KBC lottery winner - KBC lottery winner
September 21, 2021

KBC lottery means (kon bany ga karor pati). It is an Indian show. Which is depends upon the luck of the man. It is said that; “Man made his fate in his hand”. This show is depends upon the competition with many contests. Top three contests are won the prizes.

 What is the second name of KBC lottery?

The second name of KBC lottery is; who wants to become Millionaire.

The first host of the KBC lottery

Amitabh Bachchan was the first host of the KBC lottery. He worked as a stage sectary.  Amitabh Bachchan hosted in all season of KBC lottery without third season.

Who was the host of the third season of KBC lottery?

An actor Shah Rukh Khan was the host of the third season of KBC lottery.

Who can join the KBC lottery?

Any person who has Indian nationality can join the KBC lottery. Only one person can join the KBC lottery with the one sim card. It is compulsory that the sim card will be used in any mobile.

How was the amount of first the prize?

The amount of the first prize was one carore.

Who was the lucky person who won the first prize of KBC lottery?

Harish Vardhan Nawathe was the woman who won the first prize of KBC lottery in the first season. Amitabh Bachchan was told her about her personal make up. After won the prize she was married happily and now she is living her normal life.

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The actor who won the KBC lottery award

Nazia Naseem is an actor who won the KBC lottery award. Nazia Naseem becomes KBC 12’s first crorepati. She was the first actor who won the prize.

The doctor who won the KBC lottery prize

Dr Neha Shah is the first doctor who wins the first KBC prize. She won 1 crore in the 12th season of KBC lottery. In her interview she said that; “it is the blessing of my patients helped me win”.

The teacher who won the first prize in KBC lottery

Himani Bundela is the first teacher who won the first prize in KBC lottery. She was born in 1996 in Agra. Himani Bundela is 25 years old. She is graduated. And she completed her B.ED. She wanted to become a doctor but after her accident. She lost her eyes. She won the first prize of 13th season of KBC lottery. And now she is Millionaire.

What are the positive responses of KBC lottery?

These are some positive responses of KBC lottery…..

  • First of all it helps the poor people.
  • If you are student you can use this lottery in your study.
  • If you are business man then you can invest it in your business.
  • If you belong from middle class family then you can buy your new home by this lottery.
  • KBC lottery can change your fate.
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The negative response of KBC lottery

In the world everything which has the positive response it should have always the negative response. So KBC lottery has many negative responses. These responses are given below…..

  • First of all many fraud people Use the name of KBC for earning money.
  • They send the message to the people that they are the lucky people and send them money or account details to take your prize. They can Draw the money from their account.
  • The fake people send the wrong lottery number. If any customer is confused can received the accurate information about KBC lottery winner by online.

How can you become a KBC lottery winner

Customer of the KBC lottery can check KBC lottery number and their names on our lucky people list. Our official website allow to check or verify the customer to their lottery number. Our KBC team is available 24 hour to assist the customer.


The facilities which are provided by KBC lottery management

The KBC lottery management is providing the facility of online system. You can take a part of lottery by online. If you want to take your ticket at your home by delivery, KBC lottery provides this facility. You can call our head office and can take your tickets at your home.

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