Embed Instagram Posts on HTML websites
May 14, 2021

Are you searching for the best tool to embed Instagram posts on your HTML website? Here you are some popular, trusted, and highly used tools to embed Instagram posts on your website. 

As Instagram has become a prominent channel for brands and businesses to promote their product and services. It is emerging as one of the best tools to get user-generated and creative content ideas to place on the website. 

They find it a little difficult for HTML website owners to get the perfect embedding tool that solves embedding issues. Still, with the right tool, you will collect and display Instagram content on your website. 

If you are searching for the Instagram embedding tool, you will find hundreds of tools available on the internet, and it might confuse you on which one to choose from. 

It is an overwhelming process to check what available bonus is available with every tool. If you plan to do so, you might spend the whole day researching and remaining still confused. 

To solve this problem, we have created this blog with the best, and most brands trusted Instagram Posts embedding tool. With the functionality to add Instagram Content easily on HTML websites. 

Before starting, let’s learn why you should embed Instagram on your website? Is it beneficial for your website? 

Why Should One Embed Instagram Posts On Websites?

Instagram is the most popular social media platform among millennials and Gen Z worldwide, with more than 800 million active users daily. 

It is easy to use, attractive, and connects its users with the people living in the different corners of the world together. 

The reach of Instagram is also faster than any other social media platform. Like raising interest in users to share their views, opinions, content, creativity, and work with millions of people for free. 

Hence, seeing such engagement of the audience on Instagram and their craze to boost social life by sharing enormous amounts of content daily. Instagram has become a platform for websites to utilize the user-generated content by applying it on their website. 

As user-generated content is natural, depicts a real picture, and is not created for promotional purposes. It will help boost the authenticity of the content of your website and build a trustworthy relationship with your audience. 

More than that, Instagram Posts on your website will increase users’ engagement with the vibrant content on your website. With that, there are many more benefits of using Instagram Posts after embedding them on your website. 

3 Best Tools To Embed Instagram On HTML Website

#1 Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget for Instagram

Taggbox Widget has served as one of the best tools to embed any kind of social media posts from different channels on a website for the past five years. It is the most trusted tool among brands and marketers to perform their social media aggregation and integration tasks to enhance their marketing campaign with user-generated content. 

It is a comprehensive tool with multiple features and a CMS platform to easily embed social media content on any website building platform. 

Taggbox assists you in the collection, curation, customization, and embedding of Instagram posts on your website with a single line code. Once you create an Instagram feed, you will have multiple CMS platform options like WordPress, HTML, Shopify, Wix, etc. Select the HTML and copy the embed code provided on the pop-up screen. Lastly, you need to paste the embed code inside your HTML website code and save the changes. Hence, live beautifully designed Instagram Posts on your website is embedded. 

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#2 Tagembed

Tagembed 300x155 - Best Tools To Embed Instagram Posts On HTML Website

Like the Taggbox Widget, Tagembed also allows you to create, curate, and customize Instagram posts effortlessly. You will get multiple themes, layout designs, and several other customization options to design your Instagram posts into attractive and fascinating content. 

When you click on the Embed Widget button located on the editor’s page of the Tagembed, you will see an HTML option. Select, and it takes you to the screen where you will get an embed code option. Copy the code and paste it on your HTML website backend. With a single click, you will easily design and embed Instagram posts on your website.  

#3 Powr.io

Embed Instagram Posts

Powr is another tool to effortlessly embed Instagram posts on your website. It will provide you a platform where you can collect Instagram posts directly from Instagram. It can be your business account, personal, or even from the profiles of other Instagram users. 

You need to register with this tool, and you will get several options to collect and embed Instagram posts on your website. 

It provides HTML code-friendly functionality, which means you can easily integrate Instagram posts on your website.   

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That’s it. With the help of these three tools, you can embed vibrant Instagram posts on your website simply and easily. 

And why not. Anyone will add Instagram posts to their website when it is free, creative, and instantly grabs users’ attention on the website. 

So without delay, start embedding Instagram posts on your website.


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