Language plays an important role in digital communication. These days, typing is an integral part of all home-based and office-based jobs and businesses. No matter what profession you are associated with, you will have to depend on the typing work in one way or the other. Having said that, let us consider the value of the Bengali language that is popular all over Bangladesh and in Barak Valley and Jharkhand in India. With reference to Jnanendra Mohan Das lexicon, the Bengali language has almost 1.5 lac words. However real numbers are significantly more than that.

Computers were invented to make our work easier, effective, and faster. Similarly, many digital services are provided these days to help us in conducting our day-to-day tasks smoothly. As a matter of fact, no one can be specialized in all the languages. To cope with this fact, the software is designed to help you work as a skilled person. No matter what profession you belong to, the Bangla word is going to help you out. If you are a content writer, designer, blogger, or WordPress explorer and deal with the Bengali language but do not know how to write it.  Enjoy Bangla word free download and boost your work efficiency. The basic purpose of Bangla Word software is to facilitate you in your task related to your profession.

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If you are here to enjoy the Bangla Word download for free on your windows, or Bangla word download for PC, this write-up is particularly for you! Useful information related to Bangla word free download for windows 7 32 bit is provided. You can enjoy Bangla word free download for windows 10. Besides providing the go-to version of the software, your related concerns related to the installation and operation are also addressed satisfactorily.

About Bangla Word Software

Bangla Word App version 1.9.0.exe is an approximately 5 MB app that requires around about 50 MB space on your device. To accommodate this app, the RAM of your system must be 128 MB or more with 50 MB hard disk space. If you are wondering if it would match your operating system or not, consider it works in Windows 7, 8, 10, and XP. It is compatible with an Intel Pentium processor. These are the minimum requirements, if you want better work efficiency you can get a better operating system.

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Why Bangla Word App?

If you have got some task like writing content in the Bengali language, and you do not know how to do it, Bangla word typing software has got your back. It is a smart app that processes words through which you can cover Bengali documents. You can also use the feature of Bangla word to PDF. The game revolves around the vowels and consonants that are termed swarabarnas and banjanbarnos in Bengali. If the candidate knows about dealing with fonts, spacing, and conjunctions – well and good. Otherwise, the rest of the affiliated tasks are performed by the software while typing. Bangla word is readable on Android phones too.

  • Compatible with 200+ Bengali fonts
  • Phonetic base features
  • Fast conversion between the languages
  • Supports Bangla Web pages
  • Optimizes text in many ways
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The presence of a QWERTY keyboard allows you to type in English while the text will automatically appear in Bengali, is it not amazing? One thing that deserves your attention here is, many people get befooled with some kinds of fraudulent software that do nothing but just translate the text into another language. Well, this is not the case with Bangla Word software. With this software, you are going to enjoy a modest typing experience with faster commands and operation makes the work worthwhile.

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Bangla Word Software Installation (Step by Step Guide)

If you are looking forward to installing Bangla word software on your device in almost all types of windows with both 32 and 64 bit. This process is quite easy just like installing any other software. The latest version of this software is Bangla Word v1-9.0 free download here!

  1. Download the Bangla app file on your device and double-tap to open the file
  2. Accept the license agreement and click “next”
  3. Place your file in the desired destination folder and click “next”
  4. Select “Bangla word”, click “finish” and here you go!

Now you can type English and automatically get it translated into the Bengali language without any hurdles and continue your work faster and with great efficiency. You can get Bengali fonts in word and you can also achieve Bangla fonts with this software. Amar Bangla word, Amar Bangla keyboard and fonts, and Amar Bangla software are the most preferred ones on the internet. Regarding the choice of device, you can use mobile phones, iPods, iPhone, tablets, laptops, and PC for this purpose.

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Bonus Tips

  • A pro-tip that needs your attention here is, you can type the same Bengali documents on different devices too. If you use PC for Bangla word typing and you have to move to another place and now you are having your cell phone in hand. You can type the documents on the phone if these are saved on Google drive already. In this way, the workload gets divided and tasks become easier.
  • If you already have Bangla Word software installed and set up on your device and are wondering How would you convert Bangla documents from PDF format into Word files. Do not worry, the algorithm of Bangla word software is very strong as it recognizes symbols through its system programming so you can quickly convert Bengali documents simply after typing specific text.


Although the software is very simple, easy to operate, and has thousands of satisfied users with successful testimonials on its record, there are no options to make PDF files. Moreover, you do not get to have more fonts as well.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping in view the unlimited benefits of Bangla Word, it is not possible to deny its usability and user-friendly features. People who are looking for some helpful software to learn or type the Bengali language should go for it!

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