November 18, 2022

TikTok is a well-liked social networking platform for sharing short videos, and its users are particularly fond of posting humorous lip-syncing clips. Over 200 million people worldwide use the platform every month on iOS and Android, with a large majority being teens.


The platform’s popularity and usage have skyrocketed, making TikTok advertising the most lucrative alternative for launching new product lines. Since its inception, there has been a radical shift in the video content uploaded.


If you need some ideas, keep reading; we’ve compiled a rundown of the top 2022 TikTok trends for you. But first, let us start with the basics.


What Constitutes A TikTok Trend?


Sound, hashtag, dance, or a challenge can all constitute a trend on TikTok. You can start a trend just by altering your post. When a video or theme becomes popular on TikTok, users will “hop on” the trend by making their versions of the video or theme.


Popular 2021 TikTok content included whipped coffee and a simple skincare routine, while the popularity of Witchtok (20 billion views) and ArtTikTok (TikTokArt) rose sharply (11 billion views).


Is it true that business TikTok trends differ from creative TikTok trends? In a nutshell, no. Any app user can copy any trend, and many firms and entrepreneurs succeed by doing so.

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The Most Popular TikTok Trends In 2022:


1. TikTok trends Around Current Events


TikTok’s first category of trends is “hot themes.” In other words, these tendencies are derived from the most talked about events of the moment. Reenactments of The Weeknd’s halftime show at the Super Bowl began flooding social media the day after the big game. Many films depicting the severe weather that hit Texas this winter went viral.


You can use a trending topic in your TikTok marketing if it relates to your company’s core beliefs and principles. On the day of the Inauguration, for instance, many people wrote about how excited they were to witness the first female and non-white vice presidents take office. It would be easy for your business to take advantage of this trending subject by providing commentary on it, especially if your mission is to empower women or your target market consists primarily of women.


2. Use Popular Dance Choreography


Many of the most successful creators on TikTok are professional dancers, as this genre has become synonymous with the platform.


You don’t have to be a pro to pull off the ideal choreography when it comes to popular dances, though. TikTok dances are often quick and simple, making them accessible to beginners with minimal effort. In not so many words, you have a lot of opportunities to put your twist on it, like dancing like a lunatic while dressed as a giant teddy bear.

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To see what dances are popular, just go through the app or use the hashtags #dancechallenge, #dancetrend, or #trendingdance to search.


If you discover a song that makes you want to dance, tapping on the music will show you other versions of the dance, and you may even come across a tutorial.


3. Behind-The-Scenes Content


The saying “It’s about the journey, not the goal” is given fresh meaning by the content seen on TikTok. Users of the video-sharing app TikTok are interested in the creative process that led to the final product. Popular examples of such content are “A day in my life,” “What I like to eat in a day,” and “Get ready with me” videos. Such videos are lighthearted, positive, and motivational. They must, however, be humanised.


What opportunities does this movement present for your company? In order to make your behind-the-scenes video, have a team member take over your TikTok account. Videos showing the people behind the brand, such as the social media manager, university ambassador, or head chef, can help personalise your presence online. Creators or members of your community who have used your items can work with you to produce a video to promote your brand.

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If you want to make a behind-the-scenes movie for TikTok but are limited by the app’s duration, you’ll need to speed up certain parts. Enhance the quality of your production by adding voice-over narration, subtitles, and music to link together and complement distinct footage.


4. Workout Videos


Workout videos, like dance instructions, have exploded in popularity because of the proliferation of social media. Many people model their fitness routines after those of their favourite social media stars.


Sharing details of your exercise routine can win you new fans even if you don’t work in the fitness sector.


5. Cooking Demonstrations


Videos of your home cooking can be shared on TikTok if that’s something you enjoy doing. It’s not easy, but you can squeeze a whole culinary film into a few seconds.


Avoid using commentary and make the videos fast-paced and self-explanatory, much like you would with a tutorial.


Even if you’re not a chef, you may still share your meals online by filming them and posting them for the world to see.


6. Live Videos


You can broadcast live videos to your followers on TikTok. As a means of connecting with your audience in real-time, live videos are a great addition to any content strategy.

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Although TikTok live videos aren’t quite as widespread as those on Instagram or Facebook, there’s a lot of opportunity.


7. Glow-ups


TikTok “glow-ups” are essential “before” and “after” comparisons. Many content makers provide a few embarrassing images or films of themselves as a teenager, followed by an up-to-date video. (Typically, one in which they appear assured and magnificent.)


Regarding the wait-for-it aspect, videos like these on TikTok shine since viewers are likely to watch to the very end.


Final Thoughts!


Do not believe the myth that you may only try a TikTok trend once and never again. Your video may not be successful at first, but you can always try again. Generate alternative options and different iterations. If someone tries a trend ten times, maybe one of them will catch on.


In most cases, trend videos fail because their creators either missed the boat, failed to put their own unique twist on things, or did a poor job overall. Some fashions call for seamless changes, or the expert application of an effect, if necessary.


Is it recommended to remove your failed viral video? Definitely not. There are claims that the algorithm doesn’t like it when you erase videos. That would be the same as telling TikTok that you have no faith in your videos. If that’s the case, you probably shouldn’t delete videos lest your account be flagged as unhealthy.

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Finally, keep in mind that you can skip any trend that appears on the Discover page if you so want. Pick concepts that excite you, fit in with your brand’s values, and provide inspiration. Only approximately 10% of your overall content should focus on trends. You should use the rest of your TikTok videos to provide value and establish your credibility.


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