance their overall scientific knowledge and academic performance.


Chemistry study tips for secondary learning students

  1. Learn from lab visits


Chemistry notes is a subject that can be understood better by going to the labs. Understanding the chemical equations, reactions and other concepts can be understood better by experimenting and performing practicals. And this is the reason why teachers take students to the chemistry labs. But many students take it very lightly and consider lab visits for fun. They tend to mischief and do not follow the lab rules.


Their indiscipline behavior can affect your learning as well as others. Class 9 chemistry will be more detailed from what you learned to the 8th standard. Hence take advantage of your lab visits. Perform the experiments sincerely, seek help, make the right conclusions and observations and foster your chemistry learning skills.

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  1. Learn everyday


The best way to foster your chemistry skills is to learn and practice every day. Lack of regular studies will make you pile up the syllabus. The huge chunks of the syllabus become difficult to complete and the time to practice and revise is also reduced. To avoid this happening with you, make a proper self-study timetable which ensures some time every day to learn chemistry. You should keep your classroom learning and self-studies going hand in hand. This will help you to study chemistry better.

  1. Brush up your memorization skills


Class 10 chemistry will have several topics that along with understanding need to be memorized too. For example, the elements of periodic tables, and their properties, trends such as atomic numbers, atomic size, electronegativity, ionization across the group, down the period, etc, all need to be memorized. Hence all students must brush up on their memorization skills. Learn in smaller portions every day to retain for longer and better. Learning by writing will help you to memorize better. Also, enhance your concentration power to study and memorize the chemistry topics effectively.

  1. Practice, and practice more 


In chemistry, along with learning theory, there are a lot of applicative portions. And the chemistry application skills cannot be grown quickly with a few practice sessions. Forming and balancing equations, solving numerical, word problems, and compound formation are the commonly appeared topics in chemistry lessons. To understand all these topics well, and solve them correctly, students must practice as much as possible. After completing the theory topics, ensure to solve the practice questions given in the books.

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  1. Be thorough with your NCERT 


Many students feel that science is a very complicated subject and to master science skills they must refer to some high standard reference books and guides. But referring to these high-level books without being thorough with your core textbooks can make you find chemistry difficult and confusing.


Your board exams of secondary classes are also based on concerts. Therefore instead of moving from one guide to the other, stick to the chemistry NCERT of your course. Read the lessons line by line. After reading, learning, and memorizing the content, solve the exercises given in between the chapters. With effective ncert knowledge, your chemistry learning skills will be enhanced too.




Among the science divisions, physics, chemistry, and biology, learning all these effects are very important. We often hear study tips for physics subjects but chemistry is equally important too. By following the above-mentioned tips that are learning from lab visits, studying every day, thorough with ncert textbook, working on memorization skills, and practicing more, chemistry learning, comprehension and performance will be enhanced in the students. Their overall scientific temperament and scores will be increased too.


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