May 28, 2021

Affiliate marketing is a process to grow business differently. When you promote a product of other companies, you get the commission when a buyer buys it. The commission is a reward to the salesperson, and you are that salesperson as you are helping this company sell a product. The benefit of affiliate marketing is that you can do it for multiple companies and get commissions.

A usual salesperson can only sell products just for one specific company and not any other than that, but in affiliate marketing, it is different. Getting commissions from different companies can benefit you on a large scale.

The methods of affiliate marketing

The company’s merchant will provide an affiliate with a specific link, and every affiliate will have a different one. It is for tracking which affiliate was responsible for the sale. When a person clicks the link, it will open a small file that is a cookie that downloads in the person who clicks the link. So this affiliate cookie does two things:

  1. It assists the merchant in aspect the sale back to the correct people
  2. It has an expiration date, so you will get your commission on time if the customers delay the payment. The cookie has a 24-hour duration, so if a buyer is buying something, later on, you will get a commission on it again even if you did not promote it
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How much can you earn through affiliate marketing?

If you want to know that how much you can earn from affiliate marketing, the answer is that there is no limit to affiliate marketing. It all will depend on your efforts and your niche that you choose to promote the product. The most successful makeup to six or eight figures a month. It is impossible to earn an immense amount without efforts.

To become successful, you have to work that hard to reach the goal you are setting for yourself. You can look up to the other successful affiliate marketers working hard and making their way towards success. Other people’s success stories let you know how much time and effort you have to give to work to gain success in it.


How to begin affiliate marketing

Step 1: plan the platform

You can make a structure to start your affiliate marketing, and you can start it with Instagram. It has become a trendy platform to promote business. But it will be easy for you if you begin affiliate marketing from blogging and YouTube channel. Today you can easily create a blog as it is easy to make and cheap also.

You can take ideas for blogging through many social media platforms or watch videos that have a lesson for beginners who want to write a blog or take help of cheap assignment to write your blogs and other content. As soon as you have set up your site, you can optimize it for the search engines. It is important to get better places in the ranking, and after this, you can easily add the links that your merchant provides you. On YouTube, you can make perfect content and add the affiliate link in the description.

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Step 2: Select your niche

In affiliate marketing, there is a lot of competition, and it is evident as there are so much fantastic blog and video content that people are creating. So to cope up with the challenges that you may face, you have to plan and select a specific topic. It can be anything that relates to the product that you are promoting.

You can take an example of a topic about food, and now if you choose food as your heading, then there are so many similar headings. So you have to focus and choose something unique for the topic which relates to the word food. You have to make it unique and stand out from the crowd, something that catches attention and ranks up in the search engine. The audience should have their focus on it so that they visit your content.


Step 3: search for affiliate programs to join them

There are three types of affiliate programs, among which you have to select one to join. Here are the three types of the affiliate program:

  1. The higher paying and low volume affiliate plan

It is the affiliate program that is for the niche products that have the higher payments. So if there are higher commissions for you, there will be more challenges that you will face. There are so many affiliate marketers who have excellent skills, which can become a big challenge for you.

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  1. The low paying and high volume affiliate plan

These programs are where the payouts of the products are low, but the appeal for it will be higher. The positive thing about these programs is that they offer massive amounts of products, so it is perfect. The other benefit is that you will get the commission for the whole value of the purchase by a customer rather than the only product that you were promoting. For these kinds of programs, you will need a considerable amount of traffic.


  1. Higher paying and high volume plan

These programs have higher commissions and also great appeal for products. One of its examples is credit. But there is also a disadvantage as it is a higher paying commission program. Some people have expertise in it and use spam to get their commissions, so it will be hard to compete with them.


Step 4: make fantastic content and attract traffic towards your affiliate website

The content you will make to promote the product and place your link should be attractive. People should feel the urge to read your content, so it must be catchy enough to drive traffic. So there are steps that can help you drive traffic: paid traffic, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and an email list that lets you communicate with the readers.

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Step 5: avail clicks on your affiliate links

To make people click on the link in your content, you need to make sure about something. Not every reader needs to click the link, so there are tactics to make them do it.

Link placement should be in a position that the reader has the attention towards it. The second thing is the context should be appropriate, and the last one that the callouts are necessary. You are successful when your clicks convert into your sales.


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