Pinterest For eCommerce
February 28, 2021

Pinterest is a powerful platform that is much more than sharing and collecting images. Earlier, this platform was started as a simple site where people can collect and share images regarding the latest fashion. But today, Pinterest has grown as a full-fledged marketplace that has a ton of options for doing business and boost the business.

Pinterest has now grown as a marketplace for various eCommerce businesses where the business owners share images to let others buy directly from the same platform. It not only improves sales but also boosts traffic for your site.

If you are new to this platform for selling, then don’t worry we have got you covered. In this article, we will have a comprehensive look at this image-sharing platform and know what the important things that you need to know are. But, it’s critical to know why use Pinterest to sell products online when you have other popular platforms.

Why use Pinterest for eCommerce?

Pinterest is a hub of both sellers and buyers and this platform gives you an opportunity to extend your selling opportunities among new customers. As per some recent reports, the average sales order on Pinterest is around $50 which is much higher than any other available social media platform on the Internet. As of now, Pinterest has more than 250 million active monthly users and almost 90% of those active users are actively planning to buy from this platform.

Another significant advantage of selling on Pinterest is a seamless interface and enhanced buying experience as compared to other platforms. Its clutter-free browsing experience is among the major reasons why you should start selling on this marketplace. For example, if a user is planning to buy a dress, all they need to do is search for party dresses and the results are enormous.

Product Pins

The first thing that you need to know while selling online is Product Pins. These product pins make the shopping experience smoother and super easy for customers. These pins contain different important information related to products including pricing, additional information, product availability, and so on.

These shopping pins are highly effective in driving more traffic to your eCommerce site and sell more products without putting in much marketing effort. In the last year, the number of product pins has just doubled and this kind of growth is simply amazing. Now, Pinterest has made the shopping experience more convenient by adding a Shop Tab with the search results.


Just like any other platform, when you are selling products on Pinterest, catalogs could be very helpful in making more sales. These catalogs are handy to convert your site’s products into easy to shop pins. In simple terms, it’s like a product listing brochure with clickable links. For creating a catalog for your business on Pinterest you need to meet certain technical requirements for your site. Once you fulfill those, you are all set to use the business catalog.

SEO on Pinterest for eCommerce sites

Just like any other platform, SEO practices do play an instrumental job in getting higher rankings on the platform and help you make more sales. It’s the best organic way to drive traffic and gain more visibility among Pinterest users. Just like we perform keyword research for optimizing a website, here also you need to do the same. Some of the important SEO tips for Pinterest are:

Pin’s SEO Title

Include the main keyword in the title of your pin so that users can search for your products easily.

Description of the pin

It’s the same as writing a meta description for your web page but Pinterest has more space than the traditional meta description. In the text area, you can write a straightforward, clear, and keyword-focused description that will help both users and Pinterest algorithms to find products quickly.


Pinterest is a great platform as it allows eCommerce business owners to add relevant hashtags to their pins for driving more traffic. The ideal number of hashtags that you should use per pin is around three to five.

Pinterest board description

Don’t forget to add a meaningful description to your board which will help users understand more about what this board is all about.

Be more lifestyle-oriented

For all the eCommerce sellers that are all set to debut on Pinterest, they need to understand the fact that the Pinterest platform is more inclined towards lifestyle, brands, and good appealing products. So, while you plan to share pins, it’s better to compose them like they are adding more value to the buyers’ lifestyle.

This is an important marketing tip for Pinterest that everyone should know for generating more sales for your business. If you can link your products with ideas like DIY, productivity hacks, crafts, then there are high chances that you will grow your sales on this platform.

Info-graphics work really well here

There are no such image resolution guidelines on Pinterest and this gives you the opportunity to share different types of images without worrying about their size. For selling more products, create infographics describing your products’ benefits and what value they are adding to everyone’s lives. Long-form images generate much higher traction here as compared to any other social media platform.

So, it’s worth investing in some good image creation services and gaining more traction from the Pinterest user base. Or, even free image creation tools like Canva can help you create some good and attractive infographics for this platform.

Focus on your Pinterest analytics

Pinterest does have a dedicated analytics section where you can check out which boards or pins are generating the most traffic for your brand. Observe the users’ browsing and buying patterns from the Analytics and then improvise how you are selling on this platform. You will get all the needful information regarding your pins that you are promoting.

These were some important things that you need to know if you are planning to sell on Pinterest. Without any second thought, Pinterest is a high-performance platform to drive more traffic and sales to your eCommerce business.

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