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September 23, 2021

With the evolution of humankind, we have already witnessed a lot of amazing transformations. If one would compare today’s world, to that of fifty years ago, one will have an immense change in our world. A lot of gadgets and innovations have helped us to move ahead in the future. Amongst the most innovative and world-changing innovations, few are smartphones and the internet. The Internet has given a platform to people not only to express themselves but also to gain all the knowledge one can from it. The Internet and smartphones have given rise to an amazing thing known as software. Softwares are of many different types that are made according to a particular concept. Softwares use has grown rapidly in the last few years. Few people face difficulty in dealing with software. Hence, to help them there is digital adoption software.


Many digital adoption platforms are available in the industry. Walkme is one of the digital adoption platforms and is one of the best. It has a guided walkthrough that is an essential tool, it helps and increases user adoption. Salesforce and Workday are a few of the biggest platforms that Walkme is directly linked with. It has automated data entry that is very useful as it saves a lot of time for us otherwise that must have gone into administration work. Feedback is collected from the user in many ways, Walkme does it by in-app surveys. One crucial aspect of it is that it is integrated with LMS. Analytics in Walkme is needed to have a separate setup. Walkme is one of the best and no one has any doubt about it. Walkme has a lot of competitors, and it becomes difficult for any business to choose the right one. Some of the Walkme competitors are Pendo, Whatfix and Appcues. They all provide different facilities to the business and are different in many other ways. Businesses need to know the difference between all of them. Thus, let us discuss them one by one in detail.

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Walkme competitors:


Whatfix: It provides multiple learning styles. It generates videos and slideshows automatically. It is essential to have the proper knowledge. Hence it provides relevant materials that one can go through and for the kind of role they have. Feedback of users is the most important thing and no one can ignore it but everyone has their ways of collecting it. It collects feedback with in-app surveys. It also offers automation in data entry; it helps in decreasing the amount of time spent on all the administrative work.


Pendo: It provides onboarding walk-throughs and also can collect crucial feedback in-app. It is important for the product manager of a company, to properly understand the usage of the product for better results. Pendo is designed mainly for product managers so that they can easily go through the products and understand them easily. One amazing feature about Pendo is that no coding is required to operate it. People should have technical knowledge regarding the installation of it.


Appcues: It has several outstanding features and is considered, as the biggest competitor of Walkme. It has been designed to give proper support to the products that are in question, because of some reason of any company. It improves onboarding fluency; it is an amazing feature offered. It improves the product image in the eyes of the consumer. While using Appcuse people have a consistent experience of the app no matter where people are virtually in the application.

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In the above article, we have tried to discuss the competitors of Walkme. There is not a single thing in this world that is free from competition. We all have one or more competitors in one field or the other. Similarly, Walkme has also many competitors. All of them have different features and properties. Few are directly connected with their users for the feedback while others also choose the method of survey. All of them have their methods, but their goal is to provide the best facility to their users, and all of them are trying their best to be ahead in this competition. Businesses and organizations will now get a clear understanding of these platforms, and it will be easier for them to choose any one from them.


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