November 27, 2022

Promotion of business in social networks requires a systematic approach. You need to develop an SMM-strategy, to analyze the current situation, identify business goals and ways to achieve them. This will help your social media marketing company, experts will prompt at once what to pay attention to and point out your shortcomings, it will save a lot of time and money for you.


What do social networks give to business?

  • Brand recognition – through the growth of coverage, likes, reposts and mentions, the company becomes more popular and attracts more customers.
  • Feedback – public interaction with customers is a very important part of any brand promotion. Particular attention should be paid to handling negative comments.
  • Increased website traffic – links to an information resource or online store in social networks increase traffic, increase the number of leads and conversions, sales of goods and services.
  • Better understanding of the target audience – analysis of subscribers and most active members of groups allows you to better understand the portrait of the company’s customers, as well as their needs and requests.
  • Involvement of employees – social networks can be used not only to attract customers, they also help to build the image of an employer in demand and convey to job seekers the mission and values of the company.
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Promotion Stages

Stage 1: Choosing the social network

When choosing a social network for business, it is important to think in advance about the implementation of targeted advertising on it. Recently, not all online platforms have the ability to promote through targeting.


To begin with, we need to understand which social networks for business and its promotion to choose, which of them will work as sources of new customers for the business and which will not.

Step 2: Choosing a strategy

Every social network has a huge number of channels to attract customers. Dozens of ways.


And before we choose the right one for you, you need to determine what the strategy and promotion of the business in social networks will be. So the first question is not how to lead, but where. Either we will attract people to the community, or directly to the site.


If we attract people to the group, then we plan to warm them up first through a series of touches, and only then move them into a purchase. If we draw them to the site right away, then we’re planning for the customer to make a purchase in the moment.

Stage 3: Creating a social networking group

Next, creating a community. I’m going to skip the technical aspects now, you won’t be interested in them. Based on your product/service and competitor analysis, you and I developed the positioning and created the group. The creation implied:

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Developing a name for the group. So that it was appealing, selling and in case it was well indexed for seo-marketing;

Description, contacts, links;

Design. That is, social networks for business are branded in a single corporate style of the company.

Stage 4: Maintaining the group

Since we have already conducted the analysis, we talked to you and discussed what and when we will post. You need to prepare a content plan for the month. Usually it’s two posts per day. But if we suddenly decide to add one more social network, I want to warn you at once, that ideally the posts on different sites should practically not overlap.

Step 5: Attracting customers

In order to use the advertising potential of social networks for the benefit of your company, it is not enough to simply advertise your products/services on well-known sites. You need to engage people and increase your organic reach with the right content.



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