How to become a Become a PPC Specialist
March 24, 2021

PPC specialists are in higher demand than ever before. The need for a more hands-on-deck rise as online advertising sales continue to climb and more advertising dollars are thrown into the ring. In short, companies need PPC specialists who can confidently create and execute online ad campaigns in order to boost revenue and earnings.

You’ll want to know what to expect if you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the PPC tub. These are the qualities you’ll need to succeed as a PPC specialist if you’re about to go all in.

But first, let’s take a look at what PPC is and why it’s been such a common marketing channel.

What is PPC?

PPC is a form of online advertisement that lets you get more visitors to your website. The network or website hosting your advertisements charges you a fee each time a user clicks on your ad. As a result, the word “pay-per-click” was coined.

Since PPC helps you to purchase visits to your website, it normally operates better than organically obtaining such visits. Paid advertising is an all-around appealing choice for companies because it is a fast way to raise brand awareness, create leads, and maximize conversions. If you pay $2 anytime someone clicks on your ad and the click results in a $200 order, you’ve made a good profit. It’s easy to see why companies want to partner with PPC experts.

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PPC Specialists Need These Skills:

1. Statistics Skills

If you’re going to work with paying ads, you’ll need to be able to analyze the data that comes with it. Impressions, views, click-through rates (CTRs), conversions, and other metrics will be exclusive to each ad you run. As a PPC marketer, you must be able to interpret these statistics quickly and use the information to make decisions on your advertising.

If one of your ads has a higher click-through rate than another, you might be tempted to replace the one with the lower CTR. If, on the other hand, the low-CTR ad has a better conversion rate, you’ll need to be able to adapt that experience to figure out what is and isn’t working.

2. Ad Copy-writing Flexibility

If you want to succeed in PPC, you must get viewers to click on your ads. This means you should be comfortable writing calls to action and ready to change them if they don’t succeed. Knowing how to deal with keywords, engage with your audience. Ensure the ad aligns with the landing page are all important aspects of developing ad copywriting skills (more on that later).

3. AdWords Experience

Without a doubt, Google AdWords is the most widely used online advertising tool on the web. If you wish to serve as a PPC expert, you must be familiar with AdWords.

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You’ll need to know how to pick the right keywords, how Google decides when to present your ad, how to post bids, and how to set up and handle campaigns and ad groups to become proficient in this tool.

4. Landing Page Expert

The landing page that a visitor arrives at after clicking on your ad is almost as critical as the ad itself. Simply put, the content of your landing page should be a natural extension of your ad copy. It’s important not only for your own marketing objectives, but it can also affect how often your advertisements are seen.

5. Design Skills

The advertisements would need graphic assets regardless of the PPC advertisement channel you choose (AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). That’s why it’s critical that you consider each platform’s design specifications and which software will help you make the right graphics. After all, a graphic designer can not always be available, so you’ll want to be able to rely on your own abilities!

6. eCommerce Expertise

Since online advertisements and eCommerce are literally designed for each other, knowing how to refine the PPC activities for retail is important. Knowing which sites are better for you (for example, Google Merchant Center vs. Amazon Advertising) and how to monitor your advertisements are two places where you can concentrate your efforts.

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7. Visitor Journey Awareness

If you don’t consider your visitors’ habits, you won’t be able to produce advertisements to get them to click. Consider if your advertisements are meant to boost brand interest, create leads, or maximize conversions, and customize the advertising to achieve those objectives.

Paid ads are a fast-paced world where you must be nimble and effective to stay ahead of the curve. Marketers who wish to specialize in PPC should concentrate on honing these skills as the basis for a fruitful career in online advertising.

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