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August 9, 2021

Of all the factors driving SEO towards the right direction, keywords tend to stand out. There won’t be much to fuss about when the keyword factor is not adequately understood.


Entrepreneurs must understand the importance of using powerful keywords and arranging them accordingly. SEO business may become more involving especially for anyone trying it out for the first time.


Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs only put more weight on the quality of products and services rather than maintaining a fair balance.


Here are tips on how Etsy SEO helps you rank better.

  • Work On Your Keywords

Your choice and structure of keywords may either make or break your Etsy SEO business. Finding all the right keywords to use might prove to be a challenge at first, primarily because of the hefty research you’ll have to do.


You can start by finding out how Etsy works regarding keyword listings and how your shop stands to benefit. Once you’re clear on this, move on to finding out the most prevalent keywords among users.


Be sure to keep the most relevant words at the beginning of the title rather than the tail end. Etsy is sensitive when it comes to helping shoppers find what they are looking for.


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To make the whole process of hunting for a suitable keyword easier, put yourself in the shoppers’ shoes. The word that comes to mind first when looking for a particular item to buy makes it to your choice of keyword preferences.


Conducting SEO on Etsy may not be as complicated after all. You only have to stick to the keyword rules and come up with the most enticing ones. Most importantly, use your keywords sparingly to create an air of mystery and creativity for potential clients.

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  • Use a Catchy Title


Online shoppers are normally very keen and curious depending on the heading of their products of choice reads. Avoid extremely long titles and tags that may leave potential buyers disinterested.


When coming up with a page title to represent your page on Etsy, mind the criteria you use. Etsy will only allow you to use a specific number of words to describe your tagline. Make the most of it by including the kind of products and services your business offers.


Including your name in your business title makes it easier for your customers to locate you. This works most especially if you’ve been using other significant platforms to market your products and services.


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Try to be as unique as possible since there’s an excellent possibility of sharing names with other businesses without knowing. This is a somewhat flexible venture as it allows you to make changes in case of any unwanted similarities.


Pay attention to the requirements imposed by most search engines. One of them is that you should be brief but use only texts and keywords that matter. 

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  • Upload Quality Photos

As mentioned earlier, it helps to put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. They are generally drawn to quality photos that speak the mind of the seller. What’s more, pictures make it easier for buyers to determine whether to push through with the sale or look elsewhere.


Ensure you’re using an excellent image capturing device as you pay attention to the lights too. Make your image the center of focus and eliminate others that might get more undue attention.


Check different angles and capture them so your buyer knows what they are about to sign up for. Never exceed the limit of photos requested by Etsy since the buyers might lose interest by swiping through too many images.


Use attractive captions under your delectable photos, so your customers become informed of the items in question. Make the captions informative as well as captivating and exciting.


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Collect as many reviews as they also have significant roles to play in your client’s decision-making process. Online shopping is beneficial just as it’s risky. For this and other reasons, shoppers rely heavily on reviews and ratings from previous clients.


Ask each of your clients to leave honest reviews after every sale they make to get the reviews. In case of negative feedback, follow it up and make all the necessary improvements. These factors will help your customers appreciate the photos you load and move to the next cause of action.


  • Consider Shipping Offers 

Potential and current online clients are usually drawn to offers that are worth their while. For instance, offering to ship their items to their location at affordable costs might be a great start.

However, this movement calls for utmost wisdom since both parties should gain rather than lose. 


Introduce a shipping policy that will allow your customers to enjoy either free shipping services or at a discount.


Have them spend a certain amount of money on your products and reward them with incredible shipping offers. Your decisions must be based on your profit margin; otherwise, your business might crumble before it stands on its own.


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Mind the price tags you place on your items as they may either attract or repel clients. Use shipping incentives as determining factors before arriving at your conclusion on the pricing.


Free shipping costs should only be applicable when the items total up to a specific amount. This will cover other expenditures and not leave you broke in the process. What’s more, meeting these requirements helps the business to grow exponentially.


Shop around for other ways in which your shipping offers can be of maximum benefit to both your business and your esteemed clients. Be flexible in your searches and let go of unnecessary pressure.

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  • Include Variety

SEO is an increasingly popular method when venturing into online networking. Variety is a factor that helps in boosting your SEO goals significantly. Gauge the market and see what the most favorable and popular items and products could be.


Include related items into your main hustle and monitor the progress that follows. Thanks to multiple online platforms and sources, finding this kind of information has become simpler.

Having a wide variety for your clients to choose from increases your SEO Etsy shop in leaps and bounds.

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All the points listed above apply to both long-time entrepreneurs and beginners. They never grow old and require all participants to always be on their toes. Besides, the new age keeps evolving as ideas crop up from every corner of the globe.


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It’s up to passionate SEO Etsy entrepreneurs to be aggressive and make the most of every opportunity and resource. Keeping an open mind is essential for one to grow their business and maintain sanity at the same time.

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