January 17, 2022

Have you ever browsed through your Instagram feed and immediately recognised a post’s style and vibe without knowing who created it? If you responded, you’re already familiar with the concept of Instagram branding.


Brand recognition and the building of a company’s digital presence are both aided by visual branding. Instagram is the best platform to use. With Instagram’s undeniable value for companies, it should already be a component of your social media marketing strategy. When it comes to building a unified digital brand presence, Instagram should be at the top of your list!


We’ll look at what branding is and what it can achieve for your company in our Instagram branding primer. Plus, we’ll discuss how to improve your Instagram branding as soon as possible!



What Is Instagram Branding and Why Is It Important?


All of the elements that make your company and its goods clearly recognised to the general public are referred to as branding. This is purely visual since Instagram is mainly a photo and video sharing platform. As a consequence, Instagram branding revolves around how your posts and content seem.


Your Instagram brand picture may tell your customers and other users all they need to know about your business simply by looking at it. It’s a communication style in which “what you see is what you get.”

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As a result, your visual branding should sell your business, express your values and brand identity, and increase engagement.


Remember, you’re up against millions of other Instagram profiles, so you’ll want to capture viewers’ attention right away!


3 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Branding The Fundamentals of Social Media

When you create a new social media account, the platforms will invite you to fill out introductory information such as your username, profile, bio, and image, among other things. They may seem to be pointless in the grand scheme of things, but don’t discount them.


Don’t simply slap on any old logo and a haphazard bio. Because your Instagram homepage is your profile, spend as long as possible on it. Treat it like a mini-website that consumers may visit to learn more about you. You want to utilize your profile to offer people the correct impression of your company.


Make sure your firm location,handle, name, logo,   and bio are all the same across all platforms.You may also be creative with your story highlight covers and titles, as long as they reflect your company’s tone and ethos.


1.  Determine Your Brand’s Personality

Of course, this takes us to your company’s tone and mood.

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You must choose what you want your branding to say about your company and to whom you want it to communicate.


As a result, you must identify your branding objectives and target audience. Other vital components of your social media identity, such as your values, tone, voice, feel, and personality, will be filled in and directed as a result of this.


2.  Create a Brand’s Aesthetic

Overall, the traits listed above — values, tone, voice, feel, and personality – combine to form your brand aesthetic.


Consider your brand in the context of a person. When you first encounter someone, the way they seem gives you an impression of who they are. That view could alter once they chat. And the more you see of someone, the more you discover about their character.


You begin to identify a certain hue with them as their favourite colour if they constantly wear it. Even if you can’t see them, you can tell they’re talking because they have a particular accent or prefer to repeat key terms.


Color, language, typefaces, text, pictures, and other design components are all used in a similar way. Consider what sort of person your brand is and how you should portray them.

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When it comes to dressing up your brand, consider the following factors:


Fonts are a typeface that is used to (size, color, type)

Style of colour photography and videography

Language is one of the most important aspects of (formal, informal, casual, etc)

Feelings (trendy, boho, vintage, curated, improvised, retro, etc)

Make Your Branding More Consistent

You must ensure that your team adheres to the aforementioned brand visual characteristics after you’ve made your decision.


You should make a social media style guide of some type. Your brand colours, typefaces, feed style, picture style, caption templates or samples, and application instructions should all be included in this user-friendly handbook.


Your Instagram branding guide should be able to be used by anybody on your team to generate consistent content across all platforms.


Consistency is simpler to establish when content is accessible. As a result, make sure that your style guide gives all necessary team members access to updated logos, colour palettes, click here for more social media memes and other content pieces.


3.  Maintain Consistency

On social media, consistency is essential. It raises brand awareness and improves social media marketing and branding. There are a few things you can do to ensure consistency:

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Post on a frequent basis to ensure that consumers connect with and grow acquainted with your business! click here to buy Instagram followers

You must also interact with the material of other users on a regular basis. This may be accomplished through posting user-generated material on your feed or stories, as well as commenting on and enjoying your audience’s posts.

Finally, keep your content’s appearance consistent. As you provide a consistent picture to your followers and audience, this is the climax of your Instagram branding efforts.




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