How to Use Memes for Marketing?

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Social media marketing is highly dependent on the engagement rate of your audiences. Many business owners fail to leverage the benefits of social media marketing just because they fail to create attractive content for their audiences. Despite your business industry or the size of your company, engagement is the primary key to achieving business success.

If your business has social media accounts, you might have heard of the memes. Memes are the highest engagement content on social media platforms. However, is it possible to use memes for the marketing purposes of your business?

Memes have been around for decades. But, for the past couple of years, the popularity of memes exploded. With the help of the internet, people redefined the structure of memes. Not only memes are funny and attractive, but now they also showcase real-life scenarios. Not to mention, memes are now available in various formats including GIFS, pictures, videos, etc.

But, do you know how to use memes to market your business? Here are few tips that will help you.

Your Memes Should Match the Brand’s Voice

Just like the other types of content, your memes should be relevant to the voice of your brand. While you may know the effect of memes amongst your audiences, make sure you determine the context as well as the humor of the meme. This will help you to maintain consistency in your branding. As memes are free to use, every brand and business can leverage the benefits of memes. However, memes can also be rude, irrelevant or, offensive. Hence, you should check the relevancy of the meme for your brand before uploading it.

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The best way to achieve this is by defining your brand voice. After that, you can incorporate the memes into your brand voice.

Know the Source of Your Memes

Even though memes seem simple to create, they are not. You need to understand the origin, the formats, as well as the target audiences of the memes. Remember that every meme has different meanings and the different meanings can only be understood through specific images.

This is the main reason why your business needs to hire a meme maker. As the business owner, you can also create memes using existing templatesHowever, the content you create should be capable of entertaining your audiences. One single mistake and the meme will end up damaging the reputation and image of your business. As per Thrive hive, business reputation is extremely important.

Use Relevant Memes

The only disadvantage of the memes is that they expire after a certain time while being replaced by new and fresh meme content. Every meme comes with a lifespan, and as a meme creator, you need to respect this fact.

The days of vintage memes are over. No matter if you use Bad Luck Brian or Grumpy Cat, you won’t be able to attract attention. Even if you use the same templates with different humorous captions, you cannot make an impact on your audiences. Using these memes will make your brand look backdated. Sometimes, memes only stay popular for a couple of days before a fresh template takes over. This is why using websites such as Meme Scout to get fresh meme templates is extremely important.

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Memes are taking over the internet and providing businesses an opportunity to leverage their benefits. However, make sure you use the memes for your marketing purposes correctly. These tips will undoubtedly help you to use memes to promote your brand.


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