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August 20, 2021

Do you have a gut feeling that someone muted you on this platform called Instagram, or if you want to know if someone has muted you on Instagram? So, if you are looking for these answers you are here at the right place.

For suppose someone has muted your posts this will leave a very negative effect on your engagement rates. Because they will not be able to see your posts in their feed. Also, they can’t like your posts and for that, they have to visit your profile.

Now you need to find if they have muted for you to take action accordingly. At last so if your common followers are not very interactive with your posts you also should not like theirs. Here, you will learn about three different ways that you can adopt so that you will get to know who muted you on Instagram and why.

How would you know they have muted you? 

Now, here so many things would cross your mind. And you want to ask many questions from your followers, but you have to wait till you get the true results from them. Here you will conduct a series of steps to find out who tried to mute you or even muted you on Instagram.

They will not watch your stories; you can’t see if they are online or what all of these little details indicate that they have muted you on Instagram. But one should not jump to the conclusion, you just wait and observe their behaviour for a few days only then you can make a decision.  

Or you can check who viewed your story on Instagram.

We can’t assure you a perfect way of knowing this but there are certain ways you can follow to check up. Because Instagram will not notice if someone has muted you or not. And following this way you would get a whole idea about how you can make things work out between you and your ghost followers.

If you want to learn about the ways how to mute someone on Instagram DMs (Direct Messages) and Stories. Then this guide is definitely for you.

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How you will get to know that someone has muted you on Instagram

Does Instagram notify you when they mute you?

As I have said earlier Instagram will not notify you if someone has muted you on Instagram so you should adopt a few tricks and tips for knowing that. As I told you earlier, if people mute your stories, this will negatively impact your profile rate.

So, it becomes important for you to know who muted you so that you can take actions about that and all of these actions would matter a lot in your following.

First method 

The first method was adding them to your close friend list. This method works great if you would like to find out who muted your story or If you are just overthinking it.  For using this method you should have a close friend list already. Else you will have to delete all the people from your list for this kind.

To make it work you will have to add very selective people to the list, especially those you would like to know if they have muted you on Instagram or what.

  • The next step would be posting your story on the close friend list. For this wait a couple of hours and then check for their views in the story.
  • So, if they don’t have seen the story there are great chances they have muted you. 
  • So, if they don’t view your story it doesn’t mean they have muted you on Instagram.
  • Many times people don’t watch your stories as much as others.
  •  for you to watch their Instagram view on the story you have should post many stories for keeping track.

This way it will amplify the chances of that person viewing your story if they haven’t muted you.

This might be complex so here you can see this complete guide on how you do it.

  • Adding those people to your close friends’ list.
  • Posting a story to close friends. 
  • Now check if they have seen your story.
  • You have to repeat that procedure two times to amplify the chances of viewing the story. 

Now, as if you have rewind the process, let’s say about twice a week even after that if that person is not viewing your story there is a chance they have muted your Instagram story.

This method is specially used for finding if they have muted your posts or what. So, even after that, you haven’t known that you can go back to the very first method. Here comes the third party app that will give you visibility if you have these weird kinds of ghost followers, the followers that don’t interact with your posts. There might be great chances that your inactive followers have muted your story 

The very general idea is finding followers that don’t interact much with the posts.

follow you back and are not much active can mute you sometimes to be more specific. Also, these followers can leave a bad impact on your activity as according to the Instagram algorithm if you have a lot of followers but only a few of them are active this may make them believe that you have gained these followers through some unethical ways or maybe you have bought these followers and this kind of thing is not good for your growth.


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In this article, we have explained almost all the possible reasons why and how someone can mute you on Instagram. also. what are the main steps one should take so that they can avoid such situations in the future many times in such cases, you get infuriated and frustrated and then you just want to bang all of such things that would play a great role in your Instagram’s algorithm. and about different things that one should take care of despite all the possibilities you have to take some serious actions.


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