August 10, 2021
today’s world of short attention spans, business markets often end with a matter of seconds to get their strategic brand design message across to your target audience.

An explainer video is short animated web videos that use characters, motion graphics, animations, and visuals. It narrates the complex topics and broad strokes of a business concept, product, or service, in a short and snappy way in style to a growing online audience.

In the quest for clarity and effectiveness, mostly 3D Animation Studio in Bangalore India develops explainer videos that create a ‘light bulb’ moment when you are struggling to explain something about what you do!

If you’re relevant to education brand Design Company and about to explain complex or lengthy topics, then an explainer video could be just the tool you’re looking for.

Best Practice to create a successful explainer visual content

Make it crisp and clear

Ensure you catch the audience’s attention within the first 10 seconds by following the classic structure. Write your script to answer people’s basic queries.

  • Beginning – Say about / introduce the problem
  • Mid-way – Explain how the problem can be solved
  • Final – Describe yourself and where you can help them wise

Quality Matters

A concise script, innovative design, precise visuals, and quality audio all together work great! Write a draft that explains your business idea and Brand Design India simplify it by finding new ways to make it even more engaging and informative.

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Reach our 3D animation video production studio crew for any work related to story writing, scripting, video making, design & animation. Let us compose our expertise together on to you.

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Let’s dive into the concept of making an impressive video for your brand product, service or concept. Do you know the psychological fact that 40% of customers remember just see and 20% of customers remember what they tend to hear, but 80% of the customers remember what they see and hear – this is the effective nature of a stunning “Video production”!

Among the various animation videos and motion graphics, “Whiteboard Videos” attract the viewer’s easily, which help people to understand the narratives in a simple and elegant way.

With our effective “Whiteboard Videos” you can

Instantly engage your visitors – With the power of custom handcrafted visuals, keep your customers engages with compelling visual content.

Explain the complex things easily – Turn your complex ideas into a simple concept with intriguing visuals that your audience will feel fond of!

Build trust and confidence – Whiteboard Video animations are always carefully tailored that evoke instant human emotions with interesting narration.

Quick conversion leads – Our creative crafted videos can help your business to drive more traffic, generate leads with more conversions and increase brand awareness.

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Why Choose “Defocus Studio” as your preferred Whiteboard Videos production Company?

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Our Defocus Studio possesses strategic thinkers and creative workers who produce distinctly different videos which explain your business ideas and products in a concise and impressive manner. Though we are at the edge of bursting creativity, we try to keep our work utmost simple, clear and fun.

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Engage and Explain

As the best product design studios in Bangalore, we can understand that the attention spans have become shorter than ever with distractions everywhere. Thus, explaining a concept through video with great texts and images appeals to be a different style of learning. Thus, diversify your message that maximizes your chances of messages sticking in your audience’s mind.

With the understanding of the above-explained points, Defocus Studio has more experience with creating explainer video India. Over the years, we work hard to deliver different varieties of Videos Service in Bangalore from Whiteboard Videos to animated videos that could promote our client’s business to the next level.

What we stand special?

Value for money – Whether you are a start-up or corporate – with our video creation services, Defocus Studio assure you the quality work gaining you ROI at affordable costs

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Transparent Cost – Our package details are pre-listed, and we do not manipulate it depending on the type of client. Every single penny on your project will be detailed in your invoice

In-House team – As stated early, Defocus Studio team has a full-service in-house talented team with scriptwriters, animation designers and storyboard artists to gear up the video efficiency.

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Defocus Studio assure the best industry pricing and practices. Our dedicated team will be happy to serve your round the clock to ensure outstanding services.

Digital Marketing

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Let us be a vital part of your business success. Find a unique way to grow in the digital arena with us!

Regardless of the type of product and industry, Video Content has progressed from a nice-to-have thing into a successful tried and tested marketing tool. And, businesses from various horizons have started to create their Strategic brand design from explainer and product videos to mini-documentaries, and corporate videos.

Let their work speak – Ask for portfolio

Design + Creativity + On-time + Budget + Good ratings from previous clients = Great deal!

When you arrive at the respective company’s website, the first you’ve to notice is showreels of their portfolio. Look into their most recent projects for your best bet.

This will make you understand their storytelling ability and how the brand was being addressed as the ‘hero,’ these are the essential hallmarks of an excellent explainer video!

Bargain for dollars

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Once you get a proper feel about a particular company, you need to know the numbers to pay for the services of your chosen education brand design company. While discussing rates, it is important to ensure that the bills and respective hours of work is listed crystal and clear.

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Focusing our client’s demands and consumer likings with detailed gatherings, Defocus Studio, a 3D animation video production studio teams up to deliver a master video for you!

Regardless of the type of product and industry, Video Production Services in Bangalore Content has progressed from a nice-to-have thing into a successful tried and tested marketing tool. And, businesses from various horizons have started to create their Strategic brand design from explainer and product videos to mini-documentaries, and corporate videos.


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