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July 28, 2021

With the upturn of the internet and technology, our lifestyle has changed in comparison to the past decades. Knowing people and making friends have become simpler with social media apps. In addition to this trend, dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc., are modifying the way one used to find partners for casual dating.

Similar to other social media apps, dating apps also enclose a wide user base and pocket hefty revenue. The most familiar dating app is Tinder, and the app has seen 6.44 million downloads as of Jan 2021. Getting into the statistics related to Tinder, you will be interested in developing a similar app. 

In the first section, we will parse through the enthralling statistics of Tinder and then move on to the ready-made Tinder clone app solution.

Fascinating statistics of Tinder

  • To date, the number of matches made on Tinder accounts for around 30 billion 
  • By the end of the year 2021, Tinder is expected to record more than 57 million visits
  • Interestingly, as of the year 2020, the percentage of male users accounted for 76.9%
  • Among these, around 13% of matches might end in marriage
  • Currently, Tinder is available in 169 countries, and the US people occupy the majority of the users.
  • As per Statista, among the different dating apps, Tinder is the most downloaded one.

Like how different entertainment channels grew during the pandemic, Tinder also experienced an expansion in the user base and revenue as well. These points are really fascinating, right? Now, it’s time to indulge in research on how Tinder manages to keep its position high in the marketplace. So, when it comes to the familiarity and usage of Tinder, the features of Tinder and the marketing strategies are the main reasons.

We will see through every feature of Tinder, thereby inspiring you to invest such a cool-featured dating app development.

Tinder’s matching algorithm that plays the game

tinder clone app

The matching algorithm incorporated into Tinder is the game-changer. For example, take any e-commerce app. Users will get to see recommended or suggested products based on previous orders or views. Similarly, in Tinder, the matching algorithm will work taking inputs from the users’ in-app actions. 

Additionally, location and gender preferences will also be the metrics behind the working of the matching algorithm.

Features that enthralls your dating app users

  • Geolocation – One of the appreciable features of Tinder like dating apps is Geolocation. Definitely, users will have location preferences while searching for dating partners. Here, users can simply input the location from where they want to find the dating partners.
  • Gender – The more features are available, the easier it is to search the dating partners. In this regard, gender is a crucial search criteria. Users are free to select the gender and then choose the profiles.
  • Age – Not to miss out the age criteria, which is one of the search metrics. Tinder reports that in 2020, people belonging to the age 30-44 were the majority of users. So, it is totally up to your target users. This age-based search filter is also a necessary feature.
  • Swipes (right and left) – The most popular feature in Tinder is the swiping feature, which is categorized into left and right swipes. If users swipe right, then it means that they like the profile and will get to see similar profiles. In contrast, if users swipe left, then it means that they dislike profiles and will not get to see such profile anymore.
  • Chat – You know the importance of the chat feature in your dating app. Once two users show mutual interest, then will begin with chatting. Also, calling feature is a must in the dating app.
  • Block users – No social media app is left without the blocking feature. Users can instantly block another user, if they are involve in sending inappropriate or harassing messages.
  • Push notifications – Without annoying your users, you can send out app-related messages as alerts. Suppose users get new matchings, likes, or messages, they can be conveyed as push notifications.

The sheer significance of the Tinder clone app development

If you are not sure of the Tinder clone solution, bother not! Fundamentally, apps are developed and launched with the requirements gathering and prototyping as the initial stages. But if you approach a clone app development, you will start with customization or if you are contented with what the app is, then you can head to launch. The ultimate significance you gain is that you will need a very less time for launching your dating app. 

tinder clone app


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So, you need to decide the extent of your app’s customization before involving in it. For that, you should take input from your business plan and competitor analysis. You can implement features, which are not found in any of your competitors’ apps or an advanced level than their app. Likewise, if you want to custom-make the user interface of the app, you can do it too.

How much will you have to spend for the Tinder clone app development?

As discussed earlier, clone app development is a big plus for you from the perspective of time and expenses. But that alone can’t decide. The app’s cost can be estimated only after knowing your requirements in detail. So, what are those requirements? Here you go!

  • Android or iOS platform you choose to deploy the Tinder clone 
  • Customization, which includes the complexity and total hours spent
  • The country of the clone app development company you reach out to
  • And the overall time spent in developing your Tinder clone app

Is your mind filled with ideas for developing a dating app? Make a note of your dating app requirements and reach out to Appdupe. Our white-label Tinder clone is built with the latest application stacks in order to support different features. It is a read-made app and therefore you can just look at the demo and proceed further.

If you are interested in the online dating business but not confident of choosing the right app, then here is our Tinder clone. A customizable and ready-made app solution for online dating app is our Tinder clone. Through this app, you have chances for getting income from paid features, subscriptions, and in-app ads. Go ahead!

Finishing lines

Getting familiar with the online dating marketplace needs time. But once you perform research and get your plans curated, you can launch the Tinder clone in a minimum span.


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