April 21, 2021

When a business is growing, it is important to invest the available funds in the right things. A growing business needs to sustain the upward trend. Any wrong investment or misuse of funds will flatten the curve or worse start a downtrend. That is why a growing business should opt for a virtual office space.

What is a virtual office space?

A virtual office space allows a business to maintain a physical presence in a reputed location without having to pay rent. Most of the expenses of maintaining a physical business address do not come with a virtual office space. You will still have a professional business address where you can receive mail and hold the occasional meetings. At the same time, you and your employees can work from anywhere you want.

Different virtual offices provide different benefits. Here are the common amenities you can expect to receive with a virtual office space:

·       Professional business postal address

The biggest names in today’s market started in garages and basements. While there is nothing wrong if you are working from your home. An address in a well-reputed business district will go miles for your growing business. It will make your business look legit and professional. You will attract more clients when you are more professional than your competitors. Customers and clients will not be attracted to a business whose address is in a residential area. Also, potential investors who are interested in your business will be dissuaded if you provide them the address of your garage or basement.

·       Administrative staff

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The address you will be provided exists as a business center. There will be fully trained administrative staff that will handle clients and business associates that enquire for you. Full-time receptionists are usually present on site that will help arrange meetings for you. The staff will also handle posts and mails for you. You can hire virtual assistants easily to help you grow your business even more.

·       Meeting rooms

As we said, an investor will not be impressed if you show them your garage or basement. Virtual office spaces have fully decked meeting rooms that you can use whenever you need them. So, you can impress your potential investor by inviting him to meet you at your business address in the heart of a reputed business center. You can also use the meeting rooms to meet your clients and other business associates should they want to meet with you face to face. And the best thing is that they only charge for these meeting rooms when you use them. So, your money will not be wasted on something you do not use.

·       Postal scanning service

As the virtual address will be your business postal address, all your mail and posts will be sent there. The administrative staff there will scan all your posts and email them over to you. You can collect the mails there yourself or have them delivered to you, if you prefer, they are not opened by someone else. If you like to stay on top of things, you can have them scanned and emailed to you the moment they are received at the address.

·       Voicemail service

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If you are running a business from your home, you may not have the ability to attend phone calls 24/7. Also, having personal landlines are uncommon nowadays. Even if you do have one, you would be resistant to give out your personal numbers for business purposes, which will be public for everyone. A real business landline number will make your business seem even more professional.

Why should growing businesses choose virtual office spaces?

Here is some reason why growing businesses should choose virtual offices now:

·       Affordability

Traditional office spaces some with a big list of capital expenditure for businesses. You need to pay for the lease, furniture, and equipment upfront when getting started. Then comes the maintenance cost that takes a big chunk of your earnings every month. On the other hand, a virtual office space frees up all these capitals that you can use to enhance your product and service.

·       Flexibility

As virtual office spaces allow both employers and employees to work remotely. It is beneficial for both parties. Employers can hire talents from anywhere in the world. While employees can work from anywhere in the world. Remote working also helps reduce absenteeism and unpunctuality. Since you are not commuting to work, you do not need to be worried about being stuck in traffic and wasting half your day. Also, since you are not stuck in a limited space, you can hire more helping hands without having to worry about accommodating them.

·       Free from uncertainty

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The economic situation during the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that costly fixed assets are a big risk. Especially for small and medium businesses that cannot survive such a blow. When businesses were forced to let go a certain percentage of their workforce. They found their offices empty and underutilized. These empty offices were producing overheads with no returns. Companies that owned their own spaces could not sell or rent their unused space because no one would buy or lease them. Virtual office spaces provide none of these uncertainties. Plus, it is easy to move in and out of virtual spaces. You can control and manage your entire virtual office with single-click software. And whenever you feel like the virtual office is not providing any recognizable return, you can unsubscribe from their services just as easily.

Bottom Line

Whenever you find yourself choosing an office for your business, ask yourself a simple question. Is the cost you are paying for the office worth the benefits you are receiving in return. If the answer is no, then you need to select a different office. And since the cost of virtual office spaces is so low, they are almost always worth it. Still, consider the things we discussed here and see if your growing business will benefit from those amenities. It is very easy to set up a virtual office space, so go for it.


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