November 16, 2021

With how fast things are going around, it is a common occurrence for many people to forget things. Chances are you might’ve already overlooked and forgotten something already. For example, you might’ve locked yourself out of your car. This situation is more common than you think. Many people face the ‘locked out of my car situation, and the experience is certainly not a pleasant one.

Whenever you are in a ‘locked my keys in the car’ situation, panic immediately starts building up as you have to look for ways to get back in your vehicle. The first thing to do in such a situation is to look for an auto locksmith. At Dr. Auto Locksmith, we can help you out with all the car lockout situations. We have an expert team of auto locksmiths who can help you solve all your car key-related issues, no matter which brand of car you own.

There are so many benefits you can get when you hire our car lockout services. Here are some reasons you should consider calling us when you are in a ‘locked my keys in the car’ situation.

  • Locksmiths are an immediate solution to the problem

One of the key advantages of hiring our locksmith is that they are an immediate answer to getting locked out of your car. It is because they are trained for the scenario and will come prepared.

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Locksmiths are trained with opening locks, and that’s not only limited to padlocks. We have personnel trained in fixing this exact scenario and have the necessary tools and equipment on hand. The fact that they have access to these makes them the go-to solution if you have ever gotten locked out of your car


  • Locksmiths are Available 24/7 and are Always Ready


While our locksmiths, like most regular jobs, have a daily work schedule and time, a large majority of them are available 24/7. Additionally, our locksmiths are also a part of emergency services you can get connected to as you can lock yourself from your car anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, you can be in a ‘locked out of my car’ situation,  a remote area. Regardless of the situation, our locksmiths are perfectly capable of getting to you.

  • Locksmiths can prevent you from damaging your car any further


If you think you can try some DIY methods to get back into your car, odds are you might accidentally cause some damages, which can worsen the scenario. You will be lucky if the damage is in the form of minor car and window scratches that could easily be polished and washed off. However, if you have tried out the more invasive methods or tried to tamper with your car locks by an attempt to pick it, it is most likely that you might’ve damaged your car locks, making it look like you have permanently locked yourself out of your car.

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In any given scenario, you would want to avoid this exact scene playing out. The best way to avoid this is by hiring our car lockout services. And is the exact reason why you should consider hiring us over trying out unconventional methods. It is far riskier to try to unlock your car when you have no real clue or training to do so. It will end up wasting your time and cause you to lose more money than you would spend hiring our car lockout services.


  • Locksmiths are Fast and Efficient with their Jobs

When you think of locksmiths doing their jobs, you would assume that it will take some time as the work involves dealing with precision and timing. While this is true, it is not entirely the case as our professionally trained locksmiths are perfectly capable of opening a car in around 5 minutes or less. For the more complex ones, it can take longer but not as much as 15 minutes.


Please consider the amount of time it takes to open a car with professional help versus you doing it by yourself. You will immediately realize how much more efficient and better it is to hire our locksmith in comparison. You can save much more time with our expert locksmith helping you in contrast with doing it through trial-and-error.

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  • Locksmiths can provide additional services

Another benefit of hiring our locksmith is the additional service we can offer you during or after the job is done. For starters, our locksmiths can provide key duplication and replacement services which can help you in the future as an option you can take if you might’ve accidentally locked yourself out.


In the worst-case scenario, where our locksmiths wouldn’t be able to open your car because they need additional tools found in our office, we can also offer or contact a towing service to help you. Remember that even if it never happened to you, you cannot assume that it won’t happen at all.


Additionally, we can also help you if you have run out of fuel in some remote area or cannot start your car because of some technical issue. Finally, it is important to know that our locksmiths can offer other services if you hire them, because this way, you get to maximize the money you are spending.


  • Locksmiths can give you immediate Peace of Mind

The last reason you should consider hiring our locksmith is the peace of mind you get after successfully getting deployed to your location. It is because our locksmiths are professionals while also being a reliable service.

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This professionalism and reliability are enough to place your mind at ease, making it worth the money spent in hiring one. Additionally, you can feel relieved that your car wouldn’t be damaged or greatly affected while getting worked on by an expert locksmith because of these same reasons, which make them trustworthy.




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