March 16, 2022

There is so much that students have to do even after closing their education app. Homeworks, assignments, upcoming exams, presentations, all of this simply cannot be done in a day. This is why students need multiple self-study sessions so that they can understand themselves better, not only in academic terms but also for boosting their interests.


You are not alone in this, out of 160 hours in a week, every student tries to utilize a maximum of it in studying and making the best out of their study sessions. In this blog, you can get to know about the various methods using which you can pursue your academic as well as personal interests, live life effectively in all aspects, and excel in every field!


Competition and its effects


The life of a student is extremely competitive, from the moment they join a class they start to compare their work, attitude, and answering capacities with classmates. As a student, it might affect your performance and productivity level especially when you are having self-study sessions.


With no bindings to control you when you can stop working and when you get the time to think about other things, your mind might often wander off to what your friends might be doing at this point. Are they studying? Are they playing a game? If they are playing something and you can see them online, they must have already finished with their self-study sessions, and you still have a lot to go! All these things that you overthink will stress you out more, not allowing you to productively make progress in your study session.

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To help you overcome multiple similar problems that you face while having self-study time, here are some proven tips for increased productivity;


  • Introduce variety in your way of learning

The present times call for technology power devices, including the education app you have in current use. Made the best out of these, use all the features that you can, and mix it up a little.


Did you know that making notes with different colored pens makes you remember things better? It is because you don’t have a mental perception of the answers, but also a physical one where when a familiar question comes in the exam, the answer just floats in front of your eyes as if you’re reading it out.


  • Have multiple subjects listed

It has been noticed that students cannot focus on one particular subject at a time, and continue with productive studying throughout the day. When you study the same subject every day for even a week, you feel monotonous and the effectiveness of it does not improve.


For example, if you have a math examination next week, do not try to leave aside every other social sciences and arts subject that you have in your subject list, simply to practice math all day every day in the present week. Try to pick at least two subjects a day, and did he Kate lesser time to the subject of lesser importance, that is what bothers you the most.

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The combination of diverse subjects makes your mood much better and motivates you every day because instead of going to sleep thinking that you have practiced math sufficiently, you know that you have revised another subject too so you have progressed at least a little instead of studying nothing at all. Try to combine subjects of the same group, if you are doing maths you can put in an art subject if you find those easier, or study physics and maths together simply because they are closely related. Especially when your professors teach online, you have a lot of time to spare and you can apply this rule with more than two subjects for maximized efficiency.


  • No more multitasking;

When you try to do more than a few things at once, you land up messing it all up! Trying to juggle too many subjects at once makes you less productive, have a self-study session that focuses on one thing at a time. Give the chronological order as per the priority of the subjects that try.

Most importantly, ritual notifications of if you are trying to study on your mobile phone or any other device. You might think that having an interesting conversation with your friend and studying will be easier but you absorb lesser information this way.

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