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July 1, 2021

Many people want to work in Canada but it is very necessary to know some facts about the place you want to work in. It is a big challenge while working in a new country, you have to adjust to the new work culture. Some people try to communicate more directly with their co-workers. In some workplaces, it is very usual to ask about the personal lives of coworkers but not seems good at other workplaces. In Canada, the working time is 40 hours in a week but in a different work culture that may be basically, you have to adjust and settle in that country with adjusting in the workplace also. Depositphotos 15656821 l 2015 1 1 Work in Canada - Facts You Need To Know

Canadian workplaces have a more casual culture than other workplaces. Coworkers like to use the first names of the person they are conversing to. You can socialize with coworkers after work hours. Employees have permission to wear jeans at some workplaces. If you want to work in Canada, you must have all the required legal documents to get citizenship or a work permit. This can be obtained after or before reaching Canada. If you are migrating to Canada for work. It is a good idea to gain an employment offer before moving to Canada. There are some facts you must have to know before moving there for work

1. Weather

Unless you are living on the coast of British Columbia or in the southern region of Ontario, you will get to experience chilly cold weather, snow-filled winters along hot summers. 

If you belong to a country with a warm climate then the cold winters of Canada will definitely bother you. It is very tough to stay under -25°C chilled cold. but not a big matter to worry about. You have to be prepared with warm clothing and lots of confidence.

2. Diversity

Immigrants used to receive a warm welcome from Canadians. Multiculturalism is the most important part of Canadian life and it is central to national policy. Around 40 Members sitting in the Parliament house belong to other nationalities. You will meet people here with several languages, religions, and cultures. You have no need to leave your culture or values while living in Canada. That is why you can adjust to the Canadian environment successfully and have the golden opportunity to achieve your goals.

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3. Tipping

You may notice that people working in the service and hospitality field earn enough wages that are why tipping may not be required in some countries but in Canada tipping is necessary. 

Workers in bars and restaurants earn minimum wages, depending upon the province, which is approximately $10 per hour. Some provinces have even lower wages around $8 per hour. They expect tips from customers to compensate. The tip should be around 15% of the total bill or 20% for high-quality attentive service or a dollar per drink.

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4. The job hunt

If you are looking and applying for a job in Canada could be a long process and it will take a longer time than you expect as you need to create connections in the new environment and months can pass to find a job so you have to make a plan to ensure you will get a job after reaching Canada. You should prepare for some aspects while coming to Canada:

  1. You should have enough financial sources that you can provide support for yourself for some months after reaching Canada. 
  2. Be prepared to do a temporary job for a short period but always focus on your further move to find a good job. 

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5. Cost of living

You have to choose the right place to live and work because it may surprise you when you know the general cost of living in the city you have selected before moving. It will be surprising for you to know rent or transportation is very expensive in that city you have selected to live in. Toronto and Vancouver are downtown areas and they are comparatively more expensive. Montreal, has a low value of property and rent is also pocket-friendly but the salary is also low in this city.

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6. Smoking

Smoking is illegal in public places of Canada like restaurants, offices and hospitals and other employment places. It is also prohibited in common areas of residential buildings and rental apartments. You can smoke in your living space or in your vehicle only.

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7. Healthcare

The healthcare system of Canada is world-famous as all the health care facilities are free and most services are provided by private sectors. A health card is provided by the Provincial Ministry of Health to those who apply for this program and all the people get the same level of treatment and care. Healthcare business are boomed in the market abroadDepositphotos 388411754 l 2015 Work in Canada - Facts You Need To Know

Permanent residents of Canada can get the provincial cover, but in some provinces, people will have to wait for months to get their provincial coverage. Private healthcare insurance is also in Canada. Temporary residents like working holiday visa holders and visitors will need to have a privacy policy during their stay in Canada.

8. Driving licenses

Driving licenses are very necessary for Canada. Licenses are provided by the provinces, only not by the federal government and all provinces have their own conditions of the testing process. Various countries have some particular agreements with the provinces around the world. You must check the rules necessary to follow for international licence-holders in the province or territory you have chosen to live in and make sure you collect all the necessary documents before moving to Canada. 

9. Taxation

Taxation is imposed at various levels under the decentralized federal system in Canada. The federal government along with provincial governments collect the income tax. Taxation depends upon your terms of employment, you can get a refund back at the end of the year.

10. Workplace Rules

There are some written official rules in the working place of Canada like the contracts and policies and also some unwritten rules about how you should behave with the other employees working along with you. 

The written rules of your working place are you have to go through the contract and you will sign that contract while getting that job. You must have knowledge of your legal rights which are mentioned by the law of Canada for the workplace environment. All the workers have the right to get fair treatment without any discrimination regarding race, gender and cultural background etc. 

All kinds of workers covered under this law have moved to Canada along with domestic workers. The laws to get the right treatment at the workplace have been mentioned specifically to offer benefits to all workers. If any worker faces any kind of discrimination or misbehave. You can complain at the workplace website established by the Canadian government. 

It is a tedious task to give a description of unwritten rules. Must be aware that maintaining personal space with your coworkers is around 2 feet radius which nobody wants to breach in Canada. Can Shake hands when greeting each other but hugs or touching are not allowed at the workplace. 

You must mind your sitting posture which shows your openness. You must avoid cross arms or stoop postures. Have to make direct eye contact while speaking to someone else which shows that you are listening to them attentively when indicating your interest in what the other person is speaking. You have to give a greeting to your coworker while crossing them.

11. Time

Punctuality is very important in the workplaces of Canada. Meetings started according to plans without being a minute late. You have to reach there 10 to 15 minutes before the actual meeting is supposed to start. If you cannot be on time due to other engagements or meetings then you have to be sure that you have been informed of your schedule to your employer and apologize for not attending the meeting.

Depositphotos 13200066 l 2015 Work in Canada - Facts You Need To Know

You cannot leave your workplace early before getting permission. It is compulsory for all the employees to be at the workplace till the working hours are over. You can take a short break for coffee or a small conversation is allowed in the Canadian workplace but not at the cost of ignoring work. You should avoid disturbing your work over casual talk. 

12. Hierarchy

Canada has a clear top-down model for its workplaces. Supervisors have to guide and provide directions to the workers who are under their supervision. The collective environment is necessary but all employees do not have the right to make decisions. If you are looking for a solution to your problem then you will have to approach the Authorized person. You will always be required to inform your supervisor and follow their directions and work according to their instructions.

The whole facts which is mention above are true by studying various websites and by check all the facts and news about immigration to Canada we came to know that Immig Toronto is the best Canadian immigration consultancy and it also doing there work fine by seeing the reviews on websites.

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