March 14, 2021

In this modern era, marketing has gone fully digital, anyone can accrue a lot of profit with just a laptop, reliable internet, and some content or any random online marketing skill. One of the ways people make money from the comfort of their home is through Aliexpress Affiliate marketing.

The Aliexpress Affiliate program is a good source of passive income, the reason for this; is that the Aliexpress brand has a very strong Global customer base. In all the continents of our planet, the Aliexpress eCommerce platform logistics in place for delivering products to customers. You can tap into this gold mine, by creating an income funnel that lands you some bucks by just referring people to buy products from the Aliexpress eCommerce platform.

This should not be difficult as Aliexpress has a lot of brand trust, so you can leverage this factor, and market products and make. The best way to make money with the Aliexpress Affiliate program is to create content that is related to what you want to refer your customers to buy. There are also, other viable strategies that can be deployed in a bid to earn money from the Aliexpress affiliate program. Is the excitement building up already?

Without much mouthing, we would be giving you the best tips for individuals that want to kickstart Aliexpress Affiliate marketing.

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What are the Working Principles of the Aliexpress Affiliate Program?

The Aliexpress affiliate program is a program that is maintained by one of the most popular eCommerce stores in the world; One fascinating thing about Aliexpress is that it is not just an online store, but also an online market. It is an online market that accommodates thousands of sellers of different products.

With the Aliexpress affiliate program, you can choose any product or niche related to your industry, and advertise them with your referral link. When your potential customers click on your referral link and make a purchase, a commission for the aliexpress product would be given to you. This aliexpress product commission is usually a percentage of the original price of the product.

An aliexpress affiliate marketer can earn from 3% to 50% from any product sold via their affiliate links.

What Does an Aspiring Aliexpress Affiliate Marketer Need in Place before starting?

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at what any aspiring aliexpress affiliate marketer needs to put in place before he/she delves into marketing proper.

What applies to an aspiring aliexpress marketer with a lot of capital would not apply to one without much capital.  Most marketers that want to speed things up, look for trendy products and promote them with their own capital to get a good ROI (Return of Investment). This marketers also use native advertsing or contextual advertising( example; Google adwords, facebook advertising, etc) to push their affiliate products to potential customers.

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However, other aspiring marketers follow the conventional approach for affiliate marketing- “Content creation”.

Creating content and writing product reviews, round-ups and buyer guide can give an affiliate marketer traffic from search engines. From here on, the affiliate marketer would optimize his/her site to convert visitors into leads.

Creating good content for affiliate products is not an easy practice. However, is better than having an advertisement budget set anytime you want to sell your product. Creating content can be a long-term plan for getting visitors and making money as an affiliate marketer.

Here are some things that Aliexepress Wanna-be Affiliate Marketers should Put in place before starting off.

#1. A Platform that Brings in Leads

In marketing, profitability is dependent on the convertibility of leads in a sales process. If leads cannot be converted, then your affiliate sales scheme would be in vain. Industry practice in affiliate marketing entails that marketers set up a platform that would help the leads to move further down the sales pipeline.

It would be important to note that this strategy works using the Referal mode of earning in Aliexpress Affiliate marketing.

There are two approaches that can bring a lot of profit, and they are: Mobile Applications (Andriod and iOS) and Niche blogging.

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 Using NICHE BLOGGING as a Platform for Bringing in Customers for Aliexpress affiliate Products

Bear in mind that the blogging style that we are recommending is not general nice (generic blogging). We are reviewing the use of Micro Niche Blogging to get traffic that would bring home leads for your aliexpress affiliate products.

With Niche blogging, you can get specific products that are related to a niche and create content about them. For example you can research the best health products that can be found on Then, you create long-form content, as this would rank on search engines after some time. For instance, if you are ranking for “best supplements for body builders”, you can include affiliate marketing media that would sales “protein powder”, or any other type of supplement that body builders use.

