September 19, 2022

The English Premier League is highly considered the grandest football tournament in Europe. Due to this sole reason, the EPL is also the epicenter of sports betting activity in the region.


Most bettors, consider the tournament as the most lucrative betting market. In this betting guide, we will discuss the importance of EPL betting odds. Whether you are an experienced sports bettor or are looking to place your first bet, it is easy to get overwhelmed at first glance. With focusing on a few key points can help you quickly determine the best sportsbook to try.

What are the wagering odds for the Premier League?


If you are already placing your bets on the Premier League for quite some time, you might already know that the Premier League is an effective source of sports betting rewards. Due to the huge popularity of the sport, it is being offered readily in most major sportsbooks.


While sportsbooks follow a certain standard when it comes to the type of EPL betting odds 2022 that they use, most sportsbooks in the United Kingdom as well as major sportsbooks use the fractional format of odds.


Fractional odds are the type of betting odds that are being used on Commonwealth nations, as well as major sportsbooks worldwide. As the name suggests, fractional odds are represented by numbers with a “/” sign in between them. Reading fractional odds is pretty simple because you will see the number of stakes and winnings right away.

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Who is deemed the favorites to win the Premier League 2022?


The Premier League is the major domestic league in England. The tournament is being participated by 20 clubs in England; however, there is no fixed roster of the 20 clubs.


In every season, the official list of participating clubs changes depending on the previous standing of the clubs. While some clubs are being relegated to the lower league, some clubs do remain in the top position every season.


The top six clubs in the English Premier League are—Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur. All of these clubs are also considered the favorites in the Premier League.


In the current season of the English Premeir League, the EPL betting odds 2022 for the top six clubs are as follows—Manchester City (0.4/1), Liverpool (7/1), Tottenham (11/1), Arsenal (11/1), Manchester United (18/1), and Chelsea (28/1).


All of these six clubs are competing to be in the top four spots every season of the Premier League. The top four clubs in the season will be automatically qualified for a much bigger competition which is the Champions League where they will compete with the clubs from other European leagues.

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How do you read the EPL Betting Odds 2022?


Typically, the EPL betting odds 2022 that are being offered for the English Premier League are considered superior compared to other football leagues in Europe. Just like we mentioned above, the betting odds are represented using a fractional number.


In fractional odds, the numerator usually indicates the amount of stake or wager. Meanwhile, the denominator usually indicates the amount of your winnings. Even if the betting odds are written horizontally, what they represent remains the same only with the numerator coming first before the denominator.


Fractional odds are the industry standard when it comes to indicating betting odds in the United Kingdom. It is also the standard in most major sportsbooks in the world. While moneyline odds are common in the United States and the decimal odds are common in Europe, fractional odds are still the worldwide accepted format. See latest the EPL betting odds 2022 and win rewards.



The English Premier League is the highest level of football competition in England. It is also offering the juiciest odds in the market. If you are still starting in Premier League betting, it is helpful to stick to the tips that are being mentioned in betting guides like this.

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Place your wager now on EPL betting odds 2022 and collect exciting rewards if you win!


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