Tips to sell more on Amazon
April 1, 2021

Ecommerce platforms are a great place for selling your products and technology has made it a lot easier. By utilizing these platforms you can boost your product’s reach and customer base. When it comes to top eCommerce platforms, few names get the most preference including Amazon.

This eCommerce giant is growing with every passing day and has evolved as a robust destination for the sellers. The number of sellers is increasing with every passing day and making Amazon the largest eCommerce platform on this whole blue planet. Studies have shown that third-party sellers account for more than 55% of Amazon’s market and you can be one of them too.

If you want to connect with Amazon and sell your products on Amazon then this post will help you a lot by doing the same. You have to come with best-selling strategies to get the most from this universal shopping destination. The tips featured below will help you a lot in making strategies and boosting sales through Amazon.

1.Create Authentic and Unique Product Detail

Amazon hosts hundreds of brands and millions of products and it’s possible that your product and brand may get overshadowed by the others. If you want to survive, you have to stand high among others and that could be only possible by creating an authentic and unique product detail.

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The details must match your potential customer’s search and the more detailed and authentic your product details will be the more chances of getting matched with the buyer’s search. Here are a few basic details and specs you must put on your product’s features.

  • ·      Product title
  • ·      Item price (offer included)
  • ·      Item quality and content
  • ·      Brand details
  • ·      Shipping charges
  • ·      Guarantee/warranty terms
  • ·      Fulfillment options
  • ·      Using instructions, expiry dates, return policies, etc

2.Make it Search Friendly

This eCommerce giant sells 12 million+ products every day and your product could be part of these sales if it’s more search-friendly. Buyers will hit the search button in a hunt for the best compatible product with the best price and it will be a complete disaster if your items don’t appear on the search feed.

You must look for best the best tips and strategies to rank your products higher on Amazon search. Higher rank will ensure more visibility and sales of your commodities. Here are few tips to rank your products higher;

  • ·      Put best product details will every vital spec possible
  • ·      Positive customer reviews (ensure the best quality of your products to get best reviews)
  • ·      Include perfect sized and quality product image
  • ·      Competitive price
  • ·      Perfect order percentage

3.Competitive Price

Competitive pricing matters and it matters a lot. A bulk of online buyers sets the price filter and look for lower price rates. I am not asking you to sell your products below the actual value and make a loss, rather make small profits unless you establish your item as a brand and get into the good books of your buyers.

Amazon comes with a match-low price feature that can help you set the lowest possible price for your items and get visible on price filters. Make efforts to be relevant in Amazon’s search feed no matter if it’s for the products or the price.

4.Build your Brand

Ask yourself a question that why and will a buyer purchase any item of a particular brand from you whom he/she can buy from anywhere else?

The answer would be certainly no and that’s why you must focus on building your brand. Your products will get more value and importance if they have a brand name and that will make a huge difference.

5.Follow the Selling Rules

Violating the selling rules of Amazon can be truly fatal for your business and brand. Amazon takes the rules seriously and you may get suspended or penalized for violating those rules and regulations. This eCommerce giant looks strictly to the conversion rates and registered trademarks to make the platform more customers friendly.

Amazon comes with easy and clear selling policies which are easily understandable compared to other online shopping stores. You just have to log in to your seller account to read the guidelines and policies. Follow those rules and save your brand from any kind of infringement.

6.Move to FBA

FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon which makes it possible for the sellers to ship their products/merchandise to the Amazon warehouse in advance. Under this program, Amazon also ships your arrived products once get sold. In short, we can say that Amazon took all the responsibility including customer service, return, delivery, returns, etc under the FBA program.

Using this service you will get access to a lot of time and will be available for most of the other tasks. FBA service also makes your products available for Amazon prime customers ensuring more sales, better customer service, and fast delivery. Though you will have to pay the fees, it’s totally worth it as it offers a lot of great features.

7.Work on Product Image

The first impression is the last and the same applies to your Amazon products.

A poor-quality image of your product will definitely ruin the chances of its sale and that’s not going to help you anyhow. Customers will evaluate your product according to the given images and description you must make a great effort to improve the first impression by uploading high-quality and relevant images.

Make sure to add more than one image and if possible also add a small video of your product. Doing this will make your buyers assume that you are a professional seller and is really serious about customers.

8.Own Buy Box

Buy box can seriously boost your sales but owning one can be a lot difficult. If you don’t know much about a buy box then let me explain you in simple words. A buy box is a dedicated section on your product’s detail page where a buyer can proceed to shop by adding the products directly to their cart.

Sellers with buy boxes achieve more sales compared to the ones who don’t have any. The buy boxes are gifted by Amazon and winning one isn’t easy enough. Few factors decide your winning chances and they as follows;

  • ·      Low price
  • ·      Fulfillment options
  • ·      Positive reviews
  • ·      Inventory availability
  • ·      Seller ratings

9.Reduce Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can seriously dent your brand’s image and affect sales. Make great efforts to curb those negative feedbacks and avoid account suspension. You simply can’t delete those reviews, you will have to talk directly to the customers and also apologize for the discomfort.

Ask them the cause of their feedback, explain your situation and try to sort out the problem. Doing this will simply build a better seller and buyer relationship and will help you gain positive feedback in the future.

10.Amazon SEO

Rank is everything when it comes to online business and you must take great care of it. Make your product and brand more capable to appear in the search feeds. Don’t be a part of the crowd, make effort to stand high and that could be possible only by appearing on search results. Doing best SEO practices will help you get more visibility on Amazon resulting in more sales and profit.

Bottom Line:

Taking your business online will help you open the doors of unlimited opportunities. Amazon could be that destination and collaborating with this eCommerce giant will be the best decision of your life. Make sure to proceed with the best strategies and tips to get the most of this platform.

Amazon is helping millions of brands and individuals to create their own identity and had provided access to the largest customer base. It’s a better and larger ground to play your business battles and making good scores easily.

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