October 26, 2021

With the digital space taking the world by storm, web developers have gained much popularity over the years. Their ability to provide companies with optimized websites to conduct their business is sought-after, due to the recent norm of having smooth-functioning online platforms for every company.

With a projected growth of 13% from 2020 to 2030, web developers are saturating the job market along with its steady increase in job opportunities. While such opportunities are in abundance, the effort on your end must be constant to make it up the career ladder.

In such a cramped environment, you will have to stay on par with industry standards to ensure that your resume for junior web developer is shortlist-worthy. We have compiled some tips for you to start developing your junior web developer resume!

Professional Experience

Contrary to writing paragraphs upon paragraphs explaining your work functions, the current industry standard prefers trimmed down easily readable versions.

Here is what you can do to achieve that:

  • Phrase your work functions in concise one-liners that start with power verbs to give your sentences a facelift
  • Maintain a cause-effect relationship in all of your work functions so that it gives your recruiter a more solid understanding of your calibre
  • Group similar points and highlight important information to draw your recruiter’s attention to your main achievements at your previous employers
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Make sure that you list your experiences in reverse chronological order and refrain from adding irrelevant information to your resume.


As a junior web developer, the easiest way to show your developing skills is by adding certifications. The more advanced certifications you have, the higher your chances of getting high-profile jobs.

You can enter your certifications in a bulleted list by following the format:

Certifications | Certifying Authority | Dates

If you have 3-4 certifications already, try not to add less relevant certifications to make better use of the white space on your resume. If you have advanced certifications of a particular skill, you can avoid adding beginner certifications.

Web Developing Skills

The skills section of your junior web developer resume should have a comprehensive compilation of your hard, soft, and technical skills. To cover all the bases, the best bet would be to split your skills section into Key Skills and Technical Skills.

Key Skills 

In this section, you can add all of your web development and other skills that are relevant to your job role. Some of these skills can be:

  • Webpage Development
  • Website Designing
  • Coding
  • Application Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Software Development

These are some of the skills that you can add on behalf of junior web developer experience. Aside from this, you can add work experience that aligns more with your previous experience, such as Customer Servicing.

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Technical Skills

All of the technical tools that you are acquainted with go in this section. From programming languages to frameworks, you can group it into categories for ease of reading.

Here is how you can add your technical skills to your junior web developer resume:

  • Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript, HTML
  • Framework: Django React, NET

Creating a separate section for your technical skills will ensure that employers take minimal time to understand your expertise, and assess your suitability for the job.

Resume Summary 

At the start of your junior web developer resume, you should provide a summary of your entire resume. Doing so will ensure that your recruiter can find an overview of your career history and gauge if you will be fit for the role.

While drafting your resume summary, make sure that you:

  • Start your sentences with power verbs instead of pronouns like I or We
  • Maintain a cause-effect relationship to provide background information
  • Mention crucial achievements or figures that are relevant to the position
  • Draft it concisely so that it falls under five lines

As it is the first piece of information in your junior web developer resume, make sure that you follow the industry standard of drafting it.

ATS Compatibility 

Most companies are moving on to efficient recruitment tools to help them reduce the time taken for the recruitment process and get deserving candidates. The traditional method takes a huge amount of time for recruiters to get through all of the applications, especially in the case of big companies.

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The Applicant Tracking System is a tool that screens the entire bulk of applicant resumes to identify the ones that fulfil the requirements of the company. Given below are the parameters that define the assessment of the ATS scanner:


One aspect of ensuring ATS compatibility is by making sure that you are following the industry standards of resume writing.

The ideal resume format for junior web developer resume is the reverse chronological resume format, wherein you provide your latest work experience and move backwards. Additionally, make sure that you are leaving enough white space on your resume and that your information is not too cramped.

JD Match 

To pass the ATS, you need to make sure that you include relevant keywords from the job description enlisted by the company. Integrate the keywords into your entire resume, like professional experience, summary, key skills, certifications, etc.

Ensure that you include details given in the requirements section to pass the ATS compatibility test. However, you need to keep a balance so that your resume is not spammy and cramped with keywords.

Key Takeaways

Junior web developer jobs are on an all-time high, which means that it is time for you to upgrade your junior web developer resume to ensure that your resume is shortlist-worthy. Here are some tips you can adopt while updating your resume:

  • Draft your professional experience section as a bulleted list of one-liners, with similar ones clubbed in groups to organize your resume
  • Mention relevant certifications in your junior web developer resume by following the format and adding them to a bulleted list
  • Split your web developing skills into two skills that focus on hard skills and technical tools respectively as they are equally important
  • While writing your resume summary, make sure that you draft it concisely and maintain a cause-effect relationship
  • Make sure that your resume is ATS compatible by adding relevant keywords from the job description and by following the right format
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With these tips, you can create a shortlist-worthy resume that will aid you in getting better opportunities and climb your career ladder!


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