June 25, 2021

Whether you are a writer or running a website based on travel destinations, blog writing is a crucial part. After all, the array of your amazing experiences and tons of information need to be addressed. Writing a blog is a great way to provide pathways to your travel business. All the well-known firms hire people for writing informative and engaging blog posts. Because they know people love reading their wandering stories. 

So whether you own a travel company or a travel agent working from home, you need to create engaging blog posts for your website. It allows you to gather travel enthusiasts to your firm. It’s a productive way to generate money as well. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the tips on how to write engaging blogs on this vast niche.

Tips to Write Catchy Travel Blogs to Boost Your Reach



Many writers kick start their blogs for travel business by compiling their experiences into a journal first. You can give your blog, the shape of a journal by sharing your stories. Voyage to the serene places makes us a storyteller and we have a lot to tell about that specific destination. So why not represent it in a journal form? Acquire a structure in writing your blog. 

For example giving numbers to the days of your holidays is a great idea. Or you can be destination-specific. Outline your holiday as Day 1 at the resort, Day 2 at the Beach, etc. This way, you are creating a tempting outline for enthusiasts and future wanderers.

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Select a Niche

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A blog requires a travel niche. It’s understood! But what if we become more specific here? This will saturate your work and gather targeted audience to your blog. The niche-centric idea is addressed by several famous bloggers. You might be wondering how to be more specific in a travel niche. Well, tourism is a huge ground. Once you get it, you’ll find hundred ways to be specific. 

Write about anything you like. That could be food ventures, hacks, about hotels and accommodations, featuring the natural beauty of a place, etc. Writing on a specific niche provides you a unique writing style like of nobody else.

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Do Prior Research

Research and writing are not separated on the travel blog. Your content automatically acquires uniqueness if it is well researched and well-drawn. Be it the title of your blog, keywords placement, or informative content regarding your topic, everything requires smart research. Research about the top ranking bloggers and observe their writing styles. Checking on your competitors is a key to remain steady and up to date. This way, you also won’t miss out on the trends and new patterns relevant to your industry.

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Reach the Targeted Audience 

Start networking after taking the initial steps. Collect interesting content and innovative ideas by connecting with other bloggers and social media bodies. You can approach sponsors and journalists and introduce yourself. Connecting with inflel uencers and sponsors gives you a high pitch. Then there is guest posting website which you can adapt to introduce your blogs on various platforms. Other bloggers may also provide you some useful blogging tips.

On the other hand, social media platforms are a great tool for content marketing. These tips would help you get the targeted audience right to your homepage.


Write Engaging Blog posts

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Your content is based on the idea of engaging the readers. Whether you engage them through pieces of information, images, quotations, or any other sources, it’s the objective. Take a reader-friendly tone while writing a travel blog. So that your readers would find your content, an interesting read! Here are some hacks for this:


  • Write as if you are speaking to somebody. Add humor, comment, tell your perspective, share your observations, you can put anything you like. The more friendly you go, the more readers you gather.
  • Add high-quality images or videos to your blog. Visual presentation creates a huge impression. It’s better to click your own images while traveling to a destination. This not only makes your blog appealing but also helps you tell a story that is different from the rest.
  • During your vacations, talk to the locals. Take short interviews of the natives. This way, you’ll create a direct link between the destination and travel enthusiasts. Sponsors, bloggers, and influencers also find the interviews pretty interesting and unique.


Successful blog writers are consistent in their work i.e. writing engaging blog posts. Their prime purpose is to educate and provide relevant information. If you do not wander around frequently, you can still write good blog posts through research. However, sharing your personnel experiences in your very own way makes you stand out. Grab the attention of professionals to your blogs by adopting the aforementioned tips. You never know, this might lead you to fulfill your future traveling dreams and endeavors!


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