custom packaging boxes
August 4, 2021

Custom packaging is a versatile packaging type that many businesses use all over the globe. These boxes have a wide variety. It is beneficial to understand that they can come in a great number of structures. Businesses can get them in a flat sheet structure and assemble them later at their facility. Some brands like to get them in preassembled form. It is possible due to the versatility cardboard materials have.

You will also find some of the packages manufactured with corrugated stock or Kraft paper. Their customizations have a great variety. Businesses can manufacture them with a die-cut window. This window may have a 3D form as well. Holders inside them help the brands to make a unique impact. You can easily print them with desired graphics according to your requirements. Modern printing technologies are useful in this matter.

Versatile, unique, and attractive is what we can say about the custom packaging. Businesses like to use various kinds of alterations to make them look more alluring. Many problems arise when a brand does not design them appropriately. If you are struggling as well, we can help you greatly. We are here with the top 7 tips to overcome those problems and make these packages useful in many ways.

custom packaging

Select appropriate size

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Many businesses make a huge mistake of choosing an inappropriate size for custom packaging boxes that you have to avoid. Selecting the right size can help you out in avoiding many problems that can arise due to this thing. A major problem that arises is the compromised security. If the packaging has larger than the required size, its walls will always have a chance to bend. In the case of smaller size, the product can be exposed to harm. You have to ensure there is a good amount of research before final selection. You can make the size appropriate if you analyze the product dimensions carefully. It will help you to overcome many problems that may arise due to this thing.

Trending design can help

You will find many brands complaining about the unattractive design of their packages, so you must choose a trending one. What can you do in this regard? Well, you have to research which design is trending in the market. We are talking about the graphical design and not the style of packaging. The graphics that are trending can help you grab the attention of the customers. This thing is not possible for many businesses that do not have amazing packaging designs. You can utilize the design that is trending in other industries but with the same target audience. It can help you to impress your target customers. Colors and artwork can attract customers in no time. So, ensure to have a popular design.

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Vinyl lamination for moisture resistance

Many products need safety from moisture, so you have to make these packages moisture resistant by using vinyl lamination. Many product manufacturers face this problem as these packages are not moisture resistant. But their products need proper safety against moisture or humid conditions. For this purpose, you have to use vinyl lamination on them. Do not worry as you can get a great variety in this kind of lamination as well? Matte lamination can help make your packages look premium. It is also interesting that these packages may have glossy lamination. A soft touch sheet is also there for your help. Choose the lamination that you need the most.

Suitable sealing of the packaging

Airtight sealing in the custom packaging boxes is what you have to look for. It is vital for the safety of the products inside. Many businesses need to protect their products from many other harmful elements. It is an interesting way to save the product inside. You can choose a lid style that does not let even the air pass through. You can also use the same sealing in the case of sleeve packaging. For this purpose, you have to ask your packaging supplier about this thing. Choose the one that can provide you this option. It may cost you more, but it is worth paying that additional money due to safety reasons.

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Pick the catchy shape

A catchy shape is essential for your packaging as it can make a great impact on the customers. Many businesses face the problem that their packaging generally looks conventional. That will not be the case when you have the appropriate shape of these packages. It is helpful to make the packaging look more unique and attractive. Use this trick when you are bored with the old shape of your packages. Pyramidal shape is pretty popular. The same is the case with the pillow box shape. The hexagonal shape is also a trending shape for these packages. You can design a unique shape for your special products as well. These things are amazing to fascinate the customers.

Avoid unnecessary add-ons

Avoiding unnecessary add-ons is what you have to do when we talk about the custom packaging boxes. Many companies struggle due to the high cost of some of these packages. It is generally elevated due to the additional elements that some of them add inside these packages. Ignore to have packaging peanuts when you do not need them. Foam is not a choice when you do not have a high-tech product. Avoid holder and dividers in most cases. It can help you to get them at an economical price. So, it is a major solution for businesses with a limited budget.

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Quality materials are inevitable

Many businesses that have a limited budget reduce packaging quality, but you have to focus on quality materials. You can avoid many other additional unnecessary features. Including quality materials is the solution to many problems like safety and attraction. You have to choose the rigid cardboard stock in this matter. Printing quality should be high as well. Then comes the concern about the cost. You can order them in bulk quantity.

It is helpful to make them at an economical price yet of a high standard. It is a good cause why this trick is here to help you make them to an appropriate standard. The availability of custom packaging is huge, but many brands cannot choose suitable ones. It requires some vital guidelines to make them more attractive. Some of them also struggle in different areas. However, these tips are the best guidelines to help you overcome different problems.


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