All you need is to indulge in the best SEO practices and get your micro niche blog to the top of search engine results. You should also make sure that you are ranking for keywords that are “buy-incentivizing”.

Using Mobile Applications as a Platform for Bringing in Customers for Aliexpress affiliate Products

Desktop applications and desktop became so out of place that most brands decided to start using Progressive Web apps, to keep up with the shift of interest from desktop to mobile devices.

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The majority of people possess some handy smartphone and prefer an android or iOS experience to some website. You can take advantage of this trend and create a mobile app that can be used for affiliates. Kindly note that you do not need to be tech-savvy before creating an android app for your aliexpress affiliate marketing scheme. You can hire developers from LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, or any other job board that you trust.

Before creating a smartphone app, you should be sure to rehearse the best App ideas that would suit your affiliate marketing scheme. Endeavor to create an app that suits the products that you want to sell, then insert your affiliate banners in your app.

How do you monetize your app to sell Aliexpress affiliate products?

 Inserting affiliate banners in apps can sometimes require developers to change the code base of your app all the time. Not to worry, you can resolve this in the early stages when you are creating the app.

The best practice is to get developers that can create a CMS(content management system) for your app. So that you would have a dashboard for making real-time updates to your app. If the developers do not want to start a new project on creating a  CMS, there are also sweet alternatives to check out.

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If developers are using a react native stack for developing, they can use any available third-party CMS for android apps. If peradventure they are developing with flutter, they can use Butter CMS or any other suitable mobile app CMS out there.

 What kind of Apps Should you Create for Affiliate marketing?

 Iterating on the app creation ideas for aliexpress affiliate marketing , it is best to build online apps that would bring users back to the app everyday. Building an offline app is a big NO-NO!

You need a socially engaging app that makes visitors log in daily. One can create a content app like the “medium app”. Here, users would log in every day to binge on short and long-form articles, and periodically get your affiliate product offers. You can also opt for an app that takes the form of a forum. As an example, you can build a sports app that is forum-like. Their users can log in daily and share their thoughts on sport-related matters. In light of affiliate marketing, you already have your CMS in place and can use push notifications in the app to promote sport wears, shoes, and other sales schemes.

It is important to note that it does not end at creating an android app with the incentive to drive sales off app users. You need to perform Google Play store optimization so that your app would rank. There are other budget-free ways of making your app have more downloads.

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 #1. An Advertising Campaign

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be helping wanna-be aliexpress affiliates with everything they need to know about running advertisement campaigns. Without further ado, let us delve in.

An affiliate marketer can choose to indulge in any of the listed advertising approaches;

  • Contextual Advertising

  • Using landing pages

  • Advertising on Social media

 #2. Contextual Advertising

This is one of the most popular forms of advertisement out there. One typical example of contextual advertising is “Google Adsense”.  In a bid to succeed with a contextual advertising campaign for aliexpress affiliate marketing, you should follow the best practices. Following the best practices would ensure that you do not end up wasting your Contextual advertising budget.

In Google contextual advertising, Google bots are used to automatically used to serve ads that are relevant to users. For instance, if you are running a health niche blog, AdSense would serve ads that are in context with what the blog is about. So, if you spend on advertising on Google, Google would publish your ads to sites that have content that is related to the aliexpress affiliate products that you want to sell.

#3. Using Landing Pages

A landing page is basically a one-page site that is used to promote a particular product, in which case, is an aliexpress affiliate product. To succeed with getting sales conversion in your affiliate marketing, you landing page needs to be optimized.

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One way of doing this is by optimizing the call-to-action pages on your site.

#4. Advertising on Social Media

Another strategy that you can deploy is to boost your aliexpress sales is social media advertisement. You can make conversions by redirecting referral traffic to your site or blog. Another way is by just directly selling your products on social media with paid ads.

How do Aliexpress Affiliates Make Payments?

Payments are made to affiliates on a bi-monthly basis. The time it takes to actually process a payment to an aliexpress affiliate is within 50-70 days. 


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