Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Outdoor Shades - Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Outdoor Shades
September 18, 2021

One of the great things about outdoor shades is that they protect your house and improve its beauty. And when installed correctly, they will ensure that the shades area remains cool even on the hot summer days.

However, the installation process isn’t easy. There is a reason why people take help from professionals while installing their outdoor shades. Many homeowners don’t know the proper installation process. Hence, they end up making some common yet harmful mistakes for their outdoor shades. Improper installation will not only reduce the effectiveness but also the lifespan of outdoor shades. This is why the proper installation of outdoor shades is extremely important.

Here are the top 4 installation mistakes you should avoid for your outdoor shades. Without further introduction, let’s discuss the mistakes.

Taking Wrong Measurements

This is one of the most common mistakes most homeowners make. They become so excited that they forget to take appropriate measurements. While installing the outdoor shades, make sure you measure the area just like professionals. Not down the measurements in a paper in a proper manner so that the ordering, selection, and installation process can be done swiftly. Additionally, you also need to avoid the miscalculation of height and width. While you start taking measurements, start with the width and then make the height calculations. Additionally, the measurement should be done in inches while rounding off 1/8 inches.

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Misplacing the Measurements

Misplacing the measurements is another common mistake homeowners make. While measuring the height and width of the windows, it’s important to note down the measurements corresponding to particular windows. If you don’t want to forget which window you’ve measured, you can provide simple codes to each window. For example, if you’re measuring the windows of the bedroom, use code like BD1 for the first window, BD2 for the second window, and so on. Once you’re done measuring the windows with code, wrote them accordingly so that you can get the perfect information regarding the location.

Recording the Measurements Incorrectly

If you want to avoid mistakes while measuring and recording, make sure you take the help of another person. You can start measuring and others can read the measurements and write them down on a note. The second person should also need to develop a worksheet. Continue measuring and recording until you’re finished. After that, you can trade places with the person to measure another room. If you notice any differences, consider rechecking them. Additionally, it’s also suggested to use a tape measure to take the measurements properly. As per The Scoop, tape measures are durable and affordable.

Wrong Installation

If you cannot install the outdoor shades properly, you won’t be able to leverage its benefits. While installing outdoor shades on French doors, don’t forget to measure the height and width of them accurately. To make the doors fit; you might have to shave some of the woods off the doors. Outdoor shades are capable of withstanding medium rains and winds. If you notice high winds, you need to roll the shades quickly.

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These are the top 4 mistakes you need to avoid while installing outdoor shades properly. Having a poorly installed outdoor shade will cause major consequences in the future. Hence, make sure that your outdoor shades are correctly installed.




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