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March 22, 2021

Want to make your SEO campaigns extremely result-driven? Insights are all you need. Here we are sharing some of the important methods that you have to follow for making efficient use of estimators in SEO.

Estimated website traffic data is obtainable in plenty of free as well as paid tools. Ranking from Google analytics platforms to generalized website tools such as Alexa or SimilarWeb and on to advertisement intelligence tools, these come with variants of backgrounds and different accuracy levels.

alexa - Proven Methods to Efficiently Use Website Traffic Estimators in SEO

If you are not familiar with all this stuff, then it is highly recommended for you to go for International SEO Services.

Other than that, there are some tools built for distinct purposes, such as SEO and PPC. These are packed up with product suites like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Spyfu, KeywordSpy, and many more.

It is necessary to understand that so many of these tools are utilizing educated methodologies to evaluate traffic and aren’t personal to real traffic statistics. There are going to be over and undervalued figures that mustn’t be considered as 100% truth.

However, it doesn’t mean that these tools are of no value. There are immense possibilities to go ahead just top-line business and to use trending and analyzing data. You just have to be careful with the opponents and websites that you have been using for comparison.

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Check out these ways to use website traffic estimator tools in your SEO campaigns and other sort of digital marketing strategies.

How to Use Website Traffic Estimators in SEO?


It offers a lot of distinct stats covering total traffic, channel traffic, traffic by device, and even extensive details into secondary metrics from other website traffic tools. This data is proven to be extremely valuable for bench-marking. By doing comparisons of your website traffic against opponents or the website you strive to meet up with, you might find ranges of differentiation where you can build growth objectives.  Google Analytics has a bench-marking report that is underutilized. It permits related industry adoption and segmentation for analysis and covers your original statistics with the competitors that are also in the industry.

Defining the Best Channel Mix:

It allows you to learn a lot about the audience you have been intending to target by studying competitors and other websites in the same industry or considered leadership areas. There is a need for the right mix of the competitor websites you characterize first and authenticate that they have been intending to target the same audience. This will make it easier for you to choose the digital marketing channels and overall mix that works best for you. With the SEO services offered by the professionals, it will become easier for you to determine the best channel mix.

Content Subjects and Formats:

Choosing the right channel mix is one of the best ways to determine your content requirements and what investments you are going to put in them. Other than that looking at competitors is an excellent way to know what content topics you should talk about. If you are using the traffic estimator tools for analysis of competitors, you will find growth opportunities and define what the supreme mix for the target audience might seem like in the prospect. You can make use of tools such as SEMrush and SimilarWeb (or mixtures of others) to draw a map of where exactly where you are, who is your competition, and where you want to lead.

Keyword Intelligence:

Search marketers already make use of various tools that incorporate website traffic evaluation functionality. Standalone keyword research tools, SEO and PPC series of tools, and also the more extensive website traffic tools incorporate data about the keyword.

ahrefs - Proven Methods to Efficiently Use Website Traffic Estimators in SEO

Analyze the best keywords and long-tail keywords your competitors are using in search and connect that with their highest traffic pages. You can hire Search Engine Optimization Company to make efficient use of keyword intelligence.

Research for Building Links:

Traffic estimation tools can be one optimum source that you can use for doing link research. There is just a need for great effort to conduct link research for building links. When you have searched through the link research your SEO tools can offer, widen out to the observer and more common tools. They could cast light on some unique and diverse possibilities.

Concluding Thoughts:

These are some ways in which you can make efficient use of website traffic estimators in SEO. If you need professional assistance for maintaining the SEO of your website then here is the perfect solution for you.

